HTC's entry into the Android tablet market, the HTC Flyer, found a claim to fame with its Scribe Pen accessory, allowing users to jot notes, add annotations to photos and documents, and perform an array of other tasks with ease, imitating the familiar functionality of a regular pen.


If you've been looking for a deal on the Flyer's most notable accessory, Best Buy has you covered - the retail giant is offering the Scribe Pen online for $39.99, half off its regular price.

The Scribe is backordered online, but it's available for pickup in most Best Buy stores, so if you're the owner of a Flyer and want to get the most out of HTC's Gingerbread tablet, go take advantage of the deal at Best Buy.

Source: slickdeals

Liam Spradlin
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  • Randy

    after yesterday, i don't believe it :)

  • RCK

    Does this specific pen also work with other tables for ex the hp touchpad?

  • http://www.tncnewscentral.com Chris

    Men I hope this is not another typo

  • Eric

    I came here to ask that same question. Though deep down I hope this is another "mistake." But if it's not a mistake and it appears that it isn't since they are ACTUALLY selling it online for purchase then once some confirmation about the hp Touchpad and i may just have to order one.

  • ocdtrekkie

    My big question is whether it's a capacitive stylus, or something specifically tuned to work with the Flyer. I have a stylus app or two for my Xoom that I can't use much, and I'm sure the stylus would be neat for when Photoshop Touch comes out.

  • Joe

    Ordered online yesterday and then picked it up in the afternoon. Don't have a flyer but hoping it will drop in price shortly

  • Pat

    I just received the stylus and thought it would work on the HTC HD2, but it does not. Anyone want to buy it from me?

    • liviu neagos

      If you still I'l buy