Update: Turns out this was just a pricing error, and Best Buy is not honoring the price. Sorry for the false alarm, everyone!

Just a few days ago, Best Buy dropped the price of the HTC Flyer to just $300, and today they've dropped it further to $100. At that price, it certainly seems like a fire sale (similar to the HP TouchPad), but at this point it's unclear what's prompting the uber-low price.

As a quick reminder, the Flyer has a 7" screen, single-core 1.5GHz CPU, front and rear cameras, an SD card slot, and 16GB of on-board storage. At the moment it merely runs Gingerbread, but HTC has long promised an update to Honeycomb (and/or hopefully Ice Cream Sandwich) sometime soon.

2011-10-06 08h18_03

At just $100, the Flyer is certainly a compelling bargain. Hit up the source link to see if it's available at any stores in your area.

[Source: Best Buy via SlickDeals]

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  • Josh

    SD card slot* sorry. That's a bargin! Gotta find me one

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Damn, that was up for like an hour! Thanks for pointing it out, fixed!

  • http://www.androidvideoreview.net Sherwinator

    Sick deal! I got screwed by Amazon with the Touch Pad firesale, so maybe this will make up for that. Not crazy about the single core processor, though.

  • RBI411

    With Honeycomb coming to this at some point, I don't think I can resist. I'm too weak.

  • Curtis

    According to SlickDeals.net, this is a price error.


    • Aaron Gingrich

      Damn, thanks =(

  • Joshua Wise

    Just left best buy. It was mispriced.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Thanks, update the post.

  • Amy

    Giant mistake on Best Buy's website which should be corrected online by noon, so they say...

    • Paul

      How long does it take to correct a pricing error? Jeesh. I guess since it's sold out it doesn't matter.

  • Pudmunkie

    Just got back from trying to pick one up. Store said that corporate made a mistake and would not honor the price listed on the site.


    • Paul

      Wouldn't honor it even for those that purchased it online at the $100 price? Or just won't honor it locally?

  • Eric

    I was lucky, they had the $99 tag up on the shelf and BB honored the price, ripped up the tag and sold me one. One other guy with me got it at that price too. Another guy came in just as the clerk ripped the tag and was turned down. I wonder if the online orders will be honored?

    • Matt

      Lucky you. They had the $99 price out by the display when I got there, and the clerk took it to check the inventory. Then the manager came over and wouldn't honor it. BB screws the consumer again.

      • Ari

        How is screwing the consumer? They made a clerical error, and corrected it quickly. Its completely insane for them to sell it at that price.

        • CrashSerious (@CrashSerious)

          It's a sales tactic called "Bait and Switch", which is illegal.

      • lincthra

        Heh. That manager would have been having a bad day had it been me. I'd have started going on about false advertising.

  • Mike

    "Price error..." Its kind of weird they also made an "error" on the stylus at the same time... the HTC Stylus was reduced to $39.99 at the same time.... I ordered 6 of each and have NOT had my order canceled........ yet...

    • Matt

      Well if the order does go through, let us know. I'll buy one off you haha

      • Mike

        So far so good... my order has not been canceled yet...

        I know alot of people probably ordered these to re-sell, so Best Buy if you are listening...I bought these for my 5 year old and 7 year old daughters, plus one for each of my 3 nephews... and one for me of course....

        So Best Buy please dont cancel my order, please honor the price at the time I ordered them... I think a 5 and 7 year old sporting HTC flyers would be great advertising for you :-)

  • Paul

    Damn. I just went to my local store who had them but they're at $299. The sales person handed me a flyer that says something about BestBuy.com incorrectly pricing them at $100 and they're sorry for the inconvenience, etc. etc. so the local store won't be selling them for $100

  • Luke

    Once again, I feel like Russia in the 70's. The man keeps trying to screw me. I would appreciate it if Best Buy would actually follow through on advertisements.

  • Apollo69

    I just got back from the Poughkeepsie, NY Best Buy. They are in stock, but claim the online price is a mistake. Stores are NOT honoring the online price. Still $299.99

  • Don

    I went to Best Buy at 10am EST and picked up 4 of these. I asked the clerk in the computer area if they had any in stock and he said they did. As he was walking to the back, I quickly asked for all of the HTC Flyers and he was oblivious to the $99 pricing. He came back with 4 HTC Flyers and rang me up at the register. I swiped my debit card and right when the transaction was complete, the floor manager came out and said it was not priced correctly. Kid you not! Fortunately, they let me have them for $99!!! I am so stoked! These will be Christmas gifts and this is an excellent tablet!

    • PhiLLi

      I'll buy 1 frm U right now ?!!

    • Demetrio

      sell me one please ;(

      150 ;)

  • jonathan3579

    I have seen from a few other sites that they got the employees to ring it up and it says $99.99 in the POS so they sell it for that. It's a little more than just a misprint, lol.

  • CrCross

    Is it me or BestBuy is not honoring a lot of things lately including their name, somebody needs to step up and give BestBuy a run for it's money. In other words this store needs competition.

    • Brian

      Like-- Nobody Beats the Wiz, Service Merchandise, or Caldors? I wish zombie stores existed... "CALDORS. BACK FROM THE DEAD"

      Speaking of ancient stores... what ever happened to the suggestion box at Best Buy? Wasn't that their gimmick?

  • Randy