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If your rough-and-rugged style made the Casio G'zOne your perfect Android counterpart, then we have good news for you: Gingerbread is on its way to your little tank-of-a-phone right now.

2011-10-05 10h46_59

The updates is rolling out in typical OTA fashion, and brings a few new features and fixes to the device (aside from Gingerbread, of course):

  • Screen will brighten upon touch when phone is docked during a voice call
  • Proximity sensor accurately senses presence during a voice call
  • Auto-signature can be enabled within SMS/MMS messages (but on behalf of everyone in the world, I would like to ask that you don't use this feature. It's annoying.)
  • Device will no longer generate a draft message when opening a message
  • Privacy Caution screen will now appear during Setup Wizard
  • V CAST Media Manager now comes preloaded (read: we threw some junk on there that you don't really want)
  • Reduced device lag

To see if the update is available on your device, head into Settings > About phone > System updates > Check New.

Welcome to the GB club!

[Verizon Support via Android Forums; Thanks, Scott!]

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  • http://eventhugsneedlove.com Jason

    Yes, I agree on the signature feature. I hate getting a million texts with the signature, "MiZZ BlInG BlAnG iN Da Houzzz"