Rubicon Development has just released Great Little War Game, a turn-based strategy game, promising intuitive gameplay and a unique visual twist.

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GLWG has a ton of different environments, multiplayer capability, and openFeint achievements, making it a dynamic game with certain replay value.

Adding to the elements you may expect in a turn-based strategy game, Great Little War Game is styled in an almost cartoonish, comical way while still offering big guns and explosions.

The games unique fusion of cutesy visual style and robust turn-based strategy give it a strange appeal, and for $2.99, it's pretty reasonable for a game that offers great replay value and a nice strategy experience.

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • kam

    there're too many great looking defense games now!!

    • Jon Garrett

      dude, this game is awesome and highly addictive.

      I have it on my iPhone 4 and now I have it on my Galaxy Tab 10.1

  • Christopher

    Honestly? This is just advance wars for GBA taken into 3D...all of the art style is nearly identical. Even the units look the exact same...

    While I'm sure it's a great game...I wish it wasn't such a blatant rip off....

    • http://www.greatlittlewargame.com Rubicon

      It's not a rip off. We were clearly inspired by advance wars, but there is plenty of differentiation here if you'd give it a chance. This is a new game in an established genre. Like pretty much all games everywhere.
      And to be frank, even if it was a clone... A modern version of advance wars in full 3D for 3 bucks? Is that really so bad? :)

      • Jon Garrett

        hey Rubicon

        pay no attention to the haters.

        I played GLWG on my iPhone 4 and just a few minutes ago I bought it for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

        And you guys answered all my emails I sent you way before this game was released.

        Im happy to support you anyday !! please make more games for Android so I can give you more of my money. :-)

        • http://www.greatlittlewargame.com Rubicon

          Thanks muchly, Jon - your custom is much appreciated.

          And watch this space for more stuff coming soon... :)

  • Fred

    why does it need access to sensitive log data?

    • Andrea

      I'd like to know about this as well, it seems an useless authorization -- for any game, not just this one.

      I'm tempted to buy GLWG, but I won't if this issue doesn't get ironed out.

  • http://www.greatlittlewargame.com Rubicon

    From the dev:

    It's to allow accurate crash reporting if it goes wrong.

    No sensitive data is being mined, just you device make/model and stuff like that, plus a crash dump. Should the worst happen, it shows you what's going to be sent before asking permission.

    I hope people don't mind about this - the whole point is to make a rock solid game and fix anything that breaks

    • Ben

      A description in Market explaining that would be very useful. I was going to buy the game yesterday but the permission to access sensitive log data made me change my mind.

      • Andrea

        Same, and I agree, an explanation on the market page would be of great help. I wonder why other devs don't ask for this permission for their games and programs in general.

        • http://www.greatlittlewargame.com Rubicon

          Now updated at the bottom. Thanks for pointing this out, guys.

    • http://lavadip.com HRJ

      The Android Developer console already gives you a stack trace, or didn't your developer know that?

      Moreover, getting the device make / model doesn't require any permissions.

      • http://www.greatlittlewargame.com Rubicon

        Our developers do actually know what they're doing, funnily enough.

        You only get a java stack on the shop screen and all our code is written in the native interface.

        Plus, we have had a grand total of one bug report so far via that method - people don't tend to use it.

  • GraveUypo

    looks like the kind of game that just works on android phones

    • Jon Garrett

      it works on iOS as well., Ive played it on my iPhone 4 before it became available on Android.

      buy it, you'll love it. its a really amazing game.

  • GraveUypo

    oh yeah, its really fun. definitely worth the money

  • Paulo Santos

    I bought it, but doesnt install on my milestone 2, it downloads than says that cant be instaled on sdcard, or something about permission to write on sdcard. How can i give this permissions before instalation?

  • http://www.greatlittlewargame.com Rubicon

    Sorry, I don't know. It just works for most people so are you using some kind of privacy protector gizmo or something?

    Worth checking your card isn't full too - needs just under 30Mb

  • errol

    i doest work on me it always crashes

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  • Michael

    Only 149 on Amazon app store.

  • Michael

    How long has this game been released? The amount of downloads do not coincide with a recent release and review on amazon are dated 2013.