Typically, I'm not very interested in theming for Windows, and I resist change to my desktop configuration as much as possible. I was convinced today, however, to give it a try with Android Skin Pack 1.0 from Hamed Danger.


Android Skin Pack 1.0 transforms your desktop, disguising the start menu as a notification bar, and adding a launcher dock at the bottom of your screen (albeit with several more icons than its Android counterpart). The pack also comes with a variety of familiar Android icons, a stylish wallpaper, and even spruces up your computer's boot screen.

image image

The theme is a fun tweak for those PC users who have been yearning for a taste of Android on their desktop, and can be implemented using a handy installer package available for download here, and don't worry - if you get tired of the theme, it can be uninstalled easily, and Windows will revert back to normal. If you're not already convinced, just head to the download link and give it a try!

via WinMatrix

Liam Spradlin
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  • Michael

    love this, saw your tweet about it

  • http://electrojelly.wordpress.com Emmanuel

    Btw. Click on the Deviant Art link. The other lnk will take you through 3 sites before you finally land on the Deviant Art download page.

  • Holmgren

    Do I have to download all of the programs listed to get it like this or is it included in the one download?

    • http://www.liamspradlin.com Liam Spradlin

      The first two download links on the page will download an all-inclusive installer package that will do all the lifting for you!

  • Pegger

    It's just pitty it does install, without any notifying, an unwanted toolbar in your browser.
    If you already have rocketdock installed, or Objectdock, you end up with 2 bottombars (it's no issue if you have a dual monitor setup, then you can place on on monitor 1 and the other on monitor 2 :D

    For the rest, it's a nice theme, simple and good :), one to use on my pc @ work :p

  • KC

    Any program will install toolbars if you let them. Always do a "custom" install with any program you download. That will allow you to pick and choose what gets installed. In this case it lists the toolbar as part of the download, and you can unselect it.

    I downloaded this, but it didn't play nice with my laptop. Two system restores later and it's fine now. Whew!

    • jzaslice

      Can I ask if you got your BOOTMGR corrupted? That is what happened to me and I can't restore for crap. Because of this i'm out of a laptop. Any help would be appreciated.

      • josuebrunel

        Yes it happened to me , and i'm right now trying to fix it . If you did , please i need your help . thank you

    • Sam Eum

      It was faulty on mine also.. What was YOUR problem?
      For me, it wouldn't do anything to the task bar and it remained as the old window theme...

  • Calamity

    how do i uninstall it ?

    • http://www.liamspradlin.com Liam Spradlin

      Android Skin Pack should appear in your start menu, along with an "uninstall" option.

      • Sam Eum

        The uninstall was faulty and ended up having to format my computer to get rid of it :(

  • http://bliynd.com bliynd

    awesome, really dig this, nice find :D

  • problem

    the theme occasionally disconnects for me, its getting kinda annying losing internet connection every once in a while

  • Noah

    I was just say yesterday that I wish I could make windows 7 professional look more awesome with android. Then I come here today and find this, either this is a freak event or Liam has some awesome psychic powers.

  • Andrew

    I think this is an Android Skin with Mac theme on Windows...

  • Chris

    Only partially seems to work on my system, at least on first install. It adds the dock and changes some of the icons, but doesn't affect the icons on the dock, and the Start menu and windows just get skinned in Windows Classic rather than the proper Android theme.

    • Sam Eum

      Same here!! Plus the uninstall is faulty and had to format my laptop to get rid of that crappy start screen animation (would have kept it if it was higher resolution...)

  • http://fc1032.blogspot.com Brian

    I'm actually more interested in finding a program that would allow me to have homescreens on my desktop.

    swipe left and right for another desktop. Anyone know a program like this?

    • ChumbleSpuzz

      Just Google "virtual desktops". I've used VirtuaWin before when I had XP and was pretty good. Dexpot also looks promising.

  • crunchysoft

    You could check out dexpot (free) or DeskSpace ($25 - I use this one)

  • Jonathan

    Is this compatible with Windows Vista 64-bit?

    • Jonathan

      Just another reply to enable the notification of followups

  • mael

    how to download this?

  • saqlain

    How can I download this ?

  • Christopher Schade

    I downloaded this and then the computer rebooted to finish loading the software and now it is stuck on a blank screen right before it would normaly prompt me for my password. Icant get the computer to fully boot up so I can uninstall this program...please help me out here!!

    • josuebrunel

      Hi , did you fix that . It also happened to me

  • samhar


  • Rerta


  • https://plus.google.com/108893802363582988648/posts Dan

    I installed this without uninstalling the previous version I had on my laptop & now Windows has crapped out. All I get is a black screen. Have tried system restore, repair, tried uninstalling the program via command prompt.... all to no avail. I dual boot Ubuntu, so I'm still able to use my laptop, fortunately, but can't access any of my Windows files from it. Anybody figure out how to repair this problem.

    Hey HAMED: How about some help here, dude???
    Also, how about adding an UNINSTALLER to the INSTALLER like, oh, EVERYBODY ELSE DOES, huh? Smh......................................

    • Emzjb

      junk it

    • kyzmoe

      go to ur task manager. click on file, choose 'new task (run)'. Type in ''explorer.exe'' and click OK. problem solved

  • nope

    bla bla bla bla bla bal

  • http://www.google.com najmi

    how to download

  • http://[email protected] shanu lakra

    <3 the skin and android logon screen thnxxxxxxxxxx

  • exe

    i love this themes ......... super amazing

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/2011/10/02/downloadandroid-skin-pack-1-0-disguises-any-windows-7-desktop-as-an-android-launcher/ exe

    it cant download why ???????

  • Joey_240sx

    I got it to uninstall but quite a bit of things are still installed, such as the icons and the start up wallpaper any ideas on how to uninstall??

  • Girls Ideal

    How Can I Download It Plzzzz ,,,,,, Help

  • http://twitter.com/TaraLikha3 Tara Likha

    Where is the download option ??????? i cant see it 

    • [email protected]

      clik windmatrix

  • Udhaya Ece Irtt

    its amazing

  • magikiro

    USE IDM to get this theme :)) links found in windmatrix hee hee

  • zorro palestine

    and can be implemented using a handy installer package available for download here <<<<< link

  • bryanalves

    thanks for the theme. really really great, and cute too. :P by the way, why is there no preview for pictures/images (if example, I set the view settings as medium icons, the images which are either jpg or png, should have a preview). Is it on the settings or this theme really doesn't support this? thanks!

  • Jaypie Balana

    wew, how?