When we reported that Amazon was working on a number of Android devices earlier this year, shortly thereafter, reports began surfacing that the company would release two Android tablets before year's end, one 7", the other 10". The 7" device, now known as the Kindle Fire, is obviously for real.

But what about its supposed big brother? At this point, it seems almost imminent that it will be released. It also sounds very much like Amazon will unveil this bigger, better, Fiery-er device in time for Christmas in the US, and now we've got at least two reasons to think this is happening.

First, Russ Grandinetti, Senior VP of Kindle at Amazon, when asked by Engadget if a larger Kindle Fire could be expected, told the site "stay tuned." Considering Amazon's often tight-lipped approach to future product announcements, this is practically a confirmation that the Fire's beefed-up, priced-up 10" model is very real. Grandinetti may as well have said "yes, but we aren't announcing it today."

Second, a report from Digi Times, who often post inside tips from Chinese and Taiwanese hardware manufacturers, suggested that Amazon has now contracted with Foxconn to build its 10.1" tablet, and that it will ship in time for the holiday season. Now, this is anonymous source, but considering the sort of business Digi Times is in, we feel like it's probably a safe bet that they aren't going to print something this specific if it's totally unsubstantiated.

With earlier rumors about two tablets matching the screen sizes of the Fire and its yet-to-be-announced 10.1" sibling, this doesn't feel like mere coincidence. The only part we're skeptical about at this point is the release date, but Amazon still has plenty of time to announce the Fire before the post-Thanksgiving pre-Christmas shopping bonanza begins here in the US.

So, what can we expect in the bigger 10" Kindle? I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest more storage (maybe an SD card slot), and possibly a front-facing camera. At that point, it becomes a true budget iPad competitor. We'll be keeping a close eye on this situation, but hopefully something more concrete will emerge in the coming weeks.

DigiTimes via cnet, Engadget

David Ruddock
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  • Bob

    Kindle Inferno?

    • David Ruddock

      It took every inch of me not to make that joke.

    • jason

      Kindle Blaze? 10 inch version? Maybe ill wait and see. Galaxy tab 10 can wait now

  • L boogie

    Maybe we'll finally see a reasonable price point for current/future android tablets when this one officially comes out though it's slowly heading in that direction already

  • CJ

    With a 10" screen, microSD, and a front facing camera I would have no choice but to pick this up. It would be a dream come true amazon! Hurry now, posthaste! Xmas is around the corner and I've still got the asus transformer at the top of my list for Santa :P

    • Xcom923

      Agreed. at first I was like "kindle fire sounds like a good buy" but if I also want to get the 10.1" then I'd have to many devices. I need to scale down >__<

  • http://www.twitter.com/robertmoreno Robert

    I doubt they would release it this year. Too many choices would make it hard for mom and pops to decide.

    I'm gonna say they'll release in Spring 2012.

  • Mike Smith

    If they do a 10" version with e-ink I'll be getting one in a flash. I have to access a lot of PDF manuals with my work and the smaller kindle screens really don't cut it. Still have one though.

    Mike Smith - dominoconsultant

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    I am not sure if this can be successful..

  • George

    Do your research. You don't appear to be very well informed, and are flying in the face of consensus and commonsense. There isn't enough time now, simply enough, but Amazon's strategy is apparently meant to differentiate itself from Apple and establish a market presence before releasing the 10" in the spring. Too much choice now would lead to confusion.

    • David Ruddock

      Uh, whose consensus would that be, yours?

      Amazon has plenty of time, because they've already started building them at Foxconn according to the rumor. And confusion? Do you think people will get scared and decide not to buy because they have *two sizes* to choose from? You apparently think consumers all have decidophobia.

      Again, it's a rumor, and it could very well be wrong. I'm commenting on the merits of what appears to be an inside rumor, not something I've conjured out of thin air.

  • http://twitter.com/ajac09 Anthony Evans

    fail on this rumor.. again