The HTC Flyer was the Taiwanese handset company's first foray into the tablet game - a 7" device with a 1.5GHz single-core processor, two cameras, an SD card slot, and 16GB of storage (digital stylus not included). At $500, it was pretty obviously overpriced. But for 300 bucks, the this tablet is at least nearing what we'd call the competitive range.

The Flyer runs Gingerbread, though a Honeycomb update is in the pipes, and its bootloader presents no obstacles to the flashing of custom ROMs. Having used the Flyer myself, I can say it's a decently quick device and is very solid feeling, and quite svelte in terms of dimensions. If the 7-inch form factor interests you, and the Kindle Fire's closed Amazon experience does not, the Flyer may be worth your hard-earned cash.

Personally, I'd still wait - with Black Friday sales coming after Thanksgiving, the Flyer (and a litany of other Android tablets) will likely get even deeper price cuts to get units off the shelves before the inevitable avalanche of Android hardware manufacturers will be releasing in time for Christmas.

The Flyer goes on sale at this price tomorrow, October 1.

Best Buy via AndroidCentral

David Ruddock
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  • Abhinav

    nice :D haha !!

  • L boogie

    I'll get it now or around black Friday, either way, I win

  • Bill Gaytes

    I just got one today and I am going to price match tomorrow.

  • Namuna

    With HP's Touchpad firesale and most recently, Amazon's release of the Kindle Fire...A (thankfully) steep declining trend in tablet prices has been coming on.

    With only a single-core CPU, the *gimmick* of it being a drawing tablet isn't enough to warrant even the $300 mark.

    If the Flyer is going to have a chance, they need to shave another $50 off and INCLUDE the stylus. As decently as it might perform now, its' specs are already outdated.

  • http://www.protodepot.com E.J.Su

    Now if they would make more sense by lowering the ridiculous price tag on Jetstream too.

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    Cool but I am sad who had bought before the decrease :)