Update: In a not-so-unexpected (read: expected) twist, Big Red has pulled the update for the TBolt, so if you haven't gotten it yet, now you know why. There isn't much info as to when it will start rolling out again, but we'll let you know when we find something out.

The wait is finally over - Thunderbolt users can now officially pull the latest update for their devices, Android Gingerbread 2.3.4, fresh from the oven.


The procedure for updating is the same as always - just hit Settings > Software Update > Check New, and you should be ready to go. Grab the update, install, and enjoy!

via Droid-Life

Liam Spradlin
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  • jgalan14

    Man that's freaking late moved on to.another device, I like the you guys keep up with the news tho :D

    • Nigel

      what new device are you using now?

  • malcolm

    I don't see it

  • Janelle

    Just finished downloading and updating! About time!

  • LG2

    VZW missed my birthday by six days. Better late than never I guess.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Should be the same version we leaked, can you guys confirm that? Ends in .3.

  • LG2


    Android Version: 2.3.4

    HTC Sense Version: 2.1

  • Nigel

    WTF?! Download failed and then now it says no software update available...it is current...uh NO IT IS NOT! never has been! I miss my N1 stock Android skin. Please Please let the Nexus Prime save me...just be vanilla Android!!
    P.S. Love androidpolice you guys are always first with the news!

    • Nathan

      Same problem here

  • JBO

    All the un-rooted folks are going to be pissed when they install this update and find out voicemail notifications don't work.

  • mbrooks418

    im pissed my glass sense disappeared and wont reload......

  • Hardin

    has anyone noticed a reduction in 4g speeds? I use to get 12 megabytes per second minimum download speeds now I'm getting 7 max. WTF?

    • @toofly504

      Yeah I too has had slower 4g speeds. I used to get 10-26 download now i can barely get 5. I confornted HTC and Verizon and they said i might have to do a master reset bummer :(

  • boo

    Is n e one else having problems with the front cam not working on video chat on Google.

    • hoo

      Yes. Anyone know how to get the front camera to work? It seems to work in Skype now (yay!).

      • Nigel

        The new G+ was supposed to support Gingerbread phones with front camera. Obviously Verizon or whomever doesn't want us to be able to use it.

        • denise

          mine is working fine

  • VonDerThWood

    This WILL unroot you if you install it, correct?

    • Icefreez

      You are going to want to unroot your device BEFORE you update.

  • Maith91

    hahaha they pulled it back xP ,, no more GB

  • Squash

    Just updated to 2.3.4 sense 2.1. Software version 2.11. 605.3. Everything seems to be working fine so far. EXCEPT the location on notification icon is still on although stand alone gps is turned off. I was hoping this was going to be fixed.

  • Squash

    Just updated to 2.3.4 sense 2.1. Software version 2.11. 605.3. Everything seems to be working fine so far. EXCEPT the location on notification icon is still on although stand alone gps is turned off.

  • SteveG

    So I couldn't wait to get GB.
    Yep, voicemail notification does not work. That is just stupid.
    I also hate the page by page scrolling of the apps screen in Grid view.
    Although I haven't seen it go off 4G yet. Before the update it would go to 3G quite a lot.

    And nothing was lost.

  • denise

    My gingerbread update is working great, getting 4g and front camera is working.

    • Nigel

      what app are you using for the front camera to work? skype? gtalk? weren't we supposed to be able to join a "hangout" in G+ with this update?

      • denise

        I just use my camera and Google+

  • Black07roadking

    I downloaded 2.11.605.2 from android police a few days ago, and now I can't get the OTA update from Verizon! Tbolt Just says No updates available. Any help please?

  • Chris

    everything seems to be working fine on mine except my adw launcher I was using. it works but a little slower. in fact this morning I had 4g even though I don't have 4g in my market yet. then it went away.

    I was expecting a different keyboard, though, no? And weren't the menus supposed to be black instead of the standard gray? And wasn't the launcher supposed to have a different ui?

  • afuller

    Uh yeah my update doesn't show up. Kinda making me angry

  • JHOD

    Still no update for me... Come on already!! I'm about to pee my pants!

  • JHOD

    Just read they have suspended the update due to the issues as stated above... Weakness!

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Just tried on a spare Tbolt that's been laying around - no update indeed.

  • E.R.Rider

    Sounds like the same old song and dance that VZW is famouse for.

  • tdavis42

    Verizon is becoming a joke when it comes to phones and updates. They are selling crap that can't even handle their network correctly. They are using all first gen 4G purchasers as testers. Verizon can't figure out how to properly hand off 3G to 4G on ANY of their phones without serious battery loss. So glad I left Verizon for Sprint.

  • Mike

    WOW...I am speechless on this. And you know they PURPOSELY released it just so they couldn't be accused of lying when they said by the end of Spetember.

    I am sure this was the plan all along. it's not like they didn't know that bug existed prior to releasing the GB update.

  • denise

    have anyone heard anything about when they were going to release the 2nd round of the gingerbread update for the thunderbolt, i had it but it messed my phone up so took it back to the store and replaced it with another one right from the store so i know it wasn't a refurb one. I hope they get it right this time around and no dam bugs in the newer upgrade, i chatted with a rep and they said that it would be soon again, but didn't give me a date.

    • Nigel

      Denise: did you they hassel you when you wanted to switch phones? did the update brick your phone? nothing to seems to work very good on mine now that i updated.

      • denise

        No they didn't hassle me probably cause I know someone that works there, they just gave me another phone, don't think it was broke it just had the bug in it from the update, there working on correcting that problem now, so there will be another update soon just not sure when.

        • Nigel

          thanks Denise. I am going to go that route. Wonder if they will just let me trade for the Nexus Prime when/if it comes out! haha

        • denise

          They won't give u a diff phone not unless u have an upgrade available just same phone if they have it in your store.

  • SteveG

    Any word on when the email notification fix update is supposed to be out? HTC and Verizon...this is ridiculous.
    I was able to get the gingerbread update when it originally came out but have had no real problems except for the email notification. Plus, the battery issue is better then before so I'm happy about that.

  • Smiley

    Anyone know if this download is stored to the card or stored on the phone? I updated my last phone but had to replace when MIC went out. Trying to reinstall on replacement if I can find where is was saved.