An update started rolling out to the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi earlier today, bumping the build number up to HTK75D. While we're not entirely sure of everything that this update brings, there is one obvious difference: the Market.

Yep, a long-awaited update to the tablet Market is definitely in full effect, and it looks nearly identical to the phone Market. This is no coincidence, either-- remember the minor update that El Goog pushed to phones last week? It turns out that is the same exact version that's being pushed to the XOOM. Yeah, that means you can simply download the 3.1.5 apk and install it on your tablet to get the new Market. That's all kinds of win.

Update: There seems to be a minor issue after pushing the new Market. After I first installed it on my Tab 10.1, I had two Market icons -- one for the old Market, one for the new. I rebooted my Tab, which left one icon intact, but it was for the old Market. After opening it, I can only call the new Market by tapping "My Apps," after which I can use the new Market like I normally would. Anyone else having this issue?

wm_SC20110929-150633 wm_SC20110929-150624

wm_SC20110929-150644 wm_SC20110929-150650 wm_SC20110929-150656

Aside from the familiar interface, the updated Market brings a few much-needed additions to the tablet experience, including support for portrait mode and the ability to write reviews in-app, something that both the web and phone variants have had for quite some time.


wm_SC20110929-151520 wm_SC20110929-151528 

To see if this update is available on your XOOM, check Settings > About tablet > Software updates.

Cameron Summerson
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  • brendon

    Holy shit can we actually rate apps now

  • http://trevorsullivan.net SullivanSullivan

    This market update kills compatibility with Dungeon Defenders: First Wave on the Samsung Tab 10.1.

  • Derek

    Im getting the double markets too

  • ocdtrekkie

    I have a feeling between having cancelled my contract anyways and that they keep giving the Wi-Fi version priority on updates, I'm going to start to regret having the Verizon Xoom.

  • ocdtrekkie

    Also, the issue you are seeing is because up until now, the Android 2.x market and the Android 3.x market were different apps.

    For them to combine them, they have to include the new Market apk in the build itself since one won't recognize as an update to the other.

    That's why they have to release a new build.

  • Christopher

    Wow, the grey reflection tile thingy looks even worse on a tablet.

    But single-APK support is cool, and at least the ratings are finally there. Though I still don't get why we have to enter a title for comments. Especially when it silently truncates the comment body if the title+body combined are too long.

  • Bharath Yadav

    Me too getting double icons... one for d old market and d other for d new one.
    ASUS Transformer TF101 Tablet

  • TabletGuy

    The reason for the double market is because this is still a phone market. The latest Tablet market is available from the Market app itself. Search "Android Market". See how the version numbers of phone APKs is totally different from Tablet APKs? My opinion is don't install until the market truly gets updated.

  • swagnificent

    So....does this mean there going to be releasing a market update for all honeycomb tablets? I installed the apk on my GT10.1 and also had two markets.

  • donbrocoli

    I have the same, acer iconia a500

  • Jonathan

    I just renamed Vending.apk in /system/app, copied new Market apk over, matched permissions with old apk, and uninstalled the old Market in Settings > Applications. Voila. Just one Market, and it works great. Tab 10.1 LTE.

  • kixofmyg0t

    I just used Titanium Backup to freeze the old market. I'm rooted with Tiamat 2.2.1

  • speedracex

    Same here. On my Google io tab the default market was called finsky.apk. renamed new market to that after it had installed in data/App and moved it to system/app

  • bob

    Works on my Xoom. Just had one force closed right after update but it's been OK since. I had my market icon in circle launcher to save space and after the update it was removed so I had to reinstall from app catalog, only had the one after update.

  • http://www.wildabeast.net/ Wilda

    Causes Earth and Legend to crash on start on my Acer Iconia A500 running stock 3.2. Had to remove the Market update to get it working again.

  • Frosty

    I did notice that I have two markets installed, and the shop icon is just white now.

  • coffeetea

    My 10.1inc market was having problem to open...continuously appeared client account will update shortly but til now still the same...what can I do?

  • http://Www.androidpolice Stephanie ann ruiz

    My name is stephanie ann ruiz I have reeding disabled I need help making sure I have download the apps right