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Last Updated: October 5th, 2011

It's no secret that we love developers here at AP -- they are what fuels the Android ecosystem, after all. To show our appreciation for the elite group that get to call themselves 'devs', we've already successfully sent five on their way to various conferences to help further their skills and networking. At the beginning of the month, we gave away two three tickets to the Android Open Conference in San Francisco, and, more recently, we sent a couple of lucky devs to AnDevCon II, also in SF.

For those on the East Coast, though, a trip across the country may not be in the budget right now. We understand that, so we've teamed up with the Apps World Series to offer you a chance to win one free ticket to the event in New York City on November 1-2.

Like previous giveaways, this is for the ticket only. You are responsible for your own transportation, lodging, and any other associated expenses. The ticket is non-transferable, so please, don't enter if you can't go.

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About Apps World

Apps World is a series of conferences across the globe all about app developers. It's a place where devs can learn, network, and collaborate with like-minded folks on new or existing projects. It's not just for the dev, though -- Apps World also welcomes manufacturers, carriers, IT professionals, and appstores. The ticket for this particular conference is for the New York event only, but there's also one happening in Europe at the end of November, so all you EU devs may want to keep an eye on that (hint, hint).

Apps World isn't just about mobile development, either. There are also workshops that focus on TV and web development, as well as marketing. You can expect to get insight from some of the industry's leaders, including speakers from Twitter, Rovio, Dell, AT&T, NBC, Google, and CNN, just to name a few. The conference features over 50 exhibitors and more than 100 speakers, so regardless of how long you've been in the game, you're sure to learn something new.


Tickets to the event range anywhere from $730 to $980, depending on how many days you plan on attending. There is also a free option, and while it does get you in the door, you can't access any of the key workshop zones.

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As part of the deal that we worked out with the Apps World folks, we were also able to score a 15% discount for everyone who orders tickets, simply use the coupon code ANDROID15 when you checkout.


As much as we'd love to send you all to this event with free tickets, we have but one to give away. This ticket will score you access to everything the event has to offer, including both days and all workshops.

Remember, this giveaway is for the ticket only. Travel, lodging, and other expenses are not covered.

How To Win

This contest is now over. Here is our winner:

  • r2doesinc

Congratulations, you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

Entering is simple. Drop a line in the comments telling us why we should choose you. That's it.

The giveaway will end in one week -- October 4, at 11:59PM PT -- after which the winners will be selected and notified.

For more information about Apps World North America, head right here. For more information on the entire Apps World Series, go here.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • http://t3hh4xx0r.com r2doesinc

    I think I should get it because I've put an incredible amount of time and effort into teaching myself android and java. At 17 I installed linux on my laptop and jumped in head first. I had never even written a line of bash before that day. Two years later I'm the head of the second largest AOSP rom development team and spend countless hours teaching and learning new skills to be put toward our rom. Some things I've done have been extremely simple, others incredibly hard. All our work is also open sourced in hopes that we can help others who were in my position, new and wanting to learn, but with nobody to guide them.

    • Josh

      I think r2 should win because I love his work. My phone is wonderful because of his ROM.

  • Hary Ayala

    I would love to go to this event, you should choose me because this kind of contests are for people who can take advantage of what is being offered, and not just to sightsee.

  • Matthew Johnson

    You should choose me because I'm about to graduate college with a BS in Computer Science and I need to network. I have been trying to meet people in the industry, find out how to break in to Android development in the mainstream and generally be a better programmer. But it seems (in Atlanta at least) that Android programming is very underground and I can't find many people that are as interested in Android as I am. This would be an amazing opportunity to help further my future career.

  • http://AndroidFeens.com Keith Hord

    You should pick me because I am as well almost done BS in Computer Science and I think I could use a conference like this to really send me in a new direction. Right now I have many ADW Themes on the Market. And would love to communicate with new people that are in the direction I would like to move in. Also travel would not be an issue for me because I live in Maine so its only a couple hours to drive. Please take me as a very serious contendent in this contest.

  • http://sentroe.com Joni J

    I would love the PASS.. PLZ I live in New York City.. and currently and Android Dev..

    http://goo.gl/HNfeP - link to my app in market..

    • http://sappsoft.com Joni J

      I am willing to ware Android Police gears to repesent my Android news source.. I dont own any now dont mind getting some gear.. If anything I will make my own AP tshirt.. to show love.. . Choose me for the ticket....

      • appelflap

        Lol, well I'm willing to hand out flyers and sing all day about AP. I will paint my face blue and put a little siren on my head.

  • appelflap

    Choose me and I will promote Android Police at the conference :-D I will even wear a AP t-shirt and a AP cap LoL

  • sam victor

    I got just a couple reasons about why you should send ya boy here. I love apps, i got tons of them, i love free stuff, i get it all the time, I live in New york, i can take the train there, I wont make ya look bad, I will blog about it on my technology blog and I will twitter about how awesome androidpolice is, that is if you send me, otherwise, all bets are off about what my twitter feed might say

  • http://genesischess.com/ Micah

    Here's a link to the app that I'm developing with my brother (he's the main one behind it so it'd be best if he got it). https://market.android.com/details?id=com.chess.genesis&hl=en

    Anyways, it would just help us make a better app that the community of android enthusiasts can enjoy.

  • Chris

    I would love to goto this conference, but as an independent dev, its out of my price range. I am an electrical engineer that got into developing on Android due to this years google I/O announcement on Android Open Accessories. I've published a few apps to the market that I wrote to learn the Android side and just got both the Arduino Mega ADK and Microchip PIC Android accessory devkit to get started on what I really wanted to do, but after buying both boards and a host of electronic parts, my bank account tells me I can't goto this awesome conference and learning experience in my back yard :(

  • Micheal Banning

    I need to go!!! Not just want to go! I need inspiration! I wanna more than just the entertainment of it all... I need the experience!!!

    Android has become an absolutely passion of mine, I rele want to be an android developer eventually... this trip would give me that push to make it happen!!!

    so come on pick me!!!