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Possibly the simplest (and undoubtedly the shortest!) question we've ever asked in a Weekend Poll... how many apps have you purchased in the last month? Sound off in the poll, then head on down to the comments to discuss!

How Many Apps Have You Purchased In The Last Month?

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Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • Mark

    I got an Adroid because I didn't want to pay all sorts of extra things for an Iphone. It sort of defeats the purpose if I go around buying apps. Most everything can be found for free anyway, so I'm at a solid 0. Ever.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Yup, I used to think the same way. There are tons of free options out there and most apps that are paid have equivalents that are free. But in the course of writing for AP, I've changed my feelings on that, and even if the free version of an app is the same as the paid (meaning the paid is just a donation), I tend to buy it if it's an app I really enjoy.

      It's just a few bucks for me, but it supports the dev, and adds up for them.

      • BobbyPhoenix


        I don't care if the free vs paid are exactly the same. If it's an app that is of value to me I buy the paid to support the dev. It could be a hobby to some, or a career for others, but to me without support, there would be a vast amount of cheap meaningless apps. I bought every app that I first tried for free if it made any positive impact in my use of my phone. If an app is valuable to you then a buck or so shouldn't bother you.

    • Donato

      Unfortunately it's a catch 22. We Android users complain about not having the quality of apps as iOS has but then complain when a good app comes along and they ask for some money. I've paid for apps I've thought were worth it. Then like Aaron said there are free versions of apps, where all the donation does is get rid of ads. Well I figure the developer has to eat somehow, and $0.99 in those cases to get that 20-30 pixels of ad space back for the app is worth it for me. Most expensive app I've bought is SPB Shell 3D. I bought it back on my Evo for $15, yes it's expensive, but it obviously took a good amount of work because it's a much smoother launcher compared to HTC Sense 3.0 on my Evo 3D.

      http://theoatmeal.com/blog/apps I think this sums up perfectly how people feel about buying apps.

    • http://rokubyteapp.appspot.com Victor

      People like you are very discouraging for us developers who are trying to make a couple bucks for our hard work. By paying for apps, it encourages us developers to create better apps

  • hkb

    had to buy tasker. awesome app

  • Adam

    Depends. I've bought 2-3 apps this month on my iPad 2 but in the history of owning my Android phone have paid for one app (which was a game you couldn't get for free).

    Apple has built an ecosystem where people wait for price drops on apps that are normally $4.99 and then snag them for $0.99. On Android however the sales aren't as prevalent so even if you wanted to buy apps you're less likely to due to the price. Assuming there even are sales they don't do anything to promote them.

    I'd be willing to buy discount apps on the app store, but I'm not going to pay 5+ bucks for something that would eventually cost less on iOS.

    • http://www.gigitsu.com GigiAUT

      You should check out some of the other Android Markets. That's the advantage with Android.

      AndroidPit, SlideME, Amazon Appstore and GetJar all have pricedrops going on all the time with massive reductions.

      And AndroidPit and SlideME allow purchases via PayPal, so that's a big plus.

      • Dan

        I wish Amazon was international... I have been waiting for that all year now

  • Rogue2204

    Between Getjar and Amazon Marketplace I haven't bought an app in a long while...

  • erik gaudin

    I purchase 2 apps this month. I purchase more android apps than IOS apps. I understand now why Apple are so effraid of Android..
    Paid less than 5 $ for application are ok ... i'm not interested anymore to try to find pirate application with the risk of getting a Virus... 1 $ or less than 5$ don't worth the risk....
    I think i paid near 100$ since i got my asus transformer in july

  • http://royblumenthal.com Roy Blumenthal

    I support the paid shareware movement. I've paid for almost all of the donationware apps on my phone and my Transformer. I buy roughly 5 apps every month across three devices: HTC Desire, ASUS Transformer, iPad1.

  • http://www.gigitsu.com GigiAUT

    Ever since I bought my first Android, I've wanted to buy more and more apps to support the devs, especially the really good ones. Now it's starting to be an addiction lol.

    I've lost count of how many apps I've bought in the past month or so :S

  • Edd

    I buy a lot less since the refund policy came in.

  • Rami

    I dont have a creditcard and i live in Europe, as long as Google don't give me the option to pay through carrier billing i wil only install paid apk's, on my iPad i have spent 50€ on music, apps & games this month

  • hillbilliegreg

    Being a Linux guy,I don't buy software,but I will support team efforts like cyanogenmod. If it ain't opensource it ain't getting on my phone

    • Devin

      Dude.... that's just wrong. Just....... wrong.........

    • Mgamerz

      Yet you run any version of android on your phone... Even you can't argue that android is real opensource.

  • Karl

    I've only bought two. Widget locker when it was on sale, and Uno cost me a dollar after that $2 Amazon Credit. The marketplace is oversaturated with App giveaways right now.

  • djembeman

    Amazon Appstore!!! Free paid app of the day!

  • IceDree

    I voted None, since we don't have access to the paid section in Saudi Arabia

  • squiddy20

    The only apps I've ever bought are Root Explorer, PowerAMP, and Titanium Backup. TB was the most recent of them about 3 months ago. Besides that, all of my apps are free from the Market or Amazon's Free App of the Day. I don't really need anything else.

  • hihak

    I think this question is wrong because even we pay 0 we purhase the app. So I bought many apps last month, but paid 0 as usuall.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      I don't think you know what purchase means.

      Verb: Acquire (something) by paying for it; buy.
      Noun: The action of buying. "

      If you don't pay for something, you didn't buy it.

      • phixie

        I think that _hihak_ has a point... Even if an application with ads is free (and so it is not purchased) we are giving some profit by downloading and using it.

        Having said that, I never purchased an app but only because I dont have a credit card... And I dont want to have one. Here, in Portugal, is very common to have debt cards but credit cards are not so common.

        I would buy some apps if I had a way to pay for them without a credit card...

    • Jake

      You are an idiot. Go troll elsewhere.

  • http://rokubyteapp.appspot.com Victor

    If anyone wants to support high quality apps, please consider RokuByte, my Roku remote for Android.

    The reason the market is filled with crappy apps is because people aren't willing to support the devlopers.

  • MetalWych

    Being a software dev myself (no, I don't do apps!), I am more than happy to support a QUALITY product. Like all app markets/stores for all OS's, there is an overload of useless apps or ones so poorly coded its obvious they copied them from something like "be an Android coder in 24 hours".

    Bring out bugless apps of Value, and money can be made. Not every Android user keeps their coin purse in their A-Hole! Keep making crap and cry somewhere else...

    • anony

      being an Android developer myself, I will pirate the hell out of any paid app on Android. Why ? Because I'm in one of those google forsaken countries which are not allowed to sell apps.
      If I can't make money selling apps, I'm definitely not going to spend money buying them

      • Mark

        So by that logic, if a Bugatti is not available for sale in your country then you will steal one.

      • http://www.mibapps.com/ Avi

        Great excuse for stealing. They don't want to sell it to me so I'll steal it.

        • Double

          Copying stealing
          Especially if you couldn't have bought it in the first place.
          I have 1 paid app: Launcherpro plus. Paid for it with paypall before google stopped the dev from giving that option.
          I think that allowing Paypall or just money transfer would cause huge increases in sales in Europe and possibly Asia. Creditcards aren't as common outside the US as google might think.

  • Thomas Sweden

    But one big problem is that even the really nice quality apps/games haven't sold nearly as many copies on android market compared to on appstore..
    That's why I as a developer concentrates on appstore although I'm an android fan...

  • Devin

    People who don't buy Apps out of principle suck.
    I just don't get it, you can't spend a buck to support the apps you like and use? People like you are the reason so many Apps have ads.

  • Mgamerz

    I'm the developer of Log This (and GibberTalk), and I don't ask for money on my app... mainly cause it's a developer tool. GibberTalk I'm not sure of, as it took a lot of my time to make, but if you sell it on the market, you get like no downloads.

  • GraveUypo

    i don't see the point in pirating android apps. they're all cheaper than a meal anyway. in my first 2 months with android i had a bunch of pirated stuff, but over time i noticed that it was pointless. i deleted everything pirated i had and bought everything i really used (if it was available on android market, if not i would learn to live without it).
    now the only "hacked" stuff i have are those "tegra only" games that my cellphone CAN run and i'd buy but for some stupid reason they won't let me.

    i also donate for free apps that i keep.

  • Coco hime

    I actually just bought my first app last week after about a year on Android, Copilot Live Standard. Great navigation app and I'm very happy with the purchase. Paying for it was easy too and I'll probably be much more inclined to buy more apps in the future if it's something that is worth it.

  • http://www.mibapps.com/ Avi

    In almost three years I've spent over $1,000 on apps. I have a sickness. I need to join AA (Apps Anonymous). I love apps. I love games. I love supporting devs. I'm addicted to my phone and I don't care.

  • http://android.mobile-review.com Andrew

    I bought 15 apps in September. I believe that if people won't buy apps there will be no reason to develop them. Also I buy apps from Russian developers even if i don't need them, just to support mobile app development in my country.

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

    I've bought 1 in the last month (or maybe slightly longer) and only 2 in total. I've only seen 2 apps that I really wanted that were paid apps while most of the rest of what I've wanted/needed are free already or a nearly identical app is also free.

    I do believe that Google screwed the market by changing the return policy to 15 minutes. Developers should be able to choose the time limit for returns on their apps. Given the issues of fragmentation and hardware incompatibilities there's no way to be 100% certain apps will work on your device (especially when running custom roms).

    Also, as to piracy...please stop or at least do it ethically (use it as a method to try-before-buy). The reason the platform and apps aren't better is because developers aren't making enough to live off of being app developers despite Android having nearly 2-to-1 phone marketshare over the iPhone. There's a decently long list of app developers (solo and companies) that are making a good living just on iOS while there's probably no more than a few handfuls of Android devs making enough to survive. I'm a developer and I'd like to pull the trigger on developing for the Android Market, but the way people respond to paid apps is appalling and really makes me question the benefit of weeks of work to have people whine about paying a dollar or two.

    • Edd

      +1 - I've not bought a game since the policy came in (well, maybe 1. Previously I bought ~2 a month).

      A panicked 10-minute play does not sell me on a game, and although we're only talking a few dollars each time I don't like that gamble.

  • stateit

    I used to be a Developer, both employed and freelance (I got bored of staring at screens and recompiling code at 2a.m. though ;) )

    I actually enjoy paying for useful apps that have free and donate versions. I want to reward these guys.

    And for you Devs out there: Yes! There is life outside coding!!

  • engineerGA

    Honestly, for what I use my phone for (browser, streaming music, email, and texting in order of importance), the apps came free on my phone. Occasionally, I try one that Amazon offers for free that I actually would have paid for like Peggle/Chuzzle/Plants vs Zombies or the super awesome Circle Launcher (that I thought would be lame but turned out to rock). If there was a "try for free for a day and then decide to buy or not" option on these apps, I would have bought each of them.

    I'm not going to risk buying an app that I don't like if I can't try it first. Mere minutes of usage are too short for me to decide if I like an app or not. Therefore, I don't "buy" apps at all unless there is a free version that tempts me into the paid version.

  • chris ponciano

    for shame! but then again, i agree with some of the others, the good thing is that alot of the stuff we want are already built into our phones or can be added without nickle and diming us for stupid stuff, like for example the fact that my ipad doesnt come with a calculator....

  • duplissi

    if i see value in an app i buy it, simple as that. probably the best purchases ive made were for poweramp, voodoo control, and titanium backup pro.

  • Tiemen

    I filled in 0 because I can't buy apps from the store, in Europe there are many people who don't have a credit card and since its the only payment option! I think Google supports piracy this way.

    • Anton Gl

      Credit card it is not neccessary. Debit card, even starter Visa Electron, enought. If you are not reach 18 years old, some from your parents can do additional Visa card for you, it's not problem. Also, if u think, that debit card not for you and you will use card only in internet (PayPal, Google wallets and other), so you can open Visa Virtuon (Virtual), it cost 5 USD per year.

  • http://www.statsprofessor.org/ StatsProfessor

    Wow, those numbers are alarming for developers.