Superuser, the preferred app to "hook into your phone's power," has at last been updated to version 3.0, bringing a huge overhaul both in terms of design and functionality.

SC20110925-205701 SC20110925-205718 SC20110925-205722

The release of version 3.0 into the Android Market brings with it many bug fixes and new features, perhaps the most notable of these being the ability to write NFC tags, the ability to backup apps and preferences, and PIN capabilities (available with Superuser Elite).

The update also brings an automatic malware scanner, making Superuser an app that does much more than simply remember root preferences for your apps.

For a full list of changes and bug fixes, check out Superuser's full changelog. Otherwise head over to the market and get the update! For the minor fee of $3.00, you can purchase Superuser Elite, a license which gives you access to some of the app's best new features.

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • Wam31

    Exe fails to update...
    Fails when mounting /system to read/write...
    Do you need to be s-off? Worked without before.

    • fins71

      Yes you need to have root and s-off. Not sure what "worked" for you before. But you need root access to use superuser.

    • fins1771

      Yes you need to have root and s-off. Not sure what "worked" for you before. But you need root access to use superuser.

      • Wam31

        It worked before because root and s-off are 2 different things. SU is automatically installed when rooting.
        I've been on Cyanogen for over a year, S-off was never a requirement before. Rolled back to previous version.

  • Norbert

    superuser elite users have these update a while ago :D

  • Geez…

    Why is SU going for a white background layout if the whole OS is going black?

  • Sadman

    if you install this does it just update the superuser you already have installed?

  • J Rush

    Superuser Elite in the Android Market is $3, not $1 as mentioned.

  • kay

    wut's the pin number for unlocking Elite???!?!
    I could not unlock it....>"<
    Does anybody know?

    • Sadman

      You have to download and install Superuser, then when you purchase elite it automatically installs the pin and upgrades it to elite.