Last Updated: September 28th, 2011

On September 14, Sprint revealed that an update to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) was rolling out for the LG Optimus S. Seems like a good thing, right? Not so fast, actually - it turns out there are some fairly substantial bugs that weren't worked out before rolling out the update. Sprint is aware of the keyboard issue but has yet to acknowledge the other problems users seem to be experiencing, such as issues charging and using USB storage.

Update: Sprint pulled the Gingerbread update for the time being.


We've already had over 150 comments relating to the update, issues, and potential fixes, so I thought it would be a good idea to compile some of the suggestions into a post.

  • Keyboard issues (no predictive text):
    • This isn't a "fix" per se, but it seems the best route is to use an alternative keyboard. Swype is pre-installed on the phone, so you can switch to that without installing anything new. Alternatively, you can try other players such as SwiftKey, A.I.type, and TouchPal. Otherwise, LG is aware of the issue and working on a fix.
  • Phone won't charge
    • The potential fix is to enable USB Debugging. To do so, head to Settings -> Applications -> Development -> make sure USB Debugging is checked.
    • Alternatively, if it won't charge normally (while powered on), it should charge while powered off. Your best bet is probably to power it off and let it charge while you sleep.
    • For some people, it seems that the phone actually is charging, it just doesn't show it.
  • Can't use USB storage

Unfortunately, there are no perfect fixes for any of the issues listed above. Other users are reporting a smattering of smaller (and substantially less frequent) issues, but hopefully the above can help some people with the most significant issues.

Feel free to sound off with your own issues (or fixes) in the comments below. I'll keep an eye on the comments and add anything major to the post.

Aaron Gingrich
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  • xdalaw

    So far, my wife's Optimus S was affected by the charge bug. (Plugged in all night and woke up to a fully drained battery.)

    Since then, haven't noticed another episode.

    We use SwiftKey anyhow, so keyboard issue not a problem for her.

  • AmitDroid

    After GB UPdate, if u r facing problems regarding battery just factory reset it and charge in switch off mode until it displays battery full(Battery animation stops).

  • Crystal

    Having many of the same problems. Phone shutting off in middle of calls, phone will charge on house charger but not my car charger, predictive text is missing, sd card self removes, the speaker was loud as ever, cant get into browser wo first shutting off and turning back on phone. Took to Sprint yesterday, they insisted a Hard reset....guess what, the only thing it fixed was the speaker volume!!! Been a sprint customer for seven years, but they are about to lose me over this!!

    • Erik I Graul

      It real has nothing to do with sprint... LG didn't do a very good job making sure 2.3 worked will with there hardware... I have the optimus V its the same phone even though I think its a good phone for what its is... I can't expect everything to run smoothly with a OS update... My piont is... Its not sprints fult...

  • Crystal

    I wanted to add that more than anything, even as frustrating as the bugs are, my biggest issue is Sprint's lack of acknowledgement to this problem. They are treating customers as if it is something we did to our phone such as downloading out of market apps. Ya I have one or two of them on my phone but they have been there a long long time and isnt that why I run Lookout mobile security for anyways!! Get with it Sprint or your'e gonna lose a lot of unhappy customers.

    • Mic

      I have had all of these problems and more but what I noticed was when I did the hard factory reset my contacts hadn't been deleated so with much difficulty I deleated them one by one I then did the hard reset and this seems to have helped greatly I do believe my dictionary to be gone but Ill try to get a free one online try it !!!

  • Dave

    After this update, you can no longer hear audio from phone calls with simple stereo earbuds- the kind with tip-ring-sleeve plugs. You have to have a headset-type plug with tip-two rings-sleeve type plug. Why did they do this. Now I can't listen to both music and incoming call audio with my car stereo connected to the phone headphone jack. Interestingly, I can hear the touch tones when I dial out, just no receive audio. Guess I'll wire up an adapter plug.

  • GRRRR!!!

    I accepted the download a couple of days ago. The charge completely drained, so I plugged it into my computer last night to charge. All that happens is the LG symbol blinks on and off. I can't turn it on, even after having taken the battery and the SD card out simultaneously. My computer had the "Install new hardware wizard" up regarding my LG phone. Did my memory get wiped from my phone? If so, I lost a bunch of information. When my contract is up, I'm going back to iPhone. I've never had these kinds of problems.

  • GRRRR!!!

    BTW, I tried the Home-Down volume-Power button and I saw a short flicker of a screen that looked like it had some programming language flash by, and then it went back to the blinking.

  • Erica

    According to Sprint store today if you go to a repair center they will order you a new phone that will work correctly. I will be heading there tomorrow.

  • GRRRR!!!

    I found this on the Sprint Community board and it at least helped me to reboot my phone. I first had to download the driver from LG,


    1. Hold down the Volume Down and Home Key together and while holding them turn on the phone and once the LG picture shows let go of all buttons
    2. WIth in a few seconds you will see a screen with an Exclamation point in a triangle with an adroid guy next to it.
    3. Using the volume down button highlight the option that says factory resete/data reset. Using the Menu button (Second Button from the left on phone) select the factory reset/data reset.
    4, No you will see a screen that shows a bunch of no's and one yes lol. Using the volume down key to highlight yes and then select it by using the menu button.
    5. No your phone should go ahead and reset and then when its done it will take you back to the main recovery screen. Now using volume up key select reboot phone and select with the menu key and your phone should reboot.

    PLEASE NOTE!!! This wipes everything. I have to relink my phone to my gmail account and sync. I am with Credo, so I had to go through the activation process again.


    ALL of my photos and videos are still there. My apps I will have to download again, but no biggie. So, we'll see what happens in the longer term. Very frustrating, to say the least.

    • Aby

      So with this information,eill the phone go back to the original version, berfore the 2. 3 update?

  • nate

    My wifes phone has the charging problem, we went to the store and they ordered us a new one and said to charge it off and it charged, but the phone completely died and now it won't charge, it just turns on n off now

  • monk

    Txts dont send on time

  • MotoChris

    running the LG Android Driver fixed all my current problems. I'm sure more will pop up but a big THANK YOU!

  • Rene

    The update was supposed to fix the problem with showing the correct time when receiving text messages when the phone is turned off. This is not the case. I am wondering however if the stock android msg client was even updated. It still looks the same.
    The predictive word library is definitely gone.

  • juana

    Mine finally started charging, but is mounting/unmounting the SD card repeatedly.

    Went to a Sprint store after work and the manager said I had no other choice but to wait for LG to release some sort of patch or update.


    • Dewy

      Juana that is the ssme problem I am having - the SD card! It keeps reworking my ringtones, deleting music, any number of things including powering down --Im so upset...sigh..but you saved me a trip to the sprint store --thanks

  • Melanie

    I went to Sprint today because of the charging issues. Even my home charger won't work. My phone starts powering on and off repeatedly. Sprint told me there was nothing they could do besides me buy a new phone (at full price) or wait for the bugs to be fixed. I really don't feel that their release of this update is MY PROBLEM and I'm expected to shell out 400 bucks for a new phone? This is absolutely ridiculous.

  • junior

    Ever since i did the update my music wont play right its just turns off randomly then i cant get any audio out of my phone wich forces me to restart my phone.......the same thing happens to my bluetooth except when i try to turn off the bluetootj option in my menu it says the operating system wont work then my phone restats itself but then after my phone restarts i cant get any aaudio at all then i have to restart again this sucks i hate this new update!!

  • Kim

    Thanks so much, installing the drivers helped with my phone not charging while plugged in to my computer and the usb storage issue. Yay, I can now play Pandora at work again!

  • Wendy

    Where did you find the drivers?

  • Michelle

    My phone started activating the camera and taking pics all on its own right after this download it was fine before my sd card is now full and I can barely make.a call cause it cuts to camera and starts.taking pics . Sprint has been no help

    • KJ

      My husband's phone has just started doing the same thing. Did you ever correct the problem?? Thanks!

    • michael

      bump, my phone is starting to really get on my nerves because it keeps doing this. It took over 800 pictures and made me miss class the other morning because it was too busy snapping to ring the alarm. I don't know how to take care of it; want to remove camera software if i have to.

  • m

    Has anyone else had problems accessing the 3G network? When I hit talk to make a call the 3G icon disappears and I have very poor call quality. As soon as I end the call it comes back. Any advice? I'm currently in the process of talking to Sprint about it but I'm not sure if they'll be able to do much. Thanks!

    • Kevin

      Yeah. I dont even get 3G anymore! I get this 1X BS! That on top of other things.

    • Kevin

      Yeah. I dont even get 3G anymore! I get this 1X shtick! That on top of other things.

    • Kevin

      Yeah. I dont even get 3G anymore! I get this 1X mess! That on top of other things.

    • Kevin

      Yeah. I dont even get 3G anymore! I get this 1X thing! That on top of other things.

  • m

    I just talked to a Sprint customer representative who told me to basically reboot my phone (turn it off, take the battery out and then boot up again). That did nothing to fix the 3G issue (or any of the other problems from the update). So then he suggested trying to update the software on the phone by going through Settings -> About Phone -> System Updates insisting that this would fix the problem - but there are no available for my phone at this time as it is totally up to date.

    So now he's done a remote refresh which he assures me will do no harm to any data on the phone - mind you this was done without asking me if he could do this. (bad customer service person!) I'm supposed to wait 30 minutes and see if anything happens.

  • eNuminous

    This is unacceptable, that the average user of an LG Opt S should have to go through this amount of hassle to use their phone. Mine now doesn't charge in the car, had USB PC problems, messed with my chip, and is generally flaky. And I never asked for the update, and it was working perfectly well under the old OS. Story of any computer system, right? Unfortunately, AOS must exist correctly under all types of hardware, not act all wonky on certain types of devices. iPhone may be in my future.

  • a

    Ever since the update I have been having problems with the phone shutting off intermittently, but am more frustrated with the 3G issue - it no longer automatically connects to the 3G network and I have been in touch with Sprint many times with many fixes, none of which work for more than a few minutes. I have to manually set it to connect to 3G, but as soon as it is inactive for 2 minutes, 3G disappears again! Am frustrated and do not know what to do or how to best solve this - anyone out there been able to fix this?

  • Joe T


    What about the hotspot problem with the Optimus S. Now, when the hotspot is "idle" it simply drops the connection and you have to constantly reactivate it. I use the hotspot for my wifi android tablet in lieu of 3g/4g. If I am not ACTIVELY using it, my hotspot drops. This started with the Gingerbread update.

  • SWR_DMaster

    A note to those who's phones don't have enough charge to boot. You probably won't be able to install any patches since the phone has to be on for the download and install process to proceed. When a patch is ready you will probably need to get with sprint and have them provide you with a new and charged battery, even if only for the update.

    I see no way around this. :(

    Btw, Having daily SD ejects, reboots every 3-4 days, and only the OEM charger or a powered on laptop with drivers can charge the phone. Makes the $50 USB battery I have for the $50 phone pretty useless.

  • ED

    Ever since the update my smart phone has turned into a dumb phone. Can not wait until my contract is up.

  • bsmaven

    I have had the charging problem for months even before new android version. LG replaced my charging port. Now it seems to charge but I can't tell. My battery usage shows I have been off battery for 5 days! lol. But at least phone works but in car won't charge at all. USB connection to computer just started showing charging.

    As far as dictionary goes go to applications marketplace, search for gingerbread keyboard. Download the first one listed (its free) and then go in settings and choose the gingerbread keyboard and you will have a fine android keyboard with all the dictionary words you ever wanted.

  • Ronald P

    I have a problem were the skin is too sensitive. I press a letter and it types 3 to 4 times. I press the home icon, it opens and closes right away. This update sucks.

  • a

    I think I fixed my problem with the 3G being dropped all the time. It turned out I was having problems with my SD card - I am convinced this was due to the Gingerbread update somehow. I went to a Sprint store where they told me that my SD card didn't really have any of my apps on it anymore - they were all on my phone! He wiped out my apps and I had to restore everything, but now they fit on my SD card, the memory is cleared up and I am not having any more problems with my SD card, or my memory or with the 3G.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Greg

    LG and Sprint really screwed the pooch on this one; LG by releasing an update that wasn't ready and Sprint through shoddy customer service. Hello Verizon and iphone.

  • Jeff

    I've been incredibly annoyed with this update. I too had the predictive text database deletion problem, and had to substitute to another 3rd party keyboard.

    Generally, the phone is MUCH more unstable, crashing on a bi-weekly basis. Also, every three days or so the phone sound cuts out - no ringer, no music, no vibration. Doesn't go away until I do a reboot.

  • Kristi

    Since the Gingerbread update on our LG Optimus S phones I can't hook up my phone to my computer to download music anymore (really really annoyed by this), my husband can't use his car charger (he thought the charger was the issue but now I can tell him it's the Gingerbread update that's to blame), can't talk on the phone with my simple headphones on (kinda frustrating when I'm listening to music but it's not as annoying as not being able to download music to my phone from my computer) and can't "restart" our phones by pressing the volume & power buttons together either. I tried the fix that I found to check the USB Debugging thing in settings but that didn't fix it. Is there anything else that can be done to try & fix these issues??

  • Kristi

    Ok so I found a comment that said to download the LG Driver or something so I did that & now my phone will charge & my PC will recognize the phone BUT I still can't use Windows Media Player to sync music to my phone. Is there a fix for this?

  • Bret

    Go into the marketplace and download "Gingerbread Keyboard". It is completely free and fixes the issues with the keyboard. It sucks that Sprint didn't fix this issue and somebody else had to do it via creating an app, but it works PERFECT. Once dloaded, go into your settings and select "Language & Keyboard" and then click "Gingerbread Keyboard". After you do this go into your messaging app and press and hold the text screen and then select "Gingerbread Keyboard" from there also. After this, everything should work perfect!

  • Optimus “S” for SUCK!

    Seriously? The worst customer service in the industry comes up with another reason to get yelled at? Seriously? I won't call customer disservice! I refuse to talk to some ingrate from India who can only understand something from a script! Back to T-Mobile I go after this "Gingerbread" fell on the floor and broke into millions of pieces!

  • Charilyn

    We've all been waiting over a month now for the "fix" to the upgrade. No one seems to know how much longer it will take. It's been extremely frustrating and I really don't understand how an upgrade with this many bugs made it through. They don't test their upgrades first?

  • Diego

    I had these issues for a long time. Sprint let me upgrade through Insurance options are a LG Replenish, Blackberry Curve, or Samsung Conquer 4G I got the Conquer (lovingit) Optimus is running 2.3.3. and The Conquer is running 2.3.4. it has no bugs what so ever!! 4G is blazing fast. questions? email me at [email protected]
    (also the Replenish takes of the $10 premium data charge!)

  • Ann

    THANK YOU Bret!!! :) I am so relieved to be able to text without typing each letter... and I hate Swype, so THANK YOU!

  • David

    I have had similar problems but the main concern is the random shutdowns especially when plugged in to a charger. Sprint has offered only cheap outdated phones and the offer of a Conquer was given by retention and then taken back when I called asking why my phone hasn't arrived. The replacement optimus s phone sent is doing the same.

  • Andrew

    I have had this phone 9 months now. I have experienced many flaws and issues with this phone. I would love to have my phone exchanged or be given a different phone of the same quaility.

    Andree Spullier

  • daniel

    i updated and my phone start rebooting whenever it felt like. not when i was calling some one though. sprint gave me a new optimus s with 2.2. honestly i loved 2.3. it was great with battery life and it looked sharp. can anyone tell me if they fixed everything yet?

  • Hector

    Yup this update completely Borked my friends LG Optimus S. I thoiught it was an Ok phone before the update. Afterwards a lot of things were acting weird. The Keyboard, the screen, woludn't charge, wouldn't wake after plugging in to charge, screen wouldn't shut off. Just a slew of issues. Had to take it in, all they did was downgrade it. Like that's a solution.

  • J

    Wow. You know, recently I have had like millions of problems all appear at once after the update. No USB charging, no opening up the phones storage, no vibrate on texts, no data while calling, and now, JUST LAST NIGHT, I was reading these posts and already had my lg optimus plugged in when I decidermd to turn it off because it kept freezing. I tried to turn it on again, and home screen never showed up. It just kept showing the word ANDROid and kept flashing and loading but never turned on. A BIG DISSAPOINTMENT in lg and sprint. Mann!! What to do, what to do???

  • travis

    Im new to the community..I have a few issues with my HTC 3d...I can't hear my incoming calls ringtones or speakerphone want work while dialing...no sounds at all ..like when my text messages or mms come through..I don't hear no tones at all...but on the other hand when my headphones are in I can hear all the tones...and everythang..what's the fix for all of that...any tips or suggestions? It will be really helpful...its gettn annoyn now..!!!!

  • Anthony Tomasco

    im having the same problems as everyone else. these phones should be taken off the market and a recall should be done by sprint. does anyone know how to go about a class action law suit?

  • anup

    after updating my motorola atrix to 2.3.6 ear phones r nt working.....
    what should I do now....

  • Sean

    After upgrading my Samsung Fascinate to 2.3, the audio jack in my vehicle mount/charger will no longer pass signal through, which means no music for me. I drive a lot and liked to play music via my aux jack in my stereo while having the gps app running. C'mon Android, send a fix plz.

  • Rosieebabiee

    My phone recently updated & it will open things while im scrollinng all the time . And dont get me started about the keyboard . Plus if I press the home screen to open the app table it will close on its own !

  • Francinep3

    My ls670 keeps taking pictures by it self

  • Francinep3

    My ls670 keeps taking pictures by it self

  • Chaosmaster38
  • Ms Granddiva54


  • Numspah

    the update killed connectability to the phone's camera, deleted all of my paid apps, (thank goodness I had a full backup), caused hypersensitivity of the touch screen, volume issues, excessive heat in the unit, etc.
    I love the phone, but the update is really bad.
    Next time they want to protect their phones from rooters, and power users, or try to charge extra to loyal customers for support, they should just require them to purchase a new phone.
    the update scenario is a crooked way of charging people extra (on the back end) by FORCING them to go to tech for servicing of the botched system.