Yesterday, we started receiving reports that the official Gingerbread update (reportedly version 2.3.3) for the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate on Rogers is finally here.

The update isn't showing up on Rogers' own website yet (under the Support tab), but if you go through Samsung's Kies upgrade software (go here, click Support, then Download), you should find it sitting in plain view, itching to jump over to your device.

Galaxy S users, if you've upgraded, let us know how it went and if you experienced any issues.


Thanks, Antonio and others

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  • Mike Saunders

    I have been running it since yesterday evening. It seems really stable. I haven't tested everything yet but, I haven't had any real issues yet. I have been looking for a root method, which I haven't found yet.

  • Jon

    Been running for a day and it works great. Noticed substantial battery improvements. Still cannot locate a root method.

  • http://thisisthe6.blogspot.com/ brian

    another captivate user here looking for the golden root.

  • Metalchef

    Runs flawlessly. Unparalleled battery life improvement. Rooted in a pinch w gingerbreak (or you can flash the root/cwm kernel w Odin).

  • Spartacus

    Still waiting for Gingerbread for my Galaxy S Vibrant (T-Mobile).


  • Ty

    My Captivate will not connect to Kies... Help?

    • D.Munson

      I'm having the same issue. Although, I believe it is because I was doing to much and disconnected my phone as the drivers were updating. SO! I turned off laptop to start over again tonight, after work.

  • v

    i was wondering if this is the captivate for at&t, i went to kies and it still doesnt have the update on there

  • http://metalchef.com Metalchef

    Those of you who are (still) waiting for gingerbread for your i9000 (Rogers or AT&T) need to do some homework. It's been out for months. Check XDA forums.

    • http://Androidgeeky.weebly.com Gregori.dwdk

      But that rom out there, we think is not official. We are waiting for an official one via kies.

  • ju

    exchange email not working. Email is listed but when you click to open it is blank and the app crashes

    • J

      Did you find a fix for this...same issue on my end

  • curtis

    mine recognizes that there is new firmware but then jsut keeps downloading to 100% and then repeating.......can't seem to finalize install.....help

  • Jon

    Do you have the latest version of keys?

  • curtis

    i think so...version.....71_128

  • Jon

    That's odd. It worked fine for me on Friday. However, I did a factor reset beforehand. I am not sure if that helped. I hope you figure it out because it is a major improvement.

  • stef76

    Since upgrading firmware on my captivate I have been having problems with the text messaging. The keyboard keeps crashing when going to type a message. I have to completely exit out of the message history and then clear memory under ram manager before the keyboard will open again.

    Also, I have noticed a significant decrease in battery life, instead of the reported increase of battery life.

  • http://metalchef.com metalchef


    you should try clearing dalvik cache, wiping cache partition and doing a factory reset -- all from clockwork mod recovery...

  • tony

    since my update with my samsung captivate the gps navigation is not working .

  • tom

    how do I get the update and kies, I have a mac and cant get the full kies version to ley me update

    • http://... Max Freeman

      I was told that the Mac version was coming March 6th, sorry... You'll just have to wait it out or use someone else's PC.

  • Joshua

    Im having problem with the sd card not being recognized and i tried everything.I have a 16GB didi someone had that problem.
    It was working before i update firmware.

  • Drew

    After updating, I've had a decrease in battery life, have force closed several apps ( calendar, messaging, twlauncher, facebook ).

    anyone else having this issue? Also its takes forever to open an app. I did a factory reset before updating too.

  • katie

    Do you have to pay to get this update?????

  • Corrina

    My Samsung is shutting itself down out of the blue. I can not reboot it until I take the battery out and put it back in. This has become a problem since I installed the new update. What is going on with that?

  • http://Twitter.com/ftpcake Brad

    I am also not getting gps connection although I my phone is showing that satellites are in view. (gps test)

    My gps was fine before the update.
    Captivate on Rogers


  • shaunzi

    I have version 82_152 (the most recent version as per Kies), but it's not detecting my phone at all... I've even run the Resolution Connections Errors process... any help?

    EDIT: I'm on Rogers

    • http://... Max Freeman

      Delete your current version in the programs manager on your PC and redownload from the Samsung site under the download information. I had the same problem as a developer and thought it was very strange

  • flower

    Kies says there is no update?
    I'm on AT&T

  • Miffed

    This is bull crap. There is no freaking official Gingerbread update for Captivate (AT&T). I don't think it's coming at all...

  • Miffed

    This is bull crap. There is no freaking official Gingerbread update for Captivate (AT&T). I don't think it's coming at all...

    • Rubberdude88

      Move to the "Great White North" LOL - The update to Gingerbread went off without a hitch. Many improvements. Thank you Rogers for taking the lead.

  • rod

    I just put it on my phone and it seems to be running perfectly smooth. chews up a little more ram but works great!

  • rod

    But is there a gingerbreak for it yet?

  • Michael

    Phone MUTE problem after upgrade. Has to on/off speaker phone to unMute when dial out or receive calls. Bluetooth same issue, MUTED when call/receive. Solution???

  • Miffed

    It's HERE!! Wow! Here's hoping it's not loaded with problems...(IE Mute issue listed above)

  • brock

    gps issues after the update

    • http://... Max Freeman

      Restart it that's what I did and problem solved

  • Amber

    My texts say that delivery failed, but people are still replying to them. But I restarted my phone again and everything seems fine now. It was so cool that AT&T texted me the link to download Kies and how to back-up my photos and contacts and all. This is my first time updating a phone. I was nervous!

    • Amber

      Actually, it's still doing it and a keep receiving double or triple text responses when they're only sending it once

  • Matthew

    My GPS had also stopped working after this update. Any fixes yet?

  • Dee

    I noticed the phone mute button was replaced with "Airplane mode" on the pulldown tab at the top of the screen. Any one know how to totally mute the phone now? I used that button almost everyday for meetings at work!! Very bummed!

    • http://... Max Freeman

      Hold down your power button

  • Trey

    "Sorry!" ...tethering manager pop up keeps coming up indicating a force close. Mostly after d/c the charger, sometimes out of the blue. Also locks up quite a bit, all after the GB update! What Up?!

    • Josh

      Having the exact same issue. I can't find anything about why or how to fix this yet. It's very, very frustrating. Especially when you're in a meetting and get out to find out your phone locked up 2 hours previously and you missed several calls and texts. :(

  • http://... Max Freeman

    The firmware version is 2.3.5 and I am very excited about that and the performance is flawless and even battery life improvements! Thanks, Sam, had this phone for a while and was excited for the update to 2.2 Froyo but Gingerbread on this phone sells it completely. Does anyone know if Gingerbread is now being put on these phones when you buy them stock currently? If so, tell me, my cousin wants one now and isn't good with computers so I would have to do the update for him and I'd really rather not.

  • Doug

    Still not available for Mac...us Mac users picked this phone over the Iphone...the least you could do is release them at the same time...This is the second time dealing with this crap...I will be getting the Iphone5 and never buying another Samsung product again. Awesome way to disenfranchise a chunk of your users...

  • Steve

    went through the update process yesterday. after the 7th try, going the recovery route every time the install locked up, normally between 68 and 86%. before the update to hear the other party when on the phone I would have to use the speaker phone setting due to damage when phone was dropped... which was cool. But now after the update when placing or receiving a call my screen goes black without giving me the option for speaker phone... phone is useless to me now

  • Kristie

    I do not like update. keeps saying has to force close tethering..which I dont use...ever. keeps messing with messages....doesnt seem to be running properly.

  • frank

    Force tethering is a glich with the phone only wsy to fix is to replace on my second phone and still having problems

  • Dee

    I was so frustrated with all the issues that everyone else has voiced so I call ATT and they called Samsung... Samsung suggested I take my phone to a ATT Service Center to have it "Reflashed" - basically remove 2.3 and put 2.2 back on it. Much happier with 2.2 back, but my GPS still doesn't work. Better, but still a bit bummed.

  • James Weglarz

    My daughter upgraded my galaxy s captivate via the the At&T upgrade message http://www.samsung.com/us/captivate upgrade /gb1. She's smart and did everything procedurely , yet, I've had nothing but problems since the upgrade. numerous forced closings, I can't load facebook which I had on 2.1 froyo! Am totally fustrated with samsung and At&T


    apps that fail, lost my mobile hotmail, can't load faceboo

  • Dave

    The upgrade looks good at first blush, but -
    - gps has become unreliable, losing satilite
    often and locking the phone up

    -sucks memory. Can't run the same programs concurrently that used to to run with no problem

    Tether manager forces error or lockup every time I attach to power

  • Dave

    The upgrade looks good at first blush, but
    - gps has become unreliable, losing satilite
    often and locking the phone up
    -sucks memory. Can't run the same programs concurrently that used to to run with no problem
    Tether manager forces error or lockup every time I attach to power

  • greg

    Power management is terissuerible. Phone has had GPS issues ever since as well. My secondary charge cable (non data cable) no longer works and strange errors occur when trying to use the data cable with the phone in USB Storage mode. I would gladly go either to 2.3.5 or back to 2.2