Asteroid Defense, Deonn Games' first foray into Android gaming, was an instant favorite of ours back in July. A tower defense genre is getting saturated, but Asteroid Defense managed to be sufficiently different from other tower defense games while offering excellent graphics and playability.

This week, Deonn Games released Asteroid Defense 2, which is a paid version with more enemies, explosions, guns, aliens, shrink rays, black holes, better graphics, and more game modes. Frankly, I think Asteroid Defense 2 should have really been Asteroid Defense, while Asteroid Defense should have been Asteroid Defense Beta, but I realize that it would have probably caused confusion now.


Before you go any further, I urge you to check out this gameplay video, showcasing the new game in all its glory - there's a lot to like in there:

Here's the full changelog from the first version, as provided to us by the developer:

  • Pure Awesomeness!
  • New Weapons. GUNS, lot’s of guns..
  • New Enemies.
  • Campaign Mode.
  • Survival Mode.
  • Stunning new graphics.
  • New Explosions.
  • Black holes! Vortexes!!!
  • Shrink rays!
  • Aliens!

I do have to warn you that the 2nd version costs a cool $4.99, which is a bit steep in my opinion. It's not that I can't fork out $5 for an amazing creation, but I think it would do a lot better at $2.99.

image image image image

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  • edd

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Look, I love my games, and I loved Asteroid Defence 1, but im not dropping $5 on a mobile game without a trial, and a panicked 10 minute one due to Google's ridiculous refund policy does not cut it. Unfortunately I no-buy until the price is cheaper or a demo is released. That said, I wish the developer the best of luck.

  • http://mazimalonumai.lt Skotas

    Really... it's too much for simple yet gorgeous game.

  • http://www.deonn.com/ Rafael Sanches

    Hi Edd,

    I'm rafa from the deonn team.

    Please, install the game and ask for your money back if you don't like it. We'll be glad to return it.

    I'm sure you'll love it if you liked asteroid defense 1.

    Your feedback is very important.


    • Edd

      Thanks Rafa, great feedback :) Will do - and I'm sure from the quality of #1 that I will not need to ask!

      It was more of an overall rant against Google if anything :)

  • Adam

    Asteroid Defense had a lot of potential, but ultimately I uninstalled because it was only good for a single play-through. The difficulty was low for about 60 levels, and eventually the real difficulty was constantly rebuilding your destroyed towers. It felt less like "Asteroid Defense" and more like "Hurry up for the love of god rebuild your towers before the next wave starts".

    Looking at those screenshots with 100+ towers in them is making me think it's going to be the same problem with Asteroid Defense 2. To be fair, that first playthrough was entertaining right up until the last few levels where you're scrambling to rebuild things.

    • http://www.deonn.com Deonn Team

      Hello Adam, I'm writing here in behalf of the Deonn team. We must find all the low points of the game and always try to correct them.
      You mentioned one that has been discussed by the team since game conception, and since the version 1.0 was a survival game, difficulty should increase at one point it will become impossible. One of the frustrations was when it was more valuable to sell everything and hope for quick death, but it is only aviodable if the game has an end.

      That´s what we planned with the campaign mode available in the version 2.0. this is so that you can feel your progress and reach an objective. Then you can try the survival mode to reach the top ranks. We hope this will fix this issue, to be fair quite unexpected since it happens to players who already played a long time.

      Thanks for the great feedback!