Last Updated: June 5th, 2012

Yeah, we know -- it has only been three days since we leaked Gingerbread build 2.11.605.2 RUU for the TBolt, but how could we say no when our homie Justin Case from TeamAndIRC asked us if we want to drop a newer leak?

We couldn't. So here you go -- Gingerbread Build 2.11.605.3 for the HTC ThunderBolt. The installation process is basically identical to the previous leak, so if you've already flashed that, then this should be a breeze. For those who want it, we've also included a separate download of the radio; if you plan on flashing the full RUU, though, you can ignore this file as it's already included.

Using this RUU will wipe all data on your device! Please make a backup of all sensitive data before proceeding. Similarly, you will lose root if you flash this. It is unclear right now whether or not this version is easily rootable. Proceed with caution!

As always, Android Police is not liable for any damage caused to your device if you choose to use this RUU.

As far as we know, this should be the final build and the same as the OTA, but these things are known to change at the last minute.This has now been verified, and is indeed the same build as the OTA.



  • After downloading it, rename it to "PG05IMG.zip"  Note: If you're doing this from a Windows machine, make sure you don't rename the file "PG05IMG.zip.zip," as Windows hides known file extensions by default.
  • Drop the file on the root of the SD Card
  • Turn off your device
  • Hold Volume Down + Power to reboot into the bootloader -- the file should automatically be detected and the flashing process will begin.
  • Wait for your device to complete the process and reboot

The first reboot will likely take several minutes, so don't panic. Just let the startup process run its course, as all subsequent reboots will be much quicker.

Everyone give a big shoutout to TeamAndIRC for the leak!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Stephen Diniz

    Thank you sir! :D

  • Dave

    What have been the experiences with these RUUs? I very tempted to do this. Tired of waiting for Verizon or HTC.

    • Nocturnhabeo

      that is why i rooted my phone and use the updates from the modding community though it is a personal choice and if you don't know what you are doing you can lose your warranty

  • Chris

    I'd just wait for the OTA; It's max a couple days away now, and it won't wipe your data.

  • Nick

    It's max not even getting released so you might as well root. I doubt VZW will even bother with the update considering the thunderbolt is nearing its life cycle anyway.

    • ABT Benjamins

      You're ignoring a few facts. Tbolt was VZW's flagship LTE device. Many users held out on upgrading for the first LTE device. A large portion of VZW's 4G users are on tbolt. They may lag in software update timeframes, but consumer faith in their LTE service is based primarily on tbolt user satisfaction.

      • BOOM!!@&

        The tb wasnt their flagship. They just needed a phone to utilize their lte network so htc and verizon rushed the tb and it shows.

    • Adrynalyne

      So they make these updates for no reason? Because they aren't going to release it?

      Logic fail....

    • vegit8

      Dumb comment. Why spend the time to develop the update if they aren't going to release it? And, we have been assured by HTC that GB is coming to the T-bolt.

  • B.Madden

    Thank you TeamAndIRC !!!

  • Tbolt>all

    Not touching the RUU, but the radio...get over here!

  • Miguel

    when you download this its a .2, AndroidPolice_PG05IMG_Mecha_2.11.605.2.zip,
    So is this a.3 or .2?

    • B.Madden

      I noticed this too. Megaupload said .2 The others did say .3 I used one of the other options for download.

      • DeTard

        I can confirm that while Megaupload said .2, it truly is .3. The MD5 checks out and the build.prop also says .3 so clearly it got renamed on Multiupload after uploading but Megaupload never was renamed. It's still a good file and probably the fastest download.

    • jcase

      Downloads as a .3 for me

  • Steve P

    Anyone having a problem with MD5 code not matching for the RUU? Going to download again and retest...

    • Steve P

      False alarm. Downloaded the RUU file again and this time the MD5 code matches...


  • B.Madden

    This can't be the Official OTA that's coming. THe VM indicator is STILL BROKEN !!!!

    • Nocturnhabeo

      I would assume not it is a leak.

  • Kyle

    I'm hoping this restores my lost Clock application!

    • kent3230

      To get to the clock app simply touch the Clock in the home screen widget. This will launch you into the clock apps like stop watch, timer, etc.

  • joe

    How the f**k can't they get something as simple as VM notification working. If they release this as the official build I think its time for a class action lawsuit against VZW for the issues with this POS phone.

    • ron

      who TF (WTF) still uses vzw as voice mail get google voice dude!

      • sicRage

        I havent been able to get GV to work on any of my Verizon phones (Inc, DX or T-bolt). The VZW vm always picks up unless i call my own number from that specific phone. no one at Verizon or google could help me.

        • boomerod

          Try using the instructions provided on the Google Voice site. It will tell you how to make your phone forward to GV.

        • ApexPredation

          just install the Google Voice app on your phone and run through the set up. I Have used it on the droid X and now on the Thunderbolt, works fine. when you choose to forward to google voice in VM settings it seems to just continue to connect, but hit the home button and let it be. it worst its self out.

  • Kyle

    Nope, still no Clock app!

    • Adrynalyne

      I might suggest your issue has nothing to do with the RUU, and everything to do with corrupt data. I'd wipe. Everyone else has a clock, and its not hardware dependent.

      • Chris

        I have not had clock app on any of the leaks

    • B.Madden

      Are you referring to an "app" in the main list? No, there isn't one, but the clock options are located in the widgets under the personalize menu.

    • kent3230

      The clock app is actually accessible via the home screen widget that has the weather, time, and date. If you touch the time on this widget it should take you to the clock app where you have access to the stop watch, timer, etc...

  • Chris

    So when I use Gtalk on .2 and .3 it shows mic icon for me and when in a video chat only let's me use the back facing camera anyone elso have same issue

    • B.Madden

      Mine won't even show the mic icon. All I get is the green dot and vid chat won't work.

      • Chris

        Click on your username and check the box that says Allow Video and Voice chat

        • B.Madden

          I did that and I still don't get the video icon.

  • Brad

    What is the voicemail issue, and is it still going on with this update for everyone or just Joe?

    Trying to decide if I want to flash this on my work phone, but can't have any issues with voicemail on that device.

    • B.Madden

      The basic verizon voicemail indicator does not display correctly. It usually takes a reboot of the phone to make it either appear or disappear or both.

  • Joe

    Thanks JCase & Team IRC much Appreciated

    • Jason

      Just use Google Voice for VM. It's far more functional and easy to access and I get my notification every time from them.

      • Brad

        I'm not going to update all of my clients with a new number just to get voicemail to work.

        • Zoli

          ? why would u have to change you number for google voicemail to work. Research mang, google voice will still work with your VW number

  • jerry

    What is the radio in this one? Is it a 3g and 4g radio??

  • johnny83

    yeah theres supposed to be a clock app and its gone. Im experiencing the same issue, so im gonna wait for the OTA. also my phone doesnt let me know when I have new voicemails to listen to like it used to. My battery life has plummeted and I'm not even in 4g zone. Its always dead within 7 hours. Data connection SUCKS. text is glitchy too, though I have no idea how to describe it in words.

    • John7760gp

      What ROM? If it is a BAMF rom go to Bamf settings and all the way to the bottom to system apps. Disable clock and then reenable it to have it show.

  • Adrynalyne

    The OTA will be the same with the clock missing. They set it up that way purposely. Its only meant to be accessed via widget.

    • Mike

      I'd listen to this guy ^^^^^^
      I think he may know a thing or two about ROMs on the Thunderbolt... :)

  • Brad

    Installed it -- so far, so good. My only oversight is that I lost root...Anyone know of a way to get it back? More bloated than grandma on Thanksgiving.

  • Teiru

    From a Verizon Wireless Employee - this is according to our device guide to be the official update. it was posted today saying it was approved yesterday for release and i compared this vs whats been posted on our portal looks like its finally here

  • johnny83

    I installed it. Im still having weird issues with SMS. I can't get my notifications to vibrate when in vibrate mode. It only works if I set it to vibrate no matter what... Also in SMS, the notification LED indicator no longer flashes... but it does for gmail. odd. I still feel like this isn't the one they're going to push out.


    I downloaded it and ran it even though one comment said it was .3 release. Megaupload was .2 and the phone says 2.11.605.2 ..... so it's not .3. Dammit.


    So am I correct on the software release showing on the Phone as 2.11.605.2 as being the previous release and not the .2.11.605.3 ..??


    these releases are only downloading from Megaupload and that shows 2.11.605.2 on my phone. None of the other downloads work. They either time out or take hours.

  • Jeremy

    it shows 2.11.605.3 on my phone

    • KTOHIO

      Did you get it from Megaupload? I've tried all the other sites and they are .3 but Megaupload is .2. Flashed the RUU and wiped the phone again and still .2 from Megaupload.

  • Hertzy

    when i updated i never got sense 3.0. What does that mean?

    • KTOHIO

      You should only have sense 2.1 not 3.0.

  • Andrew G.

    Installed it yesterday. I had two random reboots so far. May switch to the previous radio if it continues a few more days. Everything else is good.

  • Pete

    I was tired of waiting Verizon to release the update, so I installed this and works, only complaint Android Market never recovered all of my apps.

    • KTOHIO

      Since the "new" update to the market it hasn't recovered all my apps either.

    • http://www.facebook.com/GoNavyMike Mike Asbell

      Y'all should use "Titanium Backup Pro", it's great. Keeps everything you tell it to keep as many times as you tell it to back up.

  • datcarman

    also gtalk video doesnt work anyone else have this problem?

    • http://gplus.to/mbk Michael

      Well, yes and no. You need to check the box in your status to allow voice and video calls.

      If you're referring to the fact that video calls only use the rear-facing camera, then yes, I'm experiencing the same problem.

  • datcarman

    Yeah there is only back cam access will this be the same on the real ota?

    • http://gplus.to/mbk Michael

      I should hope not. That'd be dumb.

    • Chris

      With the leak 2.07.506.0 the front facing camera worked in Gtalk not in 2.10 and both 2.11 leaks

      • datcarman

        I wonder why . I'm so sick of this phone!


    The radio sucks also.... 4G comes in and out now. Phones GPS doesn't even know where it's at half the time. Aggravating. Going to try and flash the radio again and or try the older radio.


    So I'm currently S-OFF 'Revolutionary' but not rooted. "IF" the update does come, can I accept it or will it brick the phone. If this RUU is anything near the FINAL release the radio is going to be horrible. Hopefully they will fix the radio and other issues 'THIS' leak has.

    • ron

      why are you here if your not rooted?

  • luis

    Go to verizon wireless and look at the support tab and click on device and then choose thunderbolt and u will c they got the official information about gingerbread for the TB . And what is going to do but still no date release.. at least we r getting somewhere.. also they r going to be using the leak we have on the 24th of this month the 2.11.605.3 chek it out..

  • jdogg772000

    I've been having radio issues (TB is rooted and running custom radio/ROM).

    Installed the linked radio and it looks better so far.


  • datcarman

    I don't understand how this is the real ota when the gtalk video front cam doesn't work .

  • Defcon888

    I used the RUU to update my phone but didn't use the RADIO file since it is included with the RUU. I use "SportyPal" and "Endomondo" for tracking my jogging. SportyPal (via GPS) locked me in under 2 seconds and EndoMondo was instant. I do live in the San Francisco bay area so maybe that is why I have great 4G reception.

  • Havoc

    MD5 does not match on the one i downloaded from here.

  • datcarman

    I take it that we won't be able to get the update if we download this?

  • Keith

    If you download the RUU from above, you are right, you won't get the update. That is because this is the UPDATE that Verizon just recently pulled. This will reset your phone to factory reset (wipes your phone). You will get future updates as long as you do NOT root your phone.

    I installed this one and it works 100% flawlessly!

    • ApexPredation

      Just to clarify, If I install this RUU it will un-root my device and I will get future updates?
      I'm fully rooted and running a custom ROM but If I felt the need I would like this to be an easy un-root method.

  • Gabriel

    I got this update:
    One thing I don't like is that it disabled the hot-spot feature. It now says that I have to pay $30 a month to be able to use it. When I had Gingeritis, that option was available without asking for a monthly charge. I'm thinking about going back to Gingeritis.

  • Danielle Lacio

    Okay what am I doing wrong. I downloaded the files I put them on my desktop then dropped them over into my SD card then turned off my device did the volume down and power button and what do I do from there because it doesn't do anything by itself. I did this long time ago when I had a droid but I can't remember all the steps and clearly I'm missing something because I still have the 2.2.1 android verizon.

    • Keith

      1. **** VERY IMPORTANT **** Rename the file to "PG05IMG.zip" (only one .zip")
      2. hook your TBolt to your computer
      3. put it in "disk drive" mode.
      4. Copy the PG05IMG file to the SD card....no special folder, just the card.
      5. Power off your phone
      6. Press and Hold down the VOLUME DOWN and then press and hold the power button until the white screen comes up. Then it will automatically start updating

  • James

    having problems when its updating.. freezes up on step 7 MDM9K, have rebooted several times, but still no go. Any advice??