Unity3D has paved the road for some seriously stunning mobile games, and as smartphones and tablets continue to become more powerful, 3D shooters and other graphics-intensive apps will finally begin to reach their full potential.

A perfect example of this is MadFinger's latest project: Shadowgun, which we last saw in May. The OTS (over-the-shoulder) shooter puts you in the shoes of John Slade, an assassin hired to surreptitiously sneak into Dr. Edgar Simon's heavily guarded mansion.

Of course, the game's graphics are the real center of the hubbub - they're just that good breathtaking:

The game will be launching in just 5 days (9/28)... in the iOS App Store. We Android fans will, sadly, have to wait some time more to get our hands on this monster-infatuated adventure. Furthermore, as much as we hate to end such an exciting post on a bad note, it is not yet certain whether all Android devices will be compatible - Droid Gamers says that "there will be both a Tegra 2 and Kal-El version of this game," which almost makes us think that Shadowgun will be available exclusively through NVIDIA's Tegra Zone. So cross your fingers and hope for the best - this gem is worth it.

Source: YouTube via Droid Gamers

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • VOnlaserface

    Tegra, schmegra. Chainfire 3D will see to it that I'm playing this on my SGSII.

  • Matt

    i wish they would release non-tegra versions of these games. i miss sprinkle and especially bang bang racing!! want them on my bionic!

  • GraveUypo

    i wonder why do most games look like something out of n64 when we can have things like this, which looks like it came straight from a 2005 pc (quake4 - in other words, something in between a xbox original and a xbox360).

    in other words, i hope this has gamepad support, because i'm building a ps3 gamepad dock just for this kind of game.

  • bit

    Matt, I recommend you try chainfire3d.

  • Elvis

    looks awesome, damn people making everything for ios first cuz there's more money to be made there :/

  • raj

    it'll be released this month...
    source: nvidia tegra zone