CrashPlan is an amazing service that I've been using for a number of years to back up not only my desktops and laptops, but also all the Linux servers. I can't recommend it enough due to the fact that it's cross-platform (Java), can be headless (client/server architecture), has no storage limitations, can use various configurable destinations (cross-backup across my devices), multiple schedules and backup sets, practically unlimited file versioning, etc, etc - it is literally the best offering on the market that I've tried so far.

I can talk about CrashPlan forever, but this post is not about that. This post is about two Android apps that Code 42, the maker of CrashPlan, just dropped in the Android Market - CrashPlan and CrashPlan PRO.

The two apps right now seem to differ only in the type of CrashPlan account you are currently subscribed to - CrashPlan for CrashPlan+ users and CrashPlan PRO for PRO users (see the difference between account types here).

Before you get too excited - no, the mobile app can't back up your device's data, which is unfortunate, as I would almost certainly and almost literally kill for this feature (currently, the only offering that comes close to what I want is SugarSync, but it's not ideal).

What the CrashPlan app does allow you to do is access files from your online backups of any of your other computers in a secure way. The full feature set has 4 bullets, but really, that's about all it does:

  • Browse folders and files in your archive
  • Download and view as many files as you want
  • Securely access your files with your account password
  • Learn of file updates at-a-glance and get the latest version with just a click

Still, not too bad, considering all my files are already backed up using CrashPlan.

Now how about that backup feature, Code 42?

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