Remember the 1.5GHz powerhouse G9 tablets that were officially announced last week by ARCHOS? Yeah, the ones with staggering release dates ranging from September 20th to sometime in October. Need a refresher? Okay - here's the quick and dirty edition:

  • ARCHOS 80 G9 8GB: 1GHz Processor, 8-inch display, Honeycomb 3.2; available September 20 from ARCHOS.com and September 30th from other online retailers.
  • ARCHOS 80 G9 16/250GB and ARCHOS 101 G9 16/250GB: 1.5GHz TI OMAP 4, Honeycomb 3.2; available sometime in October.

While the former of the two is now on sale as planned, there has been somewhat of a delay with the latter. According to ARCHOS' Facebook page, "there have been some delays" with TI's OMAP 4 processor. In turn, there have been some delays with all of the 1.5GHz variants of the G9 tablets as well.

What ARCHOS decided to do, however, is release yet another version of this tablet, this time with the Turbo suffix tacked on to the end. The ARCHOS 80 and 101 G9 Turbos will have a 1.2GHz processor, though it's not confirmed whether or not this will be a TI chip as well. All other hardware specs of the devices are expected to be the same as the 1.5GHz variants, which includes both 16GB and 250GB storage options.

Oh, what about the 1.5GHz version, you ask? Those should be coming out sometime next year, or so they say. If they actually make it to the market, they're expected to replace the 1.2GHz version, but carry on the Turbo name.

What a mess.

[ARCHOS Facebook via EuroDroid]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Ian M

    I absolutely love my Archos 70it, and have been waiting faithfully to upgrade to its more powerful sibling, the 80 G9. I have foregone the purchase of an iPad2 because I much prefer the smaller form-factor of the Archos products.

    But with this new delay, and the down-graded specs, I'm left with no choice but to take the iPad plunge today. I have money now, but with the world economy the way it is, I may not have it by the time Archos delivers (if they ever do).

    Sorry Archos...sadly I can't wait for you any longer.

    • denbo

      Ian... why not buy an Asus Transformer with a keyboard dock or a Samsung?? No offense but your post makes no sense...

      You wanted an Android tablet but because thebrand you want is going to be late.... you opt for a completely different OS?? I'd look into at least a tablet of the same OS befre jumping to iOS.

      It's kind of like saying "The truck I want to buy doesn't come in the color I want.... so I am going to buy a Volkswagon beetle instead."

  • http://ARMdevices.net Charbax

    The Archos G9 tablets are being released now for 1Ghz and in a month for 1.2Ghz, with faster speeds after Christmas, the OMAP4 is the fastest processor on the market today, with memory bandwidth much higher than Tegra2 which means much better performance. They probably measured yields on 1.5Ghz being too low so they have to keep it at 1.2Ghz for now.

    Samsung and Qualcomm haven't got faster than 1.2Ghz on the market either for Dual-core for now. So stop complaining. Archos is a small 100-employee company out of France, they can't perform miracles in Texas Instrument's processor foundry. Those processors are the most advanced and most complicated things created in the history of mankind, it's normal in that business to experience delays when working to fix the yield.

    By the time Tegra3 Kal-El comes out, which was announced for August but seems to be delayed, TI might have their OMAP4470 ready also. The OMAP4470 at 1.8Ghz might be faster for most tasks than a Tegra3 Quad-core at 1.2Ghz.

  • VonDerThWood

    Oh well, I'll wait! I've been wanting to get my hands on the 10.1 inch, 250GB version since I read about it earlier.

    1.5GHz+250GB storage+Honeycomb? Yes please. 450$ or less? Definitely worth it. I almost decided to settle for the Sony Tablet S, but realized it was out of my willing price range. (600$ is a little too much for me).

  • paul bonner

    I don't think this is quite as much of a disappointment as you're suggesting. For one thing, the difference between the 1.2 Ghz chip in next month's Turbos and the 1.5 we were initially expecting is only 25%, which since that affects the CPU only, probably means at best a 10 or 12% increase in overall performance.

    In addition, I'd bet that all the versions of the G9 are and will actually be running the same chip model. The difference will be the speed that TI has certified them for. Since this is a new chip, it's likely that TI isn't getting a high enough yield at 1.5 GHz yet to certify the chip for that speed, so they're releasing it at 1.0 and 1.2 now. Once the G9 is rooted, most of those 1.2's will probably run reliably at significantly higher speeds than promised anyway.

    Given everything else--the price, the size, the weight, and the performance I've seen in a few hands on/unboxing videos, I'm planning on buying a 16GB Turbo as soon as it's available, and I won't feel cheated by having to get by with a 1.2GHz CPU.

  • Ahmed

    Well guess I should have stuck to the professionals rather than waiting for this Archos G9 to be released! I am going to buy a i pad 2. Another customer lost!

  • TARDIShire

    I really would like to give Archos the benefit of the doubt, but they are their own worst enemy by having a history of back-peddling. One-hundred employees being shot in each foot is unfortunate at best but unprofessional and unreliable at worst.

    I like everything I 'hear' about the 80 so far and may just wait it out for them to resolve their issues.

  • Martin Santillan

    I've been waiting for this one too, and agree with TARDIShire. Archos has not been very reliable, but I was excited about the 101 G9 250GB. They have not mentioned anything about the delay in their website either. SAMSUNG GALAXY 10.1 HERE I COME!!!

  • crusier

    What's all the fuss about just buy what you want to buy for now s tablet is a tablet yeah pure crap people

  • Danny

    Sice last thursday I'm having and using the 80 G9 8Mb with the 1 GHz proc. and just until now I'm quit happy with it ... Probally it is not the best but then again compared to it's price (249 Euro's in Belgium - FNAC) I'm convinced this is one of the best money can buy!
    I compared it with the ASUS (I'm a loyal ASUS fan) but the speed, weight and offcourse the price of the Archos was much better which made me decide to buy this. For using it on the train and in the sofa it's doing quit a nice job.