If you've never heard of Theft Aware, then you're missing out on one of the best anti-loss/theft solutions available for Android. It embeds itself deep into root, hides itself from the app tray, utilizes device administration privileges to the fullest, and basically makes itself undetectable, unremovable, indestructible, and unstoppable. Like I said, it's probably the most solid security app that we've ever seen.

In a blog post today, the makers of Theft Aware, ITAgents, announced that it has been been purchased by popular antivirus software company Avast. Upon first hearing the news, I was extremely worried about Theft Aware's future (we all know what happened to Wave Secure after it was bought my McAfee :S) but after hearing some reassuring words from the one of the devs of the Theft Aware project, I feel much more at ease.

We don't have a lot of details at the moment, but we can expect Avast to expand on the already amazing features of Theft Aware, while leaving its current functionality intact. As a Theft Aware user, my biggest concern was losing root support, as this is what makes TA such a strong app in the first place -- we've been told that existing functionality will not be removed, and a lot of new features will come from this acquisition.

The app will likely lose the 'Theft Aware' moniker, as well, picking up the Avast name in its place. Of course, that's not a huge deal as long as the core functionality stays the same.

We're all big fans of Theft Aware and the guys behind the project here at AP, and would like to congratulate them on this move and look forward to seeing what the future holds for this top-notch application.

[Theft Aware Blog; Avast Blog]

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Ishinder

    How would this effect their current subscribers? I bought multiple device license. Hope they will continue to honor those.

    • TheS

      same here with license.

      And changing name will be so much gay... Meh Avast don't f*ck this...

      • http://www.theftaware.com Reinhard Holzner

        hello - current subscribers will experience no change, the licenses will still be valid as before.

  • Nelson

    Yup, I buyed this amazing app and wanna keep it! Hope dont have a price upgrade...

  • http://www.gplus.to/KraigWebb xAndroidAddictX

    Yeah I bought a multidevice license as well and would be very disappointed if they don't honor current customers

  • Sean

    I'd be slightly miffed if it gets lumped with some antivirus scanning software too, such as WaveSecure.

  • Basti

    No good news... Avast on PC is crap...

    • Maverick

      In comparison to what?

      • Maverick

        In comparison to what?
        Avast does have a lot going for it and is getting better all the time.
        It ranked in the top 10 by av-comparitives and many other av review sites "actual ranking varies month to month due to detection rates, false positives, etc..", but overall it provides really decent protection.
        It's response to and detection of threats is one of the fastest around, some of it's competitors "such as AVG" often can't intercept the event fast enough to contain infection and prevent it from infecting your machine.
        Its console and controll calls are not run from a pimped out internet explorer session "ahem! Norton". This has been one of Norton's major fallbacks for many years. Many virus and malware attacks against norton use this to effectively disable norton's antivirus or even firewall protection. Leave it to Microsoft to create one of the most insecure and widely exploited web browsers and scripting enviroments "ActiveX" out there.
        Avast also apears to run natively as a 64bit process on 64bit versions of windows, so that helps protect its own services and to have faster access to process memory for detection.
        I agree that avast's default settings need to be bumped up for decent protection, but after you turn it all up, it does very well. It detects most viruses and common forms of malware. They are currently trying to improve the detection of other forms of malware and spyware, but this wasn't the scope of the program when it was originally designed.
        In my opinion Avast! Internet Security and a copy of Malware Bytes AntiMalware should provide you with almost all the protection that you could want.
        Just my opinion, check out av-comparitives.org and google other review sites. Avast! Has a few faults just like any other solution out there, but as far as overall protection and the other things that it offers, it's hard to beat.

        • XyZ

          Ya ya, when I was researching crypting and malware things, the easiest to fool was Avast, Kaspersky was harder a lot and NOD32 same as Kaspersky. Also some other engines of this av's doing good job.

          Avast is crappy product and they are spamming interwebz with this.

          End of topic.

  • Jai Bar

    "It embeds itself deep into root, hides itself from the app tray, utilizes device administration privileges to the fullest, and basically makes itself undetectable, unremovable, indestructible, and unstoppable. Like I said, it's probably the most solid security app that we've ever seen."

    Wow, so many superlatives- but come on- are you so sure it is so unremovable, indesctructible and unstoppable???

    Are you using this application?? If yes, put yourself on the role of a phone thief for a few minutes and bear on with me- it is really easy to beat this app...

    So, lets assume you have just stolen your own phone. You are not sure if it has Theft Aware installed, but being a good thief as you are, you suspect it may have some "unstoppable anti theft" thing installed...

    Right, so what do you do? Turn off the stolen phone for a while, REMOVE the sim card from the phone with the "unstoppable app", put it in ANY OTHER cellphone- for example in my grandmom's phone (thieves usually will have quite a lot of phones they just might keep for occasions like this one :-) ).

    Now, take the role of the original phone owner, who's phone was just stolen, and send an sms to lock/locate/whatever command to your stolen phone. For example, your phone number was 007, and your "unstoppable" app's code was 123 so you send an sms to 007 containing the text "123 lock" (or "update" or whatever)...

    So what? Ah, yes, the sms arrives to the thieve's phone, the one without any "unstoppable" thing installed.

    Guess what? The thief just got an sms from you, telling him the password he needs to just disable this "unstoppable" application. Now the thief puts whatever sim he likes on the stolen phone, turns it on, uses the code he got by sms from owner and unlocks the phone.. Wow, that was tough!!

    How long does it take to beat the "unstoppable app"? Five minutes?

    Want a few other methods?

    A sophisticated thief- flash a new ROM whatsoever- good bye "unstoppable" thing.

    A non sophisticated user (the one without any security pin/pattern or one who uses "1234")- the thief goes to "settings\location and security\select device administrators" and unchecks the "unstoppable" thing. Good bye protection.

    There are dozens of other ways to completely remove this "undesctructible" application- hooking it on usb cable and removing from system via adb commands, via recovery etc etc.