Until  recently, Amazon's Appstore for Android has been the only game in town when it comes to (legally) obtaining paid apps for free. Getjar has changed that, however, by beginning the Getjar Gold Program which offers an entire catalogue of paid apps absolutely free and without ads. It would seem that Getjar's new program is a huge success, at least in the case of one development company.

Mobisoft, developers of Imperio RDP remote desktop client, released a press statement recently reporting on the company's experience thus far with Getjar Gold, boasting "three times the revenue" in its first week as part of the program over revenue generated by the Android Market.


Chris Drury, Getjar COO, expressed his enthusiasm regarding Imperio's successful experience with the program. "GetJar Gold was designed to meet everyone's needs: consumers get a great deal and developers get paid. We are thrilled to see the user and revenue growth for Imperio, as it shows that GetJar Gold is a superior model for the industry."

Getjar, the popular market alternative, benefits users, developers, and their own revenue with its Gold program, offering high-quality, ad-free apps for users, per-diem payment for developers who offer their apps for free, and an adsense-like system of revenue generation in which other developers bid on per-install prices for installs generated by sponsored listings.

This success story makes Getjar's Gold program all the more appealing, proving that their innovative model is actually working for all parties involved. As the program progresses, it will be interesting to hear more reactions from developers and representatives of Getjar regarding the effectiveness of the bold new program.

Source: PRWeb

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  • Wam31

    I downloaded Switkey X on GetJar for Free several weeks ago ! And it works well !
    Very nice to see paid apps on the market for free on getjar.

    2 drawbacks though :

    - No market link. Market link is broken so you won't see it in your apps list, so no updates...

    - the apk from GetJar was previously downloaded in your download folder, which was great because I could back it up or install later, re-install after uninstall, etc...
    But I just downloaded Beautiful Widgets (which is free on GetJar !!!) and not only you can't download it anymore from the browser (tells you you have to dl the GetJar app) but the [eventually] downloaded APK is nowhere to be found on the phone !!!

    Overall, some good stuff comes out of GetJar, but a big step back have been made according to me.

    • Brad

      You can backup the apk with Titanium BackUp after the install

  • jim

    Wish they'd include what version of an app is when you go to install it

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    I wish they supported proper updating techniques. Without it and knowing you can even get the latest version in the future, it's just like an unlimited trial service where every app is fully unlocked but maybe not updatable. Kind of reminds me of downloading cracked versions of apps, but legally. :(

    • IamBeast

      How do you update your apps to begin with o.O? Every time I click on the "My Apps" tab, it tells me to log into facebook to see what my friends are downloading..?

    • IamBeast

      Ah...I get it now. Someone on XDA stated that they give it to you for free but if you want it updated, you need to buy the app from the Android Market. I see how it works now. So you're right, Artem. It's like downloading the cracked version, only legally.