It's a bittersweet feeling when one of the most revolutionary devices to hit the market ends up on a carrier's EOL (End of Life) list. While it's generally realized that the device itself is old hat, its retirement indicates that newer, better, and more powerful devices are upon us.

This is the case for one of Android's most celebrated success stories: the HTC EVO 4G. According an internal Sprint document obtained by SprintFeed, the white variant of the EVO 4G will meet its demise at the end of this week, while the black one will hang on for just a while longer -- at least until the first part of October.


The EVO 4G revolutionized Android and how the world sees it. It was the first Android device to pack now-standard features, such as a 4.3-inch display and a front facing camera. When the iPhone 4 was released, the EVO was the Android badass put on the front lines to do battle. It is with great humility that we lay this phone to rest, sending it off to join other Android greats such as the Motorola Droid and the G1.

Also joining the EVO on Sprint's deathlist is the Kyocera Echo, the dual-screened oddity that was viewed as more of a novelty than a relevant handset in the Android space. The fact that the Echo has only been out for five months is a pretty good indicator as to how well it was (not) received by the Android community, so its entry on this list isn't much of a shocker.

The Echo will see its last days alongside the black EVO 4G in "early October."

[via SprintFeed]

Cameron Summerson
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  • mastermind26

    So. Looking at my EVO and comparing it to today's newer phones. It is considered "old". :(

    I've seen the SGSII and I must say, it is nice...wish I could (afford an) upgrade.

    • mastermind26

      Delete that last sentence. I'll just wait for whatever flagship Sprint will have a year from now.

  • Mr. Fuzzy Boots

    My EVO still kicks ass. I'm not yet ready to let go.

    • http://www.facebook.com/avmachine Alex V

      I feel the same way!

  • Simon Belmont

    My wife got her Sprint HTC EVO 4G in July and she absolutely loves it. She could not be happier, although rooting and ROM flashing will come shortly to her handset and she's interested in that too. ;)

    She came from a Sprint Palm Pre, and the battery life is much better, as well as the app selection, screen size, and general quality. It is a winner of a handset and I will shed a tear for its demise. :(

  • Matt

    When I take my EVO out of its case it still looks brand new.

  • RMC

    Wife & I are still rockin' our EVOs since 7 days after its debut. No chance of moving on for quite some time, we both love 'em.

    I'm rooted, sporting the awesome OFMGB ROM with iKaNDee CM7 (paid) theme and kickin it with a 32GB class 10 microSD!

    Looking forward to see what's coming in late 2012, but may wait even longer to upgrade.



    • squiddy20

      See comments below.

  • Ezcyclone

    What exactly does this mean for EVO owners? I mean mine still works great and I use it so much, all the features. Will some stop working?

    • Cameron Summerson

      Nah, it just means that Sprint is going to stop selling it.

      • Ezcyclone

        What about replacement, if god forbid my phone gets crushed, do I still get an EVO as the replacement? Also I take it the EVO 3d is still viable, but it's ugly compared to the EVO.

        • squiddy20

          If you happen to break to your phone or something goes wrong, it's still possible to get a new Evo 4G, even after it's been EOL'd. They have stockpiles of all their phones everywhere. Case in point: my current phone is a Samsung Moment. It was EOL'd around December of last year *I think*. But I can still walk in to a Sprint store and get a replacement shipped to me. Although at this point, they'd probably take pity on me and upgrade me to some newer phone. :P

  • bk w/ bloody sauce

    I put my EVO down this week :( but a stray EPIC appeared in my hand and it needs love :)

    • http://N/A ApexPredat0r

      Mine will be put down in a week and can't wait to get my grubby paws on a Photon :D

  • Mechajabber

    Oddity it may be, but I love my Echo. Will this elevate it to cult classic phone for the eccentric gentleman about town? I hope so.

  • Michael

    Wasn't the Samsung Epic 4G going to be EOL'd too?

  • AproSamurai

    It was going to be but it was oddly taken off, I honestly have no idea what that could mean for the Epic.

  • Theuz

    I don't know what or how will be the new phone but know for sure wont be close to HTC EVO. At lease not now.