The carriers continue screwing us in lockstep. Sprint is once again making its service less appealing (and more in line with the rest of the quadopoly) by putting a 5GB cap on its Mobile Hotspot plans. As always with capped data, overage fees are now here to keep you up at night. Going over the 5GB cap will tack 5¢ per MB onto your bill, which means the homepage of AP is going to cost you around $0.30. We're like an old timey newspaper.

As for right now, this won't affect regular mobile data (it strictly applies to mobile hotspot), but perhaps they're saving that announcement for later. If you're feeling bummed and need to vent, a public shaming might lift your spirits a bit. Oh, and check out the last bullet point in the flyer: 'Existing Customers will be migrated to the new 5GB plan.' That's right, you can't be grandfathered in.

The restrictions kick in October 2nd. Enjoy!

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Ron Amadeo
Ron loves everything related to technology, design, and Google. He always wants to talk about "the big picture" and what's next for Android, and he's not afraid to get knee-deep in an APK for some details. Expect a good eye for detail, lots of research, and some lamenting about how something isn't designed well enough.
  • Collin

    This is starting to. Get old real quick... Record profits every year and carriers say the "infrastructure can't handle the load"... Corporate greed at its finest.

    • http://thenoisecast.com ocentertainment

      Sprint is *not* one of the carriers pulling in record profits. They're actually struggling pretty hard to hold a third place position while the only major carrier they're beating might just get swallowed up by one of the two behemoths.

      AT&T and Verizon control two-thirds of the market in the U.S. Sprint, despite their distant third position is the biggest carrier still even trying to hold on to unlimited data.

      I'm not sure why Sprint is doing this. It's not the only feature they've killed off to save money. But "greed" is hardly the reason.

      Sprint really doesn't have enough infrastructure, and they're not posting "record profits". Fair to be upset, but at least cut them what slack they deserve. They may very well be the only line of defense we have against the duopoly soon.

      • Collin

        Take a look at the north American telco map... They aren't the just a cell phone carrier and they sure as hell aren't hurting that bad... But i will agree there cell division is sucking

  • Denny

    ...and so it begins.

    • Collin

      Oh we all knew it was going to happen... It was just a question of when

  • TheNinja

    Makes me feel less guilty about being rooted and getting hotspot for free. And no, I have never gone anywhere near 5gb in a month.

  • http://www.designsreview.com/ Designsreview

    Oh Boy! Sprint was one of the last companies offering unlimited Broadband. This signals the end of free communication and information transfer. Wake up Uncle Sam.

  • ZRod

    People are blowing this out of proportion. 3G for hotspot always had a 5GB cap, 4G is just now included. Besides it's still half the price of separate hotspots.

    • gholie

      "The 10 dollar fee removed the cap" for the hot spot see complaints from 10 premium data fee and I know it sounds stupid when you have to pay the 29 for the hotspot, but that was one of Sprints excuses along with the kickstand and wicked fast processor on the Evo.

  • NCX

    actually better than the top 2 carriers, they only offer 2gb hotspot.

    but this is definitely pointing to the end of unlimited data for Sprint as well, you guys can blame the iPhone, it did the same thing to us on Verizon. You can't ignore the signs.

  • Duffin

    Jesus Christ! $50 per extra GB?! I know it's just mobile hotspot, but that's just ridiculous! What is this, 1996? Just stupid. Only a matter of time before this happens to the phone data as well. If Sprint thinks they're hurting for customers now, just wait until their only leverage is gone (truly unlimited data).

  • http://fyeahkid.tumblr.com Manny

    I love my Evo 4g (rooted) but idk if i'm going to stay with sprint i was thinking of getting the Photon but screw this i work for US CELL i think i might be switching to the Electrify and theres no extra charge for smartphones and not to mention better 3g speeds

  • bob

    One of the few reasons I have stayed with Sprint is now a MAJOR reason for me leaving. Sorry Sprint. You suck.

  • wackadroid

    This is outrageous! At what point do we the customers get something of value from sprint. For the past month I've been eating your shit with the loss of yearly upgrades, increaed ETF, and now data restrictions. Stop crying me a river with your expenses and 3rd in the industry BS, that's not MY problem. Stop screwing us when we are in a contract, since you changed it can I now just cancel my contract with no eTF? Didn't think so.

    • ric

      actually anytime they change the contract you have a certain amount of time to get out of it without an early termination fee.

  • erik

    Geez, but you do realize.. they're service provides you can call them, or go, to a website.. sign in/out.. after the minutes you use.. with your phone;-- as as hotspot.. maybe this is new info.. but ..just. ask,.. its true.. otherwise the $29.99 for the month.. it is true.. which is awesome.. (go find out!)