Looks like the just-released Samsung Epic 4G Touch is dealing with a few new-device hiccups. Both issues are relatively minor, but are noticeable (and annoying) nonetheless.

For starters, the calendar app may (or may not) force close when multiple events are dismissed at the same time. Secondly, if you're using 4G hotspot and take a phone call, it will kill the 4G connection. Of course, you can easily just re-enable the service at the end of the phone conversation, so it's only a minor inconvenience.

Sammy is aware of both issues and is currently working on a fix.


Similarly, owners of the LG Optimus S on Sprint who accepted the recent LS670VH update were also in for a bit of a surprise: it broke predictive text when using the Android keyboard. In all reality it actually deleted the predictive text database completely, but fortunately Sprint and LG are aware of the issue, and LG is currently working on a fix.

Update: From the look of it, this isn't the only issue with the Optimus S post-update. Hopefully LG is working on a fix for all of the issues.

Until then, Sprint is recommending users to switch to the included Skype keyboard, but any aftermarket keyboard should do the trick until LG is able to deliver a fix.

Thanks, Captain Anonymous!

Cameron Summerson
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  • RBI411

    I've also read around and it seems like some people are having some overheating issues. Maybe not the holy grail after all.

  • angst911

    I'm also hearing about people having complete loss of service issues

  • wraedeohed

    Anyone know where I can find a decent case for this phone?

    • Brandon

      I just ordered a nice one from amazon, they have some decent cases. Sprint also has a case with a kickstand on their website.

      • wraedeohed

        Did you get one of those TCU cases, I've really been diggin those laterly, minimal case, but great protection.

  • Brandon

    Left behind my evo 3d for this bad boy. I'm very pleased! Don't think I'll ever go back to a smaller screen.

  • Mat

    I have the SGS2 and some of the things I've noticed are, browser never remembers the brightness level it was set at and if you select auto in the browser it changes it for the whole device, in which case why have two separate controls? GPS lock times aren't great, neither is the wifi reception compared to my ancient iphone 3G it replaced.
    refuses to be used if battery is under 15%
    did also experienced

  • Mat

    Sorry... camera can't be used under 15% and had a few overheating shut downs when the phone was just sitting in my pocket not being used. Those are my complaints so far but ask and all

  • ell

    and this folks is the EXACT reason why I won't buy a phone on first day. Or pre-order. WAIT for the reviews and problems. ATT Galaxy S2 the Samsung Captivate is looking RIGHT at you kid.

    • Eddy

      But u miss out on the fun of getting it before any of ur friends even hear about it

  • boe

    Biggest issue for me is that voicemail will not play on Bluetooth headset. Worked fine on my old android 2.3.4 phone, not sure why it wouldn't work on the Samsung.

  • Abdi

    Got this phone after all the praising Artem did. Really like it. Best screen I have seen on a phone
    One thing that is buggin me or weird is the screen dims before timing out, or just dims for no reason. Anyone else seen this? is it because of 'auto brightness'?
    Also after reading the above i see now that yes, the phone definitely does not do somethings when the battery is blow a certain percentage. Lastly, I think my general reception is not as good as the Photon's. But, with all that said I'd still take this big beautiful screen over anything.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      The dimming doesn't bug me at all, I'm not even sure why that's an issue. I don't think it's auto brightness, and auto brightness was kind of bugging me at first, but now I learned to live with it (substantial power savings).

      My reception is very good, but if I do lose it (in a tunnel), sometimes it doesn't come back for a while, and there doesn't seem to be a way to give it a kick (maybe toggle airplane mode) - on HTC phones, you can just press any button on the dialer to try again.

      • Abdi

        Thanks Artem...
        The dimming thing is not happening anymore, I don't know what it was, but maybe it was during the time my battery was low yesterday... (it's my second day with the phone). My reception is not bad, nothing like the Nexus S 4g, I should at least give it a week before complaining :).
        This phone rocks. It's 4:30pm, Not a heavy use day, with 4G on all day the battery is at %75. One more thing I gotta mention, One really plus size of the screen resolution is the size of the keys on the keyboard. I have used Swiftkey for a long time now. and it is by far the easiest to use on this phone.

  • boe

    So will this phone be upgradable to EVDO Rev. B? Lots of assumption going on both ways that it won't or it will. Samsung support wouldn't give me an answer either way.

  • Shelby rodriguez

    I have a situation with my epic 4g touch, it seems to over heat really badly the top half of the phone. but im not even multitasking or anything all i am basicly doing is maybe checking facebook, on youtube. or just browsing the web. and i seem to get no signal in the 2nd floor of my school and my friend gets full bars from her mytouch from t-mobile.. :/ very dissapointed with the overheating and signal strength for its price and it being cinsidered the best, speed wise its fast. whats the point if you have to be on a roof to get 3 bars...? and play hot potato when your on your phone for more then 30minutes....

  • funvirginian

    I was using 'safe backup' for android to backup all my files wirelessly over wifi. I really didn't have that much to backup except software apps which were about 2 gigabytes.

    It took a long time even over 80 211.n even with a great connection. I did have other applications, nothing too CPU taxing running in the background. Turning off safe backup did cool down the phone quickly.

    But that was not the real problem

    I was using the new samsung galaxy s2 by sprint or better known as the epic touch 4g. The battery so hot after about half hour to an hour the alarm went off and after inspecting it,it has (sill after 4 days) a strong odor of burnt electronics. You could also see on the back where under the battery and on top near the connection plastic got too hot and changed colors slightly. After this the wifi and normal cellular data download performed exponentially reduce speeds.

    When I try to return it they tried to charge me a 35 dollar restocking fee but later change their minds.

    Ok really think this is a fire hazard for sprint galaxy s 2 in the current rom release as of the date of this posting. It could be an entirely different defect as well.

    It's the cellular for wifi chips are enabled and in constant use such is a safe backup backing up all your files, while the battery is charging, at least with the specific model make and unit I owned was a fire hazard my personal opinion.

    I must wonder how many other units may have this dangerous defect.

    I am now on at&t but I refuse to try out safe back up again.. it's anyone else wants to maximize the use of the phone doing wifi and charging let me know your results. I had many programs do notifications also. Yes I am a power user. But that's not called my phone electronics to burn out. I really wonder if this is sprint only defect or on at&t and other networks.

    The sprint store seemed very tight lipped at the time.

    I really would like some answers to see if my at&t phone is okay, or if samsung for the carriers are aware of the problem.

    The phone was on my bed and it could easily caught fire if samsung sprint temperature alarm hadnt shut off the phone. The burnt out electronics seems to be the only casualty this time. Thank God.

    If they had such alarm it should be set lower. Electronics should not burn out. The choice of cellular and wifi chips should not make the processor or the battery or other electronic components overheat.

    From reading other forums this seems to be a common problem with it samsung phones overheating with the galaxy s 2.

    This should be the number 1 thing samsung fixes and addresses publicly. If they cannot come up with a fix they should be responsible enough to recall all the units affected. This cannot wait Samsung. I for 1 will be writing my congressmen.


  • Reginald

    I too have been having an issue with overheating… so much so that I keep and Ziploc back of sugar in the freezer to place the phone on when it is charging from the wall… Other than that(and that’s a big THAT) I love the phone. Large screen, hella fast and awesomely quick downloads. I do miss my calendar widget that would allow me to scroll to previous and up-coming months on my Evo 4G… But all in all, it’s a great get! Just don’t want it to burn my house down charging it!

  • Benjamin

    I've noticed 3 issues, as opposed to "annoyances". Both my wife & I got the Sprint S2 Epic Touch 4G.

    1) My wife's phone keeps shutting off and back on. It's been a week since we got the phone, and now it's unusable because it will keep doing this repeatedly. And I don't mean it would stay on and then randomly turn off, it will just continuously turn off & on. I'm thinking this is a lemon issue, not a bug.
    2) I use pattern lock, and there have been times when it would go haywire when I try to unlock. I would have to turn the phone off, wait a while, and then turn it back on. Has happened a couple time (remember I've had the phone for a week).
    3) When I plug it in, I have been getting a "Will abort charge because battery is too hot" (paraphrase) message. But the battery - and phone - is not hot at all.

    Has anyone else had these issues?