Last Updated: November 23rd, 2011

While Samsung may have promptly released the kernel source code for Sprint's Epic 4G Touch on release day, it has gone one step further with AT&T's variant and already uploaded the code to its Open Source Release Center. AT&T just announced the launch date of October 2nd this morning, so this makes the code available nearly two weeks before the phone.

Hit the link below to download.

Samsung Galaxy S II (AT&T) Kernel Source Code

Cameron Summerson
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  • Colonel Panic

    And yet, HTC can't release source within three months of release (if at all). Clearly they need to take some pointers from Samsung on, you know, respecting the damn GPL!

  • Subramanyam Mishra

    Could u please provide me the links for downloading nearest kernel insecure and secure kernel both.

    Baseband version is I9100XXKG5