Last Updated: September 24th, 2011

Last night, I sent out a message from our social accounts praising the Epic 4G Touch's boot times. They amazed me as soon as I turned this Galaxy S II Sprint variant for the first time last Friday and haven't ceased to amaze me ever since. I have loaded up all the same apps and then some compared to any of my other phones, and still - the Epic 4G Touch blazes by the competition like no other device I've seen.

I promised you guys a video comparing the boot times of E4GT with the EVO 4G. Sure, that didn't sound like a fair fight, but that wasn't my point - I wanted to show the current EVO 4G owners (and other year+ old devices) how far technology has advanced in that year+.

But fair enough - to even out the brawl, I've also thrown in the more recent HTC Thunderbolt and the dual-core EVO 3D running at comparable 1.2GHz clock speeds. Let's see how they do, shall we?


The setup:

  • Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (see our review), unrooted, running stock, filled with more apps than any of the other three devices. It also has an external SD card full of music, which causes the media scanner to run for a bit.
  • HTC EVO 3D (see our review), unrooted, running stock. This is the wife's phone, so it has maybe 1/4 of the amount of apps compared to the E4GT.
  • HTC EVO 4G, rooted, running CM7. It has about the same number of apps compared to the E4GT - this is my previous device that I upgraded from (and so glad I did).
  • HTC Thunderbolt (see our review), unrooted, running bare stock with maybe 1-2 apps installed.

For the purposes of this comparison, I considered the boot process done as soon as I saw the welcome/home/unlock screen. Let's get to it, shall we?

P.S. If you've never seen the SGS II boot, prepare to be amazed.

P.P.S. The EVO 3D doesn't even boot 2nd. Ouch.

P.P.P.S. The EVO 4G pulled this on me constantly. It was downright infuriating, especially when I needed to restart it while navigating and wait for days for it to boot back up.

Artem Russakovskii
Artem is a die-hard Android fan, passionate tech blogger, obsessive-compulsive editor, bug hunting programmer, and the founder of Android Police.
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  • Tommy

    I remember the Original Epic having a decent boot time as well. I can't believe how long it took the Evo 3D to start being a dual-core like the ET4G

  • http://sturmen.mp sturmen

    The Evo 3D does have very long boot times. With CM7, it's actually pretty fast. That means there's no excuse for HTC's ridiculous amount of bloat. Sense is cool, but sometimes it's too much.

    • Klutch

      i agreed too i have my sensation wit CM7 and it boots up real quick so there no way u ganna tell me that HTC is slow wit that ROM

    • Ryan

      I pulled the battery on my evo3d running Cm7 and it was about a dead tie with the Epic Touch. Granted it was hard to tell exactly when you were pressing the power button.

      Either way, that is an amazing factory boot time.

  • Abhinav

    Samsung Galaxy SII \m/

  • plainbrad

    Wait! Does the notification light really work on your Epic Touch galaxy S II from Samsung with Sprint?

    I thought Samsung hated notification lights.

    • Daniel

      It's a trade off with NFC. Sprint version is the only one with notification lights but also the only one without NFC.

  • Joe

    While it is a huge difference between the phones...I don't mind my Evo 3D restarting slowly because I only do a restart when I've got time for it, so it's not a problem. If I wanted a fast boot up I'd just enable Fast Boot on it and not do battery pulls.

  • Ben

    Haha, ok, I agree it shouldn't be a design goal to extend boot times; however 4min/60days -- not so bad. I hardly ever need to boot. Which is cool in its own right, now that I think of it. :D

  • Matt

    The EVO4G takes a while to boot because CM7 is De-odexed. As in, the phone as to process all the files on boot before it loads the OS. This is done for theme application and other modding.

    The best indicator of the EVO4G boot time would be to boot a stock rooted ROM and see where that lies.

    More info:


  • http://cineblur.com Brent Pierce

    My EVO 4G doesn't take nearly that long. I'm on CM7 also. My boot-up time is about the same as the Thunderbolt was in this video.

  • JS

    Except for the S2, that was pathetic. My OG Droid running Simply Stunning 5.4, CorCor67 kernel clocked at 900Mhz was about 8 seconds slower than the Thunderbolt, with a plethora of apps installed.

  • Randy

    And people are wondering why SGS2 is winning more marketshare.
    HTC, please do something.

  • thetruth

    like bringing a knife to a gunfight. You basically had orion vs various snapdragons.

    Guess we saw who the "big boss" was

  • Jonathan

    After watching your video, I was irritated enough to bust out a stopwatch and cold-boot my EVO 4G.
    1 minute, 13 seconds.
    Rooted w/ Fresh Rom (very stock-like, with stock kernel), and chock-full of apps w/ almost no free space.
    I have no idea why your silly EVO 4G took almost 3 times that long. Probably odex verus deodex differences. Flash something else on it if the boot time irritates you.

    • Rich

      Same here. I regularly reboot my Evo 3D and my phone takes no where near as long, so I turned off fast boot, shut down the phone, pulled the battery, put it all back together and used a stopwatch to time it from pressing the power button to getting to the lockscreen.

      Time: 58 seconds

      I have over 200 apps on my phone and it still booted in under a minute. I am rooted, but otherwise completely stock.

      I will attest that when I had my Evo 4G, the boot times with CM7 were agonizingly long. So I say there are some shenanigans going on here.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        The EVO 4G is definitely behaving weird, but there are no shenanigans with the EVO 3D. It's just stock with only a few apps.

        You can't expect every phone to always load with the same speeds - there is going to be variation both up and down.

        • SK


          Did you do a clean shutdown before you pulled the battery, or did you pull the battery while the phone was running?

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          @SK The EVO 4G behaves similarly no matter how it's shut down. I don't remember if I powered down each device before battery pull. With the SGSII, it doesn't make a difference - it blazes either way.

  • Jeff

    really, the only time I reboot my phone is after I flash something or do a nandroid...so boot times on my 3D don't bother me...

  • Gekko

    No reboots Artie. What you gonna do? Pay taxes?


  • Matthew Kaufman

    Gott go with Brent Pierce here.....my Evo 4G has never taken that long to boot, running CM7 and all. Mine takes about as long as the Thunderbolt, if not faster.

  • Marco

    Not a fair comparison at all...at least when concerned to the EVO 4G...everyone knows cyanogenmod 7 takes FOREVER to boot, it zipaligns on boot, stock Sense ROM would have beat the EVO 3D lol. I have the original EVO 4G and original Epic 4G, and had the EVO 3D which went back. Sense bloat and EVO 3D ARE embarrasing though just like your video shows

  • nene150

    i want the epic touch so bad but i also want icecream sandwich update so no samsung phone for me

  • mastermind26

    Holy crap my EVO is slow to boot. It was dead slow stock and it is just slightly faster with CM7.

    But I love it.....and I can't afford any upgrade. :P

    • Marco

      For me it's always been the opposite. Cyanogen is slower only on boot, but then is WAY faster in everything else, which I think is more important since I rarely reboot my phone

      • mastermind26

        I got fed up and timed my own. A little over a minute. CM7 runs super smoothly.

  • Brian

    I think as long as you have a sub-1 minute boot time, you have nothing to complain about. The Evo 3D, when saddled with Sense, does have a ridiculously long boot time. Mine is running CM7 VAlpha 2 and boots in about 30 seconds.

    • Aaron

      My Evo 3D boots almost as fast as the Samsung in that video. I just tested it from a battery pull with "Fast boot" disabled by turning it on at the same time as he did in the video. I'm running a rooted stock rom.

      That said, I'd rather have a slow boot time than broken bluetooth, 4g, and 3d.

  • Jake Apperson

    Your boot times on your 3D suck for some reason, even when mine was stock the boot times were nowhere near that slow. Under a minute. Something is screwed with your phone!

    With it rooted and running CM7 VAlpha 2 right now I boot in about 30-40 seconds.

    • Marco

      Actually I think yours is screwed up hehe, in a good way though. I know 4 people with EVO 3Ds and they all have horrible boot times, mine had it too, which makes HTC 0 - Boot Times 5

      • Aaron

        My Evo3D boots really fast. Almost as fast as the Samsung in that video. I'm running a stock rooted rom - and, yes, I disabled "Fast boot" and did a battery pull before I tested it.

      • Jake Apperson

        Just tested it with a battery pull and stopwatch. Running the new MIUI, went from cold boot to home screen ( that is where this video claimed the finishing point to be ) in 22 seconds. With CM7 VAplha2 it was 30 or so seconds.

  • mercado79

    Something fishy about the Evo boot times. My 4g (just timed it) booted up in about 42 seconds and was finished scanning media at 1:15. Running MIUI right now, but usually run Deck's 1.3. I haven't seen boot time that slow in a long time, unless I've cleared cache and/or dalvik. I'm not saying it's fast, but definitely not so painfully slow.

  • mrsimps

    Just a note. You said the EVO 3D took over 2 minutes to boot. You turned the Evo 3D on at 1:07 and it booted by 2:43 - just over a minute and a half. Yes, it's still slow in comparison to the ridiculously fast boot up time of the SGS2, but don't make the 3D sound worse than it is. Yes, I own the 3D. I like it, not in love with it, kinda want the SGS2, but really like HTC's UI and hate Samsung's track record when it comes to updates.

  • _thalamus

    The HTC EVO3D (and Sensation for that matter) prune the dalvik cache on boot. Therefore all your user installed apps have to be processed by dexopt during boot, which is why it takes so damn long.

    I think doing that is pointless, but that is *why* it takes so long for the EVO3D to boot from a cold boot. Using fast boot it boots in a couple of seconds.

  • movein

    I have both the evo and 3d. Haven't tested the evo but I can say I've only rebooted the 3d twice since launch. My xoom is rebooted every single day almost. That sucker takes forever to boot.

  • Owain

    My Desire HD takes 38 seconds, Im running CM7 on it too, this thing rocks! :)

  • Dave

    I just booted my 3D in 47 seconds running CM. I remember how much longer it was for me when I was running stock, it was ridiculous.

  • Jason Smedley

    I just booted my 3D in around 5 seconds. Turn on fast boot. I mean most problems do not require you to remove your battery.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      If you reboot, it won't use fast boot. The only way fast boot is active is if you power down and then power back up, which doesn't actually restart apps or change anything about the phone's state. It's just hybernation - not a fair comparison.

  • Wam31

    For the record, I timed my 1,5+ year old monocore HTC Desire.
    Took less than 2 minutes to boot my de-oxed CyanogenMod 2.3.5 ROM with about 130 apps. Not so bad after all...

    Can't wait to see how the Galaxy Nexus / Prime running ICS will do !

  • A.Noid

    I guess the test here is to see if the Samsung recovers fast after crashing a lot? if you only reboot once every couple of months, this is really a pointless exercise.
    I have an HTC HD2 running Android, and a Desire HD build by Rafpigna, thats so rock stable, I only reboot it every several months. Best Android build I ever saw.

    I guess boot times are important if your phone runs like crap.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Don't forget the case of your battery dying. Or restarting because of some glitching (which doesn't happen a lot but could).

    • Al McDowall

      Good to see another HD2 recycler on here. I'm running a fairly vanilla nand build of 2.3. Mine takes 40 seconds from seeing the first white HTC screen, going through the linux startup and then getting to be able to use the phone. I hadn't timed it before, quite impressed with that speed.

      I remember when I first started running Android on the HD2, and it was all from the SD card - seemed to take ages to start.

      Now I only ever need to reboot if I have been careless with the battery and run it right down - not often. The phone runs well, is stable and fast enough to run all the apps and games I am interested in. The boot time is not a major factor for me, though I can understand that it might be for some.

  • brad

    Wait, isnt this test flawed. The battery on the 1st phone from left, has a battery low message. Meaning, that if you have the state of low battery, then the phone would only boot only necessary elements.

    Like if the power effciency or power saver was enabled, then you would get a faster boot time.

    Am I wrong here.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I have all power savings turned off (they force kick in around 5%, but the battery was higher), but I can tell you that it boots the same at full battery as well. The test was not flawed.

  • john

    I have a sensation 4g with arhd 3.6 by mike 1986 with the 1.5 GHz kernel and it boots in seconds and my scores in the benchmarks are higher than the e4Gt. Is thate phone set to fastboot. While the rest aren't?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I mentioned that all phones are cold booted - fast boot is just hybernation and doesn't help with cold boots.

  • http://facebook.com/lamarw LW

    My Evo 4G running CM7.0.3.1 took just over 2 minutes to cold boot

  • mikeymop

    Throw the Bionic and the Nexus S in the comparison

    • Drizzzle01

      I just tried with my Nexus S running BuglessPete's GPA17 ROM dated 8-30 clocked @ 800MHz and it booted at the same exact time it took the SGS II to boot ( approximately 23 seconds). I can only imagine if I through in a 1.6GHz Kernel on my phone.

  • RockinEvo

    You guys serious did they add a duo core to the Evo if not why is it in the mix, that is one of the most craziest way to show a point look how this 08 M6 destory that 99 Hyundai

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      There is nothing about the way dual-core support is implemented on Android that should make the boot that much faster. Look at the single-core Thunderbolt spank the dual-core EVO 3D.
      And I'm wondering whether you even read anything I wrote at all at this point - I've clarified why the EVO is there and why it's being compared. Of course, I didn't expect it to outperform the SGSII, that wasn't the point of this comparison.

  • pax

    I have an unlocked GS2/European version and it is quite fast when booting even faster than the one shown here.

  • http://www.tncnewscentral.com Chris Pagan

    Its funny though no boot screen animation for the Samsung Galaxy any reason why.

    • chris p

      Thats true. My coworkers epic 4g touch had the whole Sprint animation thing same as the HTC phones

  • http://www.psycho.ziggy471.com psycho_maniac_

    wow I tought the boot time on the tbolt was a long time. I'd hate to have an evo lol. SGSII FTW!!!

  • Aatif Sumar

    To be fair, CM7 RC1 takes pretty much as long as the EVO to boot up on my SGS 1 too.

  • Tee

    What's with the boot time? Unless you boot your phone every day one or more times, it's really meaningless...

    When the phone is up and running, stability and minimal battery usage are the ones that count!

  • chris ponciano

    On one hand my evo4g takes forever to load at timetable, but other times it boots quicker. I would suggest doing a clean fresh install even if your gonna have cm7 but have a fresh install on each device because you obviously did customizations and changes to several of the devices so the comparison is good but not totally accurate

  • Jimbo

    Not sure what's with your Evo 3D, but mine boots in half that time. I did it along with your video to double check.

  • creliandobi

    so..you didn't take into consideration the 'FastBoot' option that the Thunderbolt has? 7-10 second boot up time. non-rooted.
    (menu>power>Fast Boot)

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Fast Boot is hibernation - I am comparing cold boots, i.e. full restarts/battery pull/dying battery, etc.

      • Wam31

        How many times do you think you're gonna have to repeat that before people figure it out, Artem ?

        I have to say, you're patient !

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii


      • Jimbo

        I didnt use fastboot when i tested mine. i tested it also against my wifes galaxy s 2 and tho it was faster, it wasnt as bad as your test.

  • justs

    I just booted my E3D and ET4G side by side. Each is rooted and currently running stock with minimal apps. The 3D booted an average of 0.67 seconds faster than the ET4G (six attempts.)

    When I got the 3D on launch day, the speed was impressive, but the phone was not nearly spectacular enough to quell my pining for my busted OG EVO (best phone I've ever owned.) It was speedier, but somehow just felt pedestrian. There was no "brightness" to it. Everything was somehow muted, especially the photos I took with it.

    When I got my wife the ET4G, I was raging with jealousy at the vibrancy of her phone. Not just the screen, but everything about it. I have been an HTC guy for quite a while and I still think that the build quality and layout of the hardware cannot be beat, but the goodies inside have not been better than the competition since the OG EVO IMO.

    Boot times and performance aside, I am having a heck of a lot more fun with my branded SGSII in three days than I did in two months with the EVO3D.