Update 2: Just like we expected, Amazon has pulled the plug on the Appstore's international availability. No reason was given, but we already knew that the global launch was unintentional in the first place, so it makes sense.

Of all the gripes surrounding the Amazon Appstore, its lack of international availability has been among the top since its release back in March of this year. However, we're starting to hear that Big A may have quietly unleashed its third-party Android market to several countries outside of the US.

According to The Digital Reader, users in the UK, Australia, The Netherlands, and India have all successfully been able to install the Appstore and login using their existing user ID and password. It's possible that someone at Amazon pulled the trigger a little bit too early and the international Appstore isn't quite yet ready for primetime, so we've pinged our Amazon contacts to see if we can get the skinny on what's really going on here.

Update: We just received a statement from Amazon, and the word is... there is no word.

Thanks for reaching out. We have not announced any plans for international expansion.

So there you go -- they haven't announced any plans for it, but it's happening anyway. 

If you're outside the US and want to see if it works for you, go ahead and grab the Appstore download from here. Make sure to drop us a line with your location and whether or not you were able to successfully login in the comments!

[via The Digital Reader]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Roy Roney

    Its True!!
    im in the uk here and have had the app store since its release but never been able to download anything but now im able to download the free app of the day which is Box it! 2

  • DJ

    Works in Canada.

    • Tricia Tetz

      I was able to download the original app but nothing else ~ it says not available in my region. Any tricks, tip or suggestions? Thanks :)

  • HawkiesZA

    South African user here: I just DLd the free app of the day.

  • Landrovan

    Canada here. Store install. And I can download free app.
    I haven't tried paid app.

  • Gerrard

    just downloaded Boxit! 2,

  • alex luckett

    Another confirmation from the UK - am able to sign in and download apps.

  • Phillip

    Just downloaded Angry Birds:Seasons. A bit slow downloading, but I got it. From Ireland.

  • http://www.gigitsu.com GigiAUT

    Successfully logged in from Austria :)

    Now to see if I can download

  • http://www.twitter.com/standateeze Aashrey

    Works for me :) I'm using it from India

  • Haz

    Looks like its working for the rest of humanity! FINALLY!

  • Christian

    apparently it works in Denmark too

  • http://androizi.ro Bogdan

    Working from Romania as well, successfully downloaded the free app of the day.

  • http://www.torikomix.pl Tori

    Poland reporting in! "Box It! 2" downloading now!

  • http://www.gigitsu.com GigiAUT

    Ok working with the download now. Gotta enter in your credit card details for the 1-click purchase to work. YAY!

  • Lev

    I was able to "purchase" a free app of the day using both the app and the website. I am from Israel.

  • asahi

    Working in Czech republic.

    • Denis

      that's weird.. i just tried and got the not yet available. guess my phone's messed up

  • http://myportableworld.com Vinu

    It's working fine from India. I'm able to download the free apps. I haven't tried paid apps yet.

    • Digvijay

      Its not working for me I am trying it out of india....... can anyone help

  • Bogdan

    works in Romania

  • Yod-b

    works in Hungary also. in the past i was unable to dl app of the day, now it worked like a charm. i think EU is in altogether, since UK, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria was also in..

  • Guybrush

    Germany ... 10 Points .. it works ...

  • pz

    Logged in and successfully downloaded the free app of the day: Box It! 2. This means it works in Germany (Vodafone).

  • Am

    Malaysia reporting in...... Thanks androidpolice... And amazon

  • Stephen

    I'm in the UK and its working no problem.

  • http://www.the-digital-reader.com/2011/09/19/amazon-appstore-expands-to-australia-elsewhere/ Nate

    Thanks for listing where you it works, guys!

    I was going to build a list of countries where it worked, but at this point it works pretty much everywhere.

  • Ales

    Works in Switzerland. :-)

  • Basti

    Amazon-Mail-Support is known to be dumb sometimes... they just don't announce it officially because they are afraid of a meltdown of their servers...

  • Abhigyan

    Working in India on Airtel. Just got BoxIt 2!

  • Aghnaar

    Succesfully launched in France

  • Brad

    works on Guatemala, Central America

  • Tschutora

    Somehow i can't download Apps, it keeps telling me to add a payment method to my 1-click settings...i already did that but the store seems to dislike my banking data or you still need a credit card, not sure where the problem is, Base Germany.

    • Cameron Summerson

      My wife had a similar problem after the Gingerbread update on her Droid X. Try going into Settings > Applications > Manage Applications and clearing data.

      After that, you'll have to login once more, but the app will be forced to re-pull the data from your Amazon account, and that should fix the issue.

      • Tschutora

        Just found the problem, somehow the mobile and the regular Amazon-page are displaying different settings, it seems that you have to register a Credit card to purchase Apps, apparently a German banking account isn't a valid option^^

  • Roman

    Works in México.

  • Edward

    Works perfectly in The Netherlands.

  • L boogie

    It's amazing that so many commenters from various regions around the world are launching/ using the apps yet Amazon is not officially ready to announce/ launch the appstore. Server overload/ breakdown aside, what's the holdup?

  • http://pitris.net PiTRiS

    czech republic - working just fine :)

  • Marcelo

    Portugal can play too! :P

  • http://makingmoneywithandroid.com/ David Webb

    Not working for me in Australia. I can log in ok, but when I try to download an app it says "the Amazon Appstore is not available for your region"

  • Joel Joseph

    Not working for me in New Zealand. I can log in , but when I try to download an app it says "the Amazon Appstore is not available for your region"

  • Landrovan

    Was working for me this morning in Canada, but now I got the message: "the Amazon Appstore is not available for your region"

  • Abhishek

    Confirmed - Working in India (Airtel Network)

    DHD with Android 2.3.5 running ARHD 6.1.0 by mike.

  • hs

    Not working for me in Norway.

  • suthee

    nope, not working in Thailand

  • David w

    UK on a Desire HD.

    Not yet available in my country apparently.

    I wonder what the criteria is for getting this working.

  • Mak

    It still doesn't work in Vietnam. maybe next time :D

  • David

    Worked part of the weekend and most of today in Canada, but now it is no longer working. I guess a mistake was made and they worked hard to stop it.

  • sergiu

    not working in China. Apparently they disabled it everywhere but the US again.

  • Sanket

    Not working for me in India , Says not available in your region.

  • Denis

    not working in the czech republic.. guess i missed it, damn

  • Denny

    Nigeria here and not working. :(

  • Külli

    Was working yesterday evening in Estonia, but not anymore... :(

  • Bharath Yadav

    Yesterday it was working but today it is showing "Appstore not available in your region"... tried on LG Optimus One P500 and ASUS Transformer TF101 Tablet... INDIA

  • http://netzleben.wordpress.com netzleben

    Germany: "Not in your region" (eplus/base network)

  • Darren

    I'm in the UK and it worked on the 19th, downloaded Box It 2 with no problems. Now on the 20th it just says 'not available for your region'. :-(

  • Abhigyan Banerjee

    No longer working in India. Was working last night IST, when I got Box 2 over Airtel.

  • Peter

    Not working any more for me. Must be part of some Amazon master plan to generate bad will.

  • SA_Guy

    It was working in South Africa this morning but no longer the case in the afternoon

  • xenx

    worked for me in the Uk yesterday but today it doesn't work, lol same account, same set up, no reboot or anything but today it wont work I downloaded about 8 app yesterday and they still show in the my app section but can't download any more it now says not available in your region

  • daniel

    It worked in Hungary yesterday but not anymore. Damn!

  • Fuu

    The Amazon Appstore for Android is not yet available for your region

  • hkb

    I m from UAE... i installed the amazon app but What is this 1-click? i cant install any apps from the store.
    i entered my mobile number, still cant get the free app.

    is the credit card info necessary??

    • Naomi

      Yes, the credit card info is necessary with Amazon. They're a very reliable/secure company, so no worries.

      1-click is a function that allows you to make purchases with one click, basically. It can be turned off in your settings if you don't like that option. I didn't.

      • hkb

        thx for replying, i dont think i will use it, amazon doesnt sell slideIT keyboard nor does the android market app supports my carrier yet.
        not to mention, the slideit website is blocked here, so no way of getting it directly.

  • Matteo

    I was able to download CamScanner in Italy but it doesn't work anymore since yesterday... :(

  • prabhakar

    I can install the app store.. But not able to download games... Error pops up saying app store is not available for the region... India

  • Hary Ayala

    i have always been able to installa nd login, but it's never worked beofer, until 3 days ago it worked in Guatemala, it's not working anymore tho...

  • Zomby

    Etiher they're getting ready for the launch of their tablet and flipped the switch too early, or it was just a mistake and their upcoming tablet will still be us-bound.

  • Mikhail

    Doesn't work in Russia

  • paltry

    works in india.

  • Cossack

    Been able to login and download free app since release until about 2 days ago, now says unavailable. In the UK.

  • rageheart

    Not working in Philippines. Tried it on my SGS2

  • JeMoeder

    Not available in region anymore (The Netherlands)...

  • Carlos

    Not working in Dominican Republic :(

  • Freddy

    Doesn't work from Chile

    • Coni

      Yep, not working from Chile. Therefore, I have a useless Kindle Fire!! Does anyone know how to download apps to a Kindle Fire?

  • kyuu

    Not working in Canada (with Kindle Fire)

  • yu

    doesnt work in singapore

  • val000

    Can't download app here in france :(

  • Jenkay

    Cannot download app here in philippines. what to do with the kindle fire? :(

  • Ash

    Not working in Canada! Used on galaxy nexus