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The Hulu Plus app for Android has just been updated to v1.0.139 and adds support for 9 new devices:

  • HTC Incredible 2
  • HTC EVO 3D
  • HTC Sensation
  • Motorola Droid 3
  • Motorola Bionic
  • Motorola X2
  • LG Revolution
  • LG G2x
  • HTC Flyer

The only other change that's listed is "Improved playback performance." A small update, but significant for the devices it adds.

Here's to hoping that they continue to add devices at a healthy clip!

What's in this version:

  1. Improved playback performance
  2. Added support for 8 additional handsets: HTC Incredible 2, HTC Evo 3D, HTC Sensation, Motorola Droid 3, Motorola Bionic, Motorola X2, LG Revolution, LG G2X
  3. Added support for 1 additional tablet: HTC Flyer

[Source: Android Market]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • http://anasqtiesh.com Anas

    I don't get why neither Netflix nor Hulu+ officially support any of the top 5 Android tablets on the market. What's up with that?

    Can we get support for the: Asus Transformer, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Acer Iconia 500, Motorola Xoom, Toshiba Thrive, etc. please?

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/113531415437983740096 Arleen Boyd

    Can you please tell them to add the Samsung Charge android to their list! =)

  • Zack

    Still no tab support....COME ON!!

  • RockingmyEvo3D

    This is a great addition that I will take advantage of right away. I already have netflix whch as been great on my evo 3d and I also have every other media related application on my device as well. Content is king on this dualcore monster and I love it..

  • chrisalb

    Who would ever want to use a tab with Hulu or Netflex........ Dah. Come on guys. Its the perfect medium for your product.

  • henjo

    netflix works on my un-rooted acer iconia a500, thanks to xda developers. check out the forums you'll find the link.

  • kong

    will this work for the evo design? i want to change services and get the design and take advantage of hulu plus, but not sure it'll work for it or not

  • jim

    When will this be available for tablets????