If you've been searching for some green 3" vinyl plastic Android figurines, look no further: Karen Deals is selling them for $6.95 plus $2.98 for shipping, or $9.93 shipped - the lowest price we've seen. The toys are officially licensed by Google and created by artist Andrew bell, and have moving arms and swivel heads. At just under $10, certainly not a bad deal for Android lovers.

andy_fig_3 andy_fig_2

[Source: Karen Deals via Fat Wallet]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Matt

    in for 3! sweet!!!

  • Danny

    Is that website trusted? I am dying to buy one...

  • Matt

    amazon handles the payment information. even the order is shown on your amazon account orders. seems pretty safe to me.

    • Danny

      Thank you Matt. Really appreciate your response. :)

  • zenitraM

    Well, Focalprice has them for $4.48 shipped, so I guess it's not much of a deal.


  • zenitraM

    They're $4.48, free shipping, on Focalprice...

    (Antispam seems to don't let me put the link, but google it. I've bought from them several times, they're legit. Expect some slow shipping from China, though)

    • ChumbleSpuzz

      FYI, the item on Focalprice is a knock-off. I have both (bought after owning the original). Small differences, like "ANDROID" engraved on the front vs back side. I know some people don't care about such things, but try to support the original artist (Andrew Bell at deadzebra.com) if you can.

  • demus

    I've been collecting these cute little andy flash drives from china ;bought on ebay.
    Just search android flash drives ;check it out.

  • James

    Damn. Out of stock already, was looking to see if they ship to UK. Oh well.

  • Hussain Al-Khalaf

    Out of stock !!, BTW, how big are these things ?