It has only been a  couple of days since Samsung released the source code for the Epic 4G Touch and it looks like the device has already been rooted. Developers Shabbypenguin and Tanimn of Android Creative Syndicate (ACS) have released a pre-rooted tar file and instructions (XDA link) on how to root the shiny new phone. Similarly, XDA member zedomax has also released his method of rooting the device. Both methods are broadly the same, but zedomax's build appears to be more complete (see below).

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ACS's Method

ACS's rooted package is still in the early stages of development and while data (3G and WiFi) is working without any issues, the device has no haptic feedback.


We have not provided the necessary download links in this article, head over to the ACS forum post to grab the relevant files.

The instructions provided on the ACS forum post are quite comprehensive and easy to follow. Just make sure you have Samsung Kies which will install the necessary drivers for your PC to properly recognize the Epic 4G Touch.

    1. Download Odin 1.85
    2. Download the Pre-rooted tar from the link below
    3. Extract Odin and the Victory PIT file somewhere on your PC
    4. Open Odin3 V1.85 and on the left side ONLY have AUTO reboot checked (VERY IMPORTANT)
    5. Press the PIT button and navigate to the*Epic touch pit file and select it.
    6. Check the PDA slot and then press the PDA button and navigate to the Tar file and select it
    7. Now power off your Epic Touch
    8. Once fully powered off, press and hold volume down, home key, and power button at the SAME time.*This will take you into Odin mode.
    9. Plug your phone into your PC
    10. You should see COM# (the number doesn't matter) in the ID:COM box
    11. Press start and let it run through the process!*
    12. You are now rooted! Enjoy!


If the instructions are not clear enough, there is also a helpful video walkthrough:

Install ClockworkMod Recovery

Apparently, XDA member Bubby323 has also managed to get ClockworkMod Recovery running on the Epic 4G Touch and it gives full root privileges "without messing up any other services such as WiFi or 3G". But, the link to the recovery has been temporarily pulled until the root is fixed.

The instructions for installing the ClockworkMod Recovery are the same as installing Shabbypenguin's pre-rooted tar package, simply download the rooted recovery package once the link appears.

Zedomax's Method

According to the XDA post, zedomax has managed to get everything (including haptic feedback) to work.


Files required for rooting can be downloaded here.
    1. Put your Epic 4G into download mode by holding down Power button and Volume down buttton, when you see an option screen, let go of both buttons then hit Volume up button.
    2. You should now be in download mode, connect your USB cable from Epic 4G Touch to a Windows computer. (Sorry ODIN uses Windows only…)
    3. Make sure you have Samsung Kies installed, it will install the proper drivers.
    4. Open up odin3 v1.85.exe, click on “PDA”, then select “SPH-D710_Zedomax_Kernel.tar” and hit Start.
    5. Your phone should reboot and voila, your phone should be rooted with SuperUser app.


Sources: ACS and XDA

Abhiroop Basu
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  • woo hoo

    epic!! hehe.......

  • FIga

    Only with windows, guess Linux geeks and sysadmins without windows systems will have to waid

    • Shabbypenguin

      Or use heimdall and flash teh kernel

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        Do you guys think there will be a root that doesn't touch the kernel available? I've never heard of root being done this way before.

        • Shabbypenguin

          actually we just got stock initramfs last night so yes we can compile a stock unrooted kernel. thi smethod is what is used on the sgs2 international vers. with the lack of exploits that can root this phone we had to use odin to our advantage

  • gamerman

    So what is the process to unroot a phone if you choose to do so later?

    • Tee

      Just re-install the stock ROM.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        I'd like to know this as well. Since the kernel is being modified here, is the stock kernel available somewhere?

  • Jeremy

    My WiFi no longer works!!! ahh!!

    • Jeremy

      Update, it was clockworkmod that was messed up. had to use a different method to get it installed correctly. This guy has a bunch of great walkthroughs if anyone gets stuck. Just make sure you have the same version as the video he is doing this on (This video is for EL22 or EL30 and I have EL27).