Gameloft, one of the biggest names in mobile gaming, is holding a back-to-school sale that cuts the prices of three of its most popular games for Android down to a manageable $0.99.

First in line for a price cut is Backstab HD, an action game with beautiful environments that's been compared to Uncharted and Assassin's Creed which had its debut in July.

backstab backstab2

Next is N.O.V.A. 2 HD, a sci-fi style FPS title first released back in June with highly detailed maps, multiplayer support, and a healthy amount of shooting action.

nova nova2

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD completes the list of price cuts, bringing single player and multiplayer racing action in a variety of worldwide locations and leagues to the palm of your hand.

ss-800-4-7 asph2

All three of these games were originally priced at $6.99, so Gameloft's back-to-school sale certainly provides a great opportunity to spice up your Android's gaming portfolio. Swing by the market and grab a couple of new games while the sale lasts.

[via Fat Wallet]

Liam Spradlin
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  • adam amzalag

    i would love to buy some of these games, ahha but sadly they arent compatible with the bionic, and you cant buy them and just download them later. So shlly

    • Lorenzo in a Benzo

      Same problem here, I have the Bionic and the Asus Transformer. Pretty weak that they wont let you download them if they arent compatable. I know they will work.

  • joshua

    Yeah, no Epic 4G Touch love.

  • Namuna

    Gameloft some particularly strong mixed-feelings for me. On the one hand it has some of the best games available for Android. But on the other hand the company's got one of the most perfunctory attitudes about Android compatibility I've ever seen.

    I have a Nexus One that is ABSOLUTELY capable of playing any of their HD games...Yet their system blocks my phone citing incompatibility.

    Even at their higher/regular prices I was willing to shell out the money for the games...But if you're going to block me from doing so? Fine, then keep your games and offer discounts all you like cause your own UNintuitive system is keeping me from giving you my money.

  • Abhinav

    ahhhhhhhhh if only I had an android phone :(

  • http://cassidyjames.com Cassidy James

    HTC EVO 4G here... "incompatible" with all of their games. Even though the HTC EVO Shift 4G and HTC Thunderbolt 4G both are compatible. :-/

    • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

      The Evo 4G, like the Nexus One has an extremely pathetic GPU. The Adreno 200 is far too slow for 3D games like this.

      The reason why the EVO Shift and Thunderbolt are supported is because those phones have an Adreno 205 GPU which is at least twice as powerful.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        +1 for this - every time this subject comes up, somebody brings up the EVO 4G and compares it to the Shift.

  • anonGL

    Im a developer at a Gameloft studio, and probably not supposed to talk on behalf of the company - but fuck that nonsense, you guys are fans and consumers of what we make, so I'll talk on our behalf anyway. The android compatibility issues may seem archaic and strange to an observer, but Gameloft is a monolithic 5,000 person global superpower. Our QA process is still learning the most efficient ways to test and verify specific android devices so people can get what they want to play, and get it now. I know it's lame to ask you to "give us some time to master this platform", but if we're still slow in 1 year I'll bring you guys into one of our offices to riot. We're just really big. That lets us make really huge beautiful games, but it also makes us a little slow at rapidly evolving platform support.

    • Eric

      If you're legit, I think you would know a 5000 person corporation does not a monolithic super power make.

      Sorry, I don't understand why other devs seem to port things better with a much smaller team. Again, if you're legit.

      • anonGL

        In mobile games we're about as big as it gets. We have offices in 20+ countries, and HQ in Paris. Which is really part of the problem. QA in Vietnam talking to Paris talking to New York.... It's a lot of communication across languages and time zones which unfortunately slows us to a crawl at times and has a lot to do with why you cant get these games on your phone. But I don't think android will always have these issues from Gameloft. We just have to adapt our QA systems that were designed for a much more lengthy process of pre-smart phone java games to be more refined for the rapid post smartphone world. I would speculate that we'll have our shit together in the next 6 months, but then again, thats not my part of the company. I just make the games I have no idea who is really responsible for whitelisting devices or how the process really works. Im just posting this on my train ride home because I use and develop android games, and want to give a bit of a human face to those of us in the trenches ;)

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          Thanks for stopping by and chiming in on this, anonGL.

  • Eric

    No Tegra or SGS1 love? There's profit lost for them. Not the first time they've lost my bussiness, not the last.

    I own an iPad as well, and I refuse to buy their games on that platform due to how broken their android market is. There are plenty of other choices in both marketplaces.

  • Phil

    Asphalt 6 force closes on HTC Thunderbolt, a supported device. Seems alot of other users on other devices have the same problem too. Cant say anything about the other games

  • ogtnasty

    I'm a Toshiba Thrive owner and i now if one tegra 2 device can handle these games they all can.. I have posted on the forum but not one response. We all just want to be included and have the fun like everyone else. I think these games look and play great. I have only been able to play on the iPad 2... But with the power of tegra behind a product we should be in there just like anyone else. Help us out let the android community rock the show..
    THanx for talking on this matter i guess someone knows our frustrations.

  • patrik bateman

    No HTC Sensation love either... wich is strange considering it's a flagship phone