It has been a while since we've talked about anything new for the Desire S, but thanks to the Revolutionary unlock tool, this handset is getting its first taste of CyanogenMod. Nightlies for the device went live last night, joining the dozens of other handsets that have been missing over the last several weeks.

2011-09-19 10h27_19

So, if you're ready to show your Desire S some CM7 lovin', head over to this link to grab the download, and don't forget to grab Gapps while you're at it.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Ultimate Droid ftw

    why haven't they released nightlies for the Thunderbolt yet? This is getting ridiculous, they TB has had CM support since like May and they don't even have a forum for it yet. This is why I was on Team Blackdroid back in the day, it's a damn shame he's nowhere to be found now.

  • ciwrl

    No nightlies/RC's or go ahead from cyanogen et al = no forum on CM.com. You can thank the nightmare that was the SGS forums for that rule emerging.

    Slayher is conducting his own series of alphas, as needed, on xda and rootzwiki in the mean time. There are no nightlies for the device yet, because the device is currently not part of the CM mainline repo. The reason for the delay? The LTE code as it is, if merged, would destroy the builds for 90% off the other CM supported devices.

    As for Blackdroid, I'll refrain from full on troll mode and say it breifly. We release quality products, and are still here dev'ing to this day.

    • Ultimate Droid ftw

      wow ciwrl thank you for a reply I really didn't expect one from a Cyanogenmod dev. I'm sorry for the whole Blackdroid comment, I did like his work, but here I was just trying to be a douchey troll and for that I apologize.

      I really do appreciate Slayher's work and the work of all the devs on your team. I hope that the Thunderbolt does continue to receive more CM goodness in the future. Thanks again!