Last Updated: October 3rd, 2011

If you're used to downloading and installing nightly builds of CyanogenMod, Android's most popular custom ROM, you may have noticed that since the beginning of this month, the nightlies haven't really been... well, nightly.

A major hack of kernel.org, the home of the Android source code which is still down to this day, has derailed the process of building nightlies. Now that the Android source has moved to github.com/android and Chris Soyars has made the necessary changes to fix the build bot, the nightly builds are finally back.

Yay - download away, folks!



Source: CyanogenMod Nightlies

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  • Germian

    Good that they god rid of the problem and are moving forward again.

    But there is one little thing that is bugging me: I really love the work the CM Team put into the ROM, but to be honest I'm asking myself if there are some other problems?

    The release of CM 7.1 RC1 is now nearly 3 months ago and there was no sign of any new version - and no, I don't wanna use Nightlies.

    I can totally understand that they don't wanna get annoyed by release questions and I appreciate the work of adding new devices in the last two months, but now I'm not depending on the companies who bring out the handsets, I'm dependant on CM7.

    And before someone asks, yeah, CM7.1 RC1 runs better than any original ROM for the Desire - in my case - but I got some strange bugs I can't get rid of.

    At least I heard there are new functions in the Nightlies - Permission preferences, Screenshot function, touch-to-focus in the camera app + bug fixes, of course which would be nice to get finally.

    As I said, I'm more than happy that they exist, but some kind of comment on a new RC or final CM7.1 would be very appreciated.

    • Stephen Boyer

      Just use the nightlies. They're perfectly stable as the code has mostly stabilized at this point.

      • GergS

        I can attest to this. Absolutely no problems with latest G2 nightly.

        RC is just a label. Sometimes honestly their RC's are not even that stable! The current nightlies are demonstrably more stable than RC1! At least in G2's case.

  • Tim

    I'd like to see something come out for the Droid x2! Or am I just not looking in the right location? As far as I can tell,...there's nothing out the for the x2, is that correct?

  • L boogie

    Welcome back, nightlies and I could finally update and much kudos as always to the entire Cm team

  • Matt

    YEAH!!!! I have been sad without the nightlies.