Last Updated: September 25th, 2011

Update: It looks like many users are having issues with the update, so we have written a new post specifically to address and discuss them.

Sprint's LG Optimus S may be a budget Android device, but apparently that isn't going to stop Sprint and LG from providing Android updates going forward. Today, Sprint announced via its Community Forums that an update to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) is rolling out to some devices beginning today, with all devices being updated within 10 days.

The official enhancements/fixes list:

LG Optimus S Software Update - Android 2.3 (LS670ZVH)


- Volume adjustment from handset when backlight is off and in a Bluetooth call

- Initiation of a 3-way call in certain markets

- Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

  - Updated color scheme (includesdarker notification bar and black-based menus)  

  - New on-screen keyboard (supports multi-touch input and a  smart auto-correction function)

  - Improved cut-paste functionality

  - New integrated download application for ease in accessing downloaded files

  - Updated camera application

  - Power management and task killer applications

Important Notes:

- The new software version is: LS670ZVH

- Released in stages with 100% of devices having received the update within 10 days

- Refer to the LG Optimus S Software Update blog for install instructions

All in all, not a bad update, and one that should help the low-end device run just a little smoother and faster.

[Source: Sprint]

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  • NPS

    Any news on the rest of the low-end Optimus line? LG's been promising to update every model for a while now...

    • manda

      Woke up just now and on the update bar it said "system update". Whenever I click on it it will reboot my system, seems as effortless as possible. Feel free to stop b*tchin people and start being a tad positive for once peeps, it won kill ya. Lol. Obviously the $ model was the top seller and will be the first of the line with the update, can't wait! !!

    • nursetequila

      I no longer know when i have a voicemail the icon is gone is anyone else having this problem

    • Carrie

      when my phone updated,i couldn't use the usb to charge my phone. To fix this, go under
      "settings" :applications:development: USB Debugging,and check the box. It will resolve the issue

      • todd

        It says its charging but it really isn't also when typing a text words don't automatically complete

        • Alittlepissed

          I dont have auto complete either!! I HATE this new update!!! I think it makes the phone look OLD with the colors ICKKK

      • TLC

        Thanks very helpful!!!

      • Jill

        This was VERY helpful!!! Thanks for the tip!!!

      • Sugarcrotch

        No, when Sprint updated my LG Optimus S, I could no longer tether, so I can't upload mobile photos to my computer. I've tried everything! Yes, USB debugging is checked, yes, I've checked Tether, EVERYTHING has been done. I believe Sprint blocked it. When I plug in the phone to the computer, it does not even recognize that the USB is connected. I HAVE the latest drivers installed on the computer. Now what? Sprint sucks bigtime, and can't wait to get out of this contract!

  • http://romrepo.info TechJeeper

    Weird... My fiancées' Optimus S is still at 2.2.2 and says it's up to day... anyone else have this issue?

    • http://www.twitter.com/dvdmon Levi Wallach

      Read the article again. It says it's rolling out over the next 10 days. That means that she could get it any time from now till 10 days from now. There's no "issue" here, you just have to wait. They do this in order to decrease the number of support calls per day they have to take for potential issues with the upgrade.

      • Marie Cannondle

        Dude you're an ass.

        • jason

          Levi you are correct, in addition to that the updates go out to devices based on different criteria such as model date, device location , ESN , and existing updates already installed to the device -among just a few reasons. As to the bugs it is amazing to me to how some people just don't get that these are cell phones that connect thru towers and satellites, loss of connection or failure to turn your phone off and remove the battery for 90 seconds (and yes i mean 90 seconds not 2 seconds - it needs atleast that much for the OS to completely power down) 2 minutes a day is extremely effective as it clears corrupt data on the device and establishes a fresh connection to the tower, should you choose not to do so you are essentially blocking your device from it's full potential, you can't leave your phone on for a week straight and expect it to function correctly. Not to mention that these updates are not directly installed on their devices but sent via tower to device and if that device has not been powercycled and you are on a old connection you are delaying your updates as well as prohibiting your device from working properly. People, these are cell phones, educated your-selfs before spouting off at the mouth and state things you do not fully understand ( not meant rudely just saying) . Here's a few things to check out: Sprint.com/learn - virtual reality website that you can learn more about your device. LG.com for update information. AT&T.com etc.- all carriers have web assistance for device education. More importantly - remember that updates are on going with all android devices on all networks, it is technology in progress and the carriers that provide these devices are working diligently to resolve the issues as they arise. Hey look, i know we live in a time of split second happiness but remember it's technology and technology has never been perfect especially when it first rolls out into the market. Be more patient as not so long ago we had to always sit infront of a computer to check our email, now we can start our cars with our phones and providing internet access to 5-8 different devices all from one phone, so hey a month to wait (if that) for a update or correction to be made is not that bad. --
          advise for the day : android operating systems need a strong tower connection and some devices need alot of memory to operate. clear or update your cache and cookies, clear Internet history, moving some of your apps to your SD card just a few that are good things to do. Remember you're holding a computer that makes calls not a landline phone that searches the internet, so treat it accordingly. - jlr

    • Habibti

      Yes my phone still says 2.2.2 and not only that but I used to be able to answer and make phone calls using regular head phones. I hate the new update now because of that and it slow ! Is anyone else having this issue?

    • ryan

      Same here. Sprint says I have the updated version and my phone says otherwise. I haven't found any solutions, yet.

      • Mike

        My phone received the update last month. well, just like everyone else, my phone was useless, would not charge, couldnt receive or make phone calls.. etc. I had to take my phone back to sprint and have them put the old version back on (2.2.2) and now my phone works like new. Why fix something thats not broken. I refuse the update till they get all the "bugs" out of it.

  • mike

    I'm still on 2.2.2 also but sprint said by 10 days your phone should have 2.3.3 gb

  • Erik I Graul

    What about the Optimus V??? its the same phone but with virgin mobile logo on it!!!...lol

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Exclamation points!!!!!1

  • wizdajiz

    I called Sprint and they were clueless about the update, whats the deal?

  • Spooks

    Ok, received the update... now I can't enable mass usb storage when I connect to my computer. Awesome, 1 step forward and 2 steps back! Great job Sprint!

    • Stephan

      I saw someone else who had this problem on another website. He said to uninstall and re-install the usb drivers on the pc.

      I personally dont have 2.3 yet... waiting...

      • http://d00dy123 Pat.I

        Not only do you have to install USB drivers for both PC and Mac, this update also kills the routing of telephone audio to a normal stereo headset, so if your listening to music and a call comes in, forget about taking the call with the headset.

        Oh...and speaking of music: after the update, my entire music library had to be nuked from the phone and recopied from the source. That is, once I installed the USB drivers.

        I have also had to abandon the use of my Motorola H555 Bluetooth since virtually EVERYONE I speak with while using it complains that my audio is horrible.

        This update has turned a very simple and functional device that I rely on for work into a problematic electronic paper-weight.

        Getting info from Sprint on how to roll back the update is useless, as their answer is to attempt to sell me another phone.

  • Ricky

    Any chance this wil allow Adobe Flash on the phone?

  • chris

    Looking forward to this update. Now we will see if it really is rolled out to all services in 10 days or not. GOD BLESS

  • http://www.tinybabylady.etsy.com Happy

    So there is no indication of whether the battery is charging now? I have no idea how to tell how charged it is, besides the tiny little battery at the top getting lower. But the graphic doesnt move to tell you that it might be charging or not....hmmmm????

    • Pink Mouse

      getting the same thing - phone will not charge on the OEM charger, computer charge, etc. Sprint said to do a factory rest of the phone but that still did nothing to fix it. This is not fun at all...going to take the phone into sprint store to see what they can do (if anything)! If they cannot fix it I will make them give me a HTC phone...

      • Pink Mouse

        Update: well after being at the sprint store for 5 plus hours they claim the motherboard were the charge plugs in died. They are not going to let me replace this phone with another phone but I will need to wait to get a REFURBISHED replacement phone that will be in on Tuesday night they say. Great, now I've got this phone that will not charge... bet you anything when that phone does the update it too will stop charging... wonder what they will do if all the phones I get does the same thing... We shall find out soon enough... Good luck to everyone else out there that cannot charge it either.

        • Moober

          I did the update and it has done the exact same thing. I cant even get mine to turn on. The update drained my battery and now i cant even get it to turn on anymore. Thanks for letting me know that you too are having the same prob i was so confussed what the heck was going on.

        • techn00b

          If you haven't already gotten help from someone else, hopefully this will save you a lot of time, it's too bad you already spent that much time at the Sprint store and they were too stupid to figure it out: To fix the charging issue, go to Settings --> Applications --> Development --> Check the box that says USB debugging. Now your charger should work :)

      • Why Why Why

        My girlfriend just sent me an instant message on the computer. Her LG Optimus S just did the same thing after the update. It will not charge or hold a charge. So this is an issue with the update and the phone and sprint. They need to fix it now or they will have a lot of upset users very quickly.

    • Laura

      my Optimus 5S just did the same thing. I updated it and now it won't charge.. it's likely to die tomorrow.. any news on the fix?

      • techn00b

        If you haven't already gotten help from someone else: To fix the charging issue, go to Settings --> Applications --> Development --> Check the box that says USB debugging. Now your charger should work :)

  • http://www.tinybabylady.etsy.com Happy

    Also, How do you use/access the task killer thing that it mentions above?

  • Chris

    Get a battery widget, and app killer is an app as well.

    • http://www.tinybabylady.etsy.com Happy

      It used to at least tell you your battery was charging without having to get a widget. Widget just takes up more space and uses more battery.
      Task killer is indicated above as included in the system update....so was thinking it was installed with the update. Anyone else have thoughts on this???

      • Ricky

        I think the battery thing your talking about is something that automagically pauses or stops programs as need and not an.actual app..... Just guessing.butrememberedreading.that :)

        • Chris

          I have an app/widget that does tell you the actual % of the battery.

  • Chris

    How did you guys get the update, was it auto or did you connect to app store via USB connection?

  • http://www.tinybabylady.etsy.com Happy

    It was a message on the phone this morning saying A system update is available and will need to restart your phone. You will not be able to make any calls including emergency calls during this time. You had the option to say yes do it now, do it later or decline.

    • Fynegirl72

      I didn't get the decline option. And I am having issues with the update making my phone sluggish to wake up.
      I have tried charging it from my laptop via USB, but so far it hasn't registered that it is actually charging...i.e. the battery pulsing or it saying "charging 57%". So I pulled the battery to do a reset, which I hadn't done since the update this morning. It back on & a little progress. Before the battery was red, but now it is showing green. Now, it still is not showing/saying that it's charging, but it seems to be getting juice regardless.
      Fortunately, I have Best Buy's black tie protection insurance program for my phone. If I keep having issues with this update, I'll give it over to them to send it in for 'repair' BTW I have the black Optimus S w/ Sprint

  • Ricky

    Just curious? Where are the people who got the update located? Wonder if its random by region, state, phone number, etc. ?

    • manda

      Btw I'm in Houston....

    • Fynegirl72

      I'm in Kansas City area & got the update notice this morning.

    • jungle

      I am in Belize and got it, and my wife is in US and both phones wont charge. And the fix that was mentioned with the dev. check does not work

  • mike

    If you did not yet get the update yet you need to go to settings then to about phone scroll down to bottom click update prl and click update profile. After that click update firmware if it does show no firmware up then wait till about the 19th and click system update and it should be there

  • brandon

    I haven't got it yet but can't wait and what happen if I never get the update?and. how they send the update the the devices?

  • Justin

    I'm mad cause my mom has got the update before me, I'm still waiting!!!

    • Chris

      Remember Justin, ladies first. I think it is randomly sent out to numbers. No ryme or reason who gets it first or last. "It just came out".

    • Fynegirl72

      No need to pout about it lol

  • Chris

    go to LG website, download drivers, and software updtae to your phone that way. I just did, no problem. Just make sure you turn phone off when installing updates from pc to phone with USB connection.

    • Kevin

      Does that erase everything off your phone?

  • Alex

    i did wat you said chris but it says your sw is updated but i still have 2.2.2

  • Alex

    it jus says there is no update

  • jack
  • daveinfl

    Received the 2.3.3 update on Friday afternoon. A bit upset. Many of my apps did not function properly after update. Ended up resetting device and reinstalling. Never did get my Ivana voice to install. Seems really sensitive to my touch now as well. Also have noticed it going into a couple of unexplained loops. I'm sure it will all work out though. For a Budget Android, even compared with my Galaxy Tab 7, I am very pleased.

    • Chris

      Still waiting on mine. In the D.C area here.

  • Dman

    Just to let everyone know... your Optimus S phone IS charging just not indicating that it is. If you look at the battery status in the about phone menu after having it plugged in for awhile you will notice that the Battery % is going up! I thought my phone was not charging either until I noticed this bug. Hopefully they can fix this on the next update!

    • Me

      I have a widget that tells me the battery % and it isn't going up. Or it does extremely slow, like 15% overnight :(

    • http://dailyrichblog.wordpress.com Richard

      Either mine isn't charging fully, or the battery use has gone WAY up with this update, because my phone was charging since 10:00pm last night, and after taking it off the charger at 8:50am this morning and doing nothing else with it but having it on, I'm already getting the "Connect your charger" notice on my lock screen and I have one bar showing on the battery icon.

    • http://www.tinybabylady.etsy.com Happy

      Yes, that seemed to be the deal with me as well, the USB charger wouldn't show the battery moving up and down and charging, but it WAS charging. However, I've now had the update for a couple of days and it IS NOT charging on the USB today AT ALL.

  • Shawn

    My phone still hasn't updated yet... seems to me that I'm one of the last? hopefully it comes soon. I'm tired of waiting...

    • chris

      still waiting here as well.

  • Alyshia

    anyone else not have autocorrect anymore? the keyboard recognizes my contacts names and places, etc but not normal words? & I have the settings on.

    • Tracy

      Yes! I have that same problem, I was hoping it wasn't just me. Between that and the fact that the keypad buttons are smaller this update is more annoying than anything.

      • Jamie

        Yeap. Same problems here no auto correction or periods put in after sentences.

    • cathy

      YES! So frustrating! What the heck is going on?

      • Wesley

        I'm glad i'm not the only one with this issue. it is sooo very frustrating considering I text a lot. I spend most of my time having to correct misspelled words b/c the keys are so small now. And the lack of the auto-correct function is really annoying!! Who cares if it can recognize my contact names?! That is NOT what i wanna type in a text!! Normal words, please!!!!!!!

        • Bella

          Is there any way to fix this!?!?! :O
          My dad is freaking out about it and for once I don't know what to do? Is it still messed up for y'all? Please help!

    • nursetequila

      DeI have that issue and my phone seem slower

    • Jenna

      Same problem plus mega slow delayed typing online and email!!! Also phone shuts off by itself and only turns on after remove and replacing battery. Sprint no help and they gave me bad number for Google ..

  • http://mediafusiongroup.com Rick

    crap. have update 2.3.3 now won't charge...and is truly not charging now. any remedies?

    • Mike

      I just freaked out with this issue. I found that the USB isn't being recognized as being plugged in but the plug in charge is working fine.

    • Dom

      Does anyone have a a fix for this keyboard?! Its TERRIBLE! GREAT JOB SPRINT YA IDOITS

    • Raul

      My wife and I have the same phone and both received the update this morning. Her phone is working fine and my phone will not charge any more.......

  • chris

    Read up brother.

  • Ricky

    Just got my update and played with everythimg just as I did when I bought the phone. Mine has no problems so far I am lovin it. My phone stll charges leyboard is actually reactive and not laggin. I like tje new color scheme and icons. Over and all smooth upgrade and transition. Also like how you can see a graphic memory chard in manage apps and the personalized voice recognition....and all though i dont use it my stock keyboard works great great great and finds words

    • jeff

      We are stupid and bitter....can't be happy that our chea android device got updated. Whining abt stuff we just have to do a little research on. Don't worry folks, you have the option to update. Its the blind leading the blind, poor sprint. They've always had good service over the phone with me at all hours despite my occassional brain farts. P.S. take the sticks outta ur azzs. U at sprin cuz its cha also .....so stfu ;)

  • Ricky

    O and thr scrrrn is more reactive to. I used to hate this phone love it now

  • Shawn

    Again, I am still waiting. I wish the update was here already. I'm in the Ellicott City. Hopefully it will be soon...

  • Chris

    Question for everybody. How many of you who have this phone have the Virgin Mobile service?

  • Kadie

    Received my update this morning, my keyboard lags a little when recieving texts, but otherwise my only complaint is how ugly the green and black is, and how much I wish I bought a Nexus

    • Shawn

      Kadie, what cellphone type are you using? my friends update has a completely black scheme. he has Optimus S. his scheme is not the green and black... mine hasn't updated yet, though.

      • Kadie

        Its the S as well. I guess you cou service bar is green. Black and green are manly colors. I am not a man. My phone is purple. And now my numbers dont work :(

      • Kadie

        Its the S as well. I guess you cou service bar is green. Black and green are manly colors. I am not a man. My phone is purple. And now my numbers dont work

  • Ame

    I am still waiting for the update. Colorado Springs area here!

  • Allison

    This update absolutely sucks. It completely ruined the keyboard, texting now is a pain due to the small keys and lack of autocorrect. No matter what I try and do, it simply wont autocorrect any normal words. Also, when I plug the usb into the computer, nothing happenes. I wish I could uninstall this update.

    • Matt S.

      Agreed. I cant stand it. It takes me a minute to type what used to take a couple seconds.

      • Kevin

        I got the update and my only advice, get the Better Keyboard (i have both 7&8 installed) its a fricken dream..and the best part is, when you switch devices, it's paid for, so you dont have to rebuy it, just re download it and download a skin to suit ur needs! It's dictionary is awesome!

        • Alittlepissed

          how do i get a better keyboard??

  • Matt S.

    I wish i could uninstall it now! Texting freaking SUCKS! It got rid of auto correct and the keys are smaller! Its such a pain to type on it! No matter what i do it wont auto correct my words like it used to. This update completely ruined my phone...It takes me a minute to type what used to take me about 4 seconds.

    • Rebekah

      i feel ur pain....the same exact thing happened to me...and i even went to settings for the keyboard and nothing....:( i cant even figure out how to get a smiley :(

  • Heidi

    Hate, hate, hate it. There's seriously nothing that can be done? :(

  • Shawn

    is there anyway to speed up the process and get the dang update today? it's been 6 days passed the due date and I'm getting kind of pissed..

  • D

    I'm so pissed that autocorrect doesnt work anymore. I used to type worry free. I hope they fix this soon

  • Chris

    OK, it's official. If I get this update sent, I'm not updating. Seems to be more problems with it than worth it. I guess the bible verse I live on proves to be very true. Hebrews 13:5 talks about being content with what you got. "I am"!

  • Aaron

    Hey, people who hate the keyboard, you can download one off the app market ( good one called slideIT) and it does charge but doesnt show it :3 lol

  • josh

    i was expecting the power controls on the notification slide down bar. but nothing..

    and now my usb mass storage doesn't work, even after reinstalling the drivers. havent tried answering any calls with headphones because i just got my update tonight at 3:40 am.

    oh and btw it unrooted my phone. and reinstalled bloat apps i had recently deleted.

    • tiff

      Stupid people in 3 2 1.....YOU chose to tap the button without knowing how it would turn out. You ignorant fools

      • josh

        i knew it was gingerbread. just ddint know it would be so flawed.

  • AHackett

    I absolutely hate this! Everything is so freaking slow now and turning it on takes forever!

  • Rebekah

    welp....my phone keyboard dictionary is all gone....help how do i get it back i could type so fast and now i feel like ive gone back to the stone age of having to peck out every letter and even my smiley button is funky....i dont mind the other changes it will def take some time to get used to the black and green....but i just want my keyboard to be back to normal....for example when i typed "even" all that showed up for a alternate word was "vagina" for god knows what reason....all that remains in my phone dictionary is the words ive manually put in over the last yr....:(

  • Amber

    I don't like the system update at all! Is there anyway to reverse it!?!?

  • JuanPepe

    WTF the auto correct is gone and there is no USB Support!!!! How stupid could LG be? Didnt they test it before they released it?

  • http://www.tinybabylady.etsy.com Happy

    So the SD card is always unmounting and remounting? Anyone else with this problem? I tried taking it out and reinserting it, no success. Now today it says that my SD card is damaged and it will have to be formatted. No thanks. I just said cancel on that and it doesn't say it anymore for the moment. But wow, so frustrating. Any help for this?
    Who else can't wait til Sprint finally gets an Iphone!

  • Michelle

    This update made my phone slower, the icons are not as smooth looking, the keyboard is even harder to type on, and it is hard to tell how much battery is left because the icon is squished. not happy at all!!!!!

  • josh

    haptic feedback is gone as well. battery icon stays at the same level, when charging and when im not charging and battery level is goin down. and wallpapers are gone. all thats left is ID wallpapers, gallery, and live wallpapers. no more stock ones?

  • Shaka

    good update overall, the kayboard keys are smaller, but it's more accurate than the old one, i think it might not be charging.... testing when i get back home.

  • Kayla

    Download "SlideIt" for a new keyboard and spell check and auto-finish. Its pretty okay so far.

  • SLW

    My intuitive texting doess not WORK, but it is pulling words from my contact list and god knows where since some words have no relevance to each other, as in don't start with same letters not even close.

  • mike

    I just received the update do not do it. It makes your audio sound like poop and will not the me charge or plug into computer and keyboard it worse its little and auto correction doesn't work.

  • Cindy

    So i update my Lg Optimus S not so long ago and it was going out pretty good untill i saw that it gets no signal and sorint cant do anything about it.i already reset it turned it off and on taking out the battery and i still cant get no calls or text anybody or get on the web...Anyone can help?

  • Karen

    I got my update today. Was immediately disappointed. As someone else mentioned, the keyboard no longer had a dictionary that would give me suggested words. I downloaded the Gingerbread Keyboard for Adroid 2.3 and I am now ok with that. The other disappointment (as also mentioned by others) is the fact that I can no longer charge my phone via USB connection to computer. Why would a system upgrade cause that to change?

  • chris


  • jay

    MY DAMN PHONE WONT CHARGE AFTER THE UPDATE! WTHHH? smooth one sprint. hmm lets see what to take off thats unneeded... that apps useless... mass storage... charging... yea that should be it. fail. any ideas guys?

  • jay

    OKAY! IT CHARGES! It just doesnt say its charging. i downloaded "BatteryLife" from the market (its free), which is an active battery meter gadget thing, and it has been going up since ive had it plugged in. it wont acknowledge the fact that the charger is in, but its charging, thats all that matters. almost died.

  • phugiyama

    Be forewarned! I did the OTA update then lost my IM capabilities over WiFi. Thus, you're forced to use your data plan.

    Also, I lost the ability to use my phone as a USB mass storage device. I'm on the phone with LG now to figure this out.

  • sarah

    receieved update this morning. Knew it was coming, knew there wasnt an option. Small icons on top, small keyboard (i'm a girl with small fingers and these keys are too small!), no clue if its charging (which sucks cause my battery hole thing is sensitive and I have to wiggle that sucker in there)Did notice more bars, but have to test in sketchy areas still... its SLOW... but this phone has ALWAYS been slow for me, when sending/recieving texts with people in the same room, they just laugh at how ridiculouly slow in "sending" this phone is. Now its slower than ever; texting, loading fb, browser, etc. Ugly color scheme, hard on the eyes, hard to see.
    I miss my Instinct. ... there, I said it.
    NYC btw.

  • Christa

    Why is that on the android keyboard for the LG Optimus S, it doesn't do the predictions anymore. Now it only does the names in your contacts. Very useless.

  • Kadie

    Appareny I am the only person not aware of this phones auto-correct capability. Not that I can uses it now. And my music is all messed up

  • Scott P.

    So I updated my phone today to 2.3.3. initially my phone wouldn't charge either. not just that it wouldn't show it charging, but I actually sat and watch my battery drain while being plugged in.
    fortunately I was able to fix it by turning the phone off, and reseating the battery. not sure if this will always work, but it's worth a shot. still doesn't show it charging but at least it is. hope this helps some of you

  • Bertonkey

    I never knew a little update could be so annoying!! Texting is almost a nuisance now thanks to the lack of predictive text and dictionary. It's so bloody frustrating!! Why would they do that? Sure hope they fix it soon!!!!

  • Tony

    For all those having the "phone not charging or not indicating thats its being charged after the recent update," I had the same issue and hooked my phone up to the usb port on my comp and went the the LG website and downloaded the drivers for the Optimus S (sprint) and that fixed my problem. Free of charge and worked like a charm...for that issue anyway....

  • mike

    Plz update i just got it you can charge and plug in computer and audio is better keyboard is a bit littler but more functional

  • Jim

    Got 2.3.3 update yesterday. Auto correct/complete no longer works for texting. Also can no long connect to my company Outlook server.

  • Chris

    I have the VM version if this phone. More or less the same phone and service provider. Looks like Sprint/LG have a lot if explaining to do. I now hope this update never comes to me. Too many problems I see. I have been following this thread and now have gotten probably close to 100 complaints.

    Hope they find a fix for this or LG and Sprint will loose a few customers. Dam this update. My suggestion is go to the LG website and download drivers for your phone to help fix some of these problems.

  • Sarah K.

    Hey guys,

    For all of you having keyboard / autocorrect issues, i just saw this comment on a sprint website and it worked. so, thanks to this guy!

    For all of you that are having the keyboard update issue (automatic dictionary, spell check, word find....etc) the fix is VERY SIMPLE download the app KEYBOARD FOR ANDROID 2.3 APP from the market and it will solve this issue, the keyboard is even better than the original one that was on your phone...hope this helps

    • Sarah K.

      oh, and it's free :)

  • Updatesux

    Do not update if you can. Extremely slow charging over usb on computer. Sd card randomly unmounts. Many apps no longer work correctly. Phone randomly starts more apps than normal. I basically have a $90 per month piece of garbage. Will try to rollback if possible.

  • Andrea


    What Tony and someone else said above DID work immediately.

    Go to lg.com, go to Mobile -> Mobile Support, choose your carrier and phone. To the right of the picture of the phone, click on LG Android Driver, and you're done!

    I had my phone plugged in and it immediately went from not recognizing it to fixing it.

    Start here: http://www.lg.com/us/mobile-phones/mobile-support/mobile-lg-mobile-phone-support.jsp

    • paul

      Looks like LG has pulled their Mobile section of the website - no link to Mobile on the erb page.

  • Updatesux

    Unfortunately can't do that to work computers without it approval so I still can't charge at work

  • http://www.tinybabylady.etsy.com Happy

    Any help for the SD card mounting unmounting problem??

  • Tony

    Well after further invesigation I've have found that the only way the phone charges correctly now is when its hooked up to this comp with the drivers downloaded. I still will not charge with a wall charger. Seems to me that this update screwed up the drivers in the actual phone itself? Or at least the ones that controls charging.

  • Alex

    i recieved the update yesterday nd i quickly went to go charge my phone so i wouldnt have a problem to charge. :D now it works great.

  • josh

    any fixes for the mass storage for usb?

  • Scott P

    So after upgrading to 2.3.3, I am also experiencing the charging / USB mass storage issues on my Sprint LS670 (along with some of the other issues, I'm sure, but let's focus on one thing at a time).

    Some people have reported that their phone WILL charge; it simply does not show the "Charging" symbol. In my case, the phone literally DOES NOT charge. I can sit and watch the battery drain while being plugged in (either to the OEM wall plug, or the OEM usb cable going to my Mac).

    If I turn the phone off, remove the battery, reseat it and turn it back on, occasionally that will get it to charge (though it still doesn't indicate "charging" and is still asking me to Connect My Charger), but even that only seems to work about half the time. For those experiencing this problem, you might try this and see if it helps.

    Still, USB Mass Storage is not available, and since I am using a Mac, there are no available drivers on LG/Sprint's site for me to download/update.

    This is an absolute joke of a software update, and even more of a joke that the fix will probably take weeks to arrive. If you haven't updated to 2.3.3 yet, DON'T DO IT!

  • mike

    I did a quadrant sccore with update 2.3.3 and get 834 and games are so smooth

  • Emma

    I friggin' HATE this update!!!! When I have my phone plugged into my car listening to music, I can't hear a phone call through the stereo any more, my phone fritzes out more than it did prior to update, and my auto cap and auto correct (punctuation) doesn't workkk! Word predictor doesn't work either. >=[

    • Dave

      Yes, those IDIOTS! Why did they do that? Also, you can hear tones when you dial, but no audio from the call on your stereo headphones.
      Maybe they don't want our phone calls coming out on our car stereos when we plug our phones into our car sound system. If they don't fix the software, I am going to make an adapter that has a plug like a headset (with the extra ring on the plug) that goes into the phone and a socket for my normal stereo ear buds (with tip, one ring, and sleeve). Jerks!

  • Catherine

    I'm not upset about the update... but I'm really upset that the word predictor and auto punctuate is non existent. When texting, the only word predictions I get are people from my contact list. I have returned to being an illegible texter... i guess it's off to learn swype. :\

  • Laurie

    Okay, my phone will not charge with usb or plugged into the wall. I don't know what this update did, but it seems to have fried my phone.

    Does anyone know how to resolve this? I truly have no idea what to do.

    I've been a Sprint customer for several years, but after this, I am rethinking my loyalty.

  • Zipless

    Same problems with charging as stated by others. Burnt-out motherboard, my ass! If you download and reinstall USB drivers for your computer, you can get it to charge from your computer. (You may have to turn USB debugging on, activate USB Storage, and then turn it back off--not exactly something the average phone user will be able to do) But it won't charge from plug-in or car chargers...not much help when you are on the road. This is a major failure for Sprint/LG. I wonder why it isn't getting any press? Anyway, if they don't fix it within a week or so, I will switch to an iPhone. If they try to charge you for breaking the contract, take them to Small Claims Court and sue for failure to provide service.

  • Ricky

    Turn the phokne off and let it sit on the charger for a bit. This helps me me. Justt noticed my sd card is mounting and un mounting ill be visiting sprinnt today

  • http://mediafusiongroup.com Rick

    Reading all these. It's definitely a problem on the Optimus S from the upgrade. I had to reinstall USB drivers, phone will only charge on computer now not wall, takes forever to charge...phone headset issues, and yes the word predictor pulls only my contact list. Only reason I'm not going to iPhone is because Al Gore is on the board of directors.

  • Barry

    Hate the update. First off, auto punctuate (texting) is all screwed up.. Terrible lag when waking the phone up and 3-4 times Ive had to completely remove the battery and reset to get it back on.
    Thankfully not a problem with the charger yet.. (knock on wood).. I would rollback in a second if I knew how...

  • Chris

    My text feature no longer has predictive text, except words that are in my Contacts list. The phone is slower overall. My camera lost its zoom and daylight settings. My browers isn't working the same. This is horrible!!! I loved my Optimus S before this. Now its just frustrating me.

  • Foresmewlas

    Epic failure! I am soooooo unhappy with the changes that do work, don't even mention the ones that are totally screwed up! Texting is a total loss as the keyboard is TINY now and without the autocorrect, it is close to useless! I hope that Sprint will anticipate and then honor a decrease in charges for every single day that I have to use this stupid phone until they fix every single one of the problems!

  • Dan

    Im just re-posting this from above I did this and now my optimus s is charging off my PC with out download but to see files on phone I had to download the drivers

    "when my phone updated,i couldn't use the usb to charge my phone. To fix this, go under
    "settings" :applications:development: USB Debugging,and check the box. It will resolve the issue"

  • Jen

    I just got this update a few days ago and I HATE IT!!! It's making my phone more sluggish than it was before and the auto populate and correct don't work either. It only gives me names from my contacts to hit when I'm texting. Sprint sucks, I can't wait to switch to another carrier!!! Wish I could roll back to what it was before!!!

  • Phillip Cochran

    Got the notification 2 days ago my phone battery was low I was unable to charge the phone in time it died and now there's no notification? ????

    • Chris

      That's a good thing. So many people having so many problems. Don't update it at all. Too many kinks that still need to be worked out.

      • tim

        Put phone in usb debugging to charge from the setting and development menu

  • Ana

    After my "UPGRADE" I seemed to have lost all my contacts in my phonebook, only displaying my facebook contacts. A few other things went terribly wrong too but too many to mention. I also keep getting a message saying SD Card removed or SD Card Damaged/Reformat. WTF!! I was happy with the old system. Thank you very much!! FOR NOTHING!!

  • Ricky

    So my phone had no problems at first then wall/usb charging issue and then sd card removed problem and restarting in middle of calls. My mom has same phone hers said it wasnt activated. Called sprint the guy had me do the same thing to both phones enter a code on dial pad then a service code the phones restarted no problems since says lg is working on it. Alsotold me what he had me do is fixing most phones. I aasked about a service credit he said no :( said problemas getting fixed pretty quick. If anyone gets service credit please post I I think we all deserve one from date of rollout till problem is trully fixed!

  • techn00b


    If you haven't already gotten help from someone else: To fix the charging issue, go to Settings --> Applications --> Development --> Check the box that says USB debugging. Now your charger should work anywhere :)

  • Jim

    To resolve the keyboard issue I downloaded the Go Keyboard. So far it has been a far superior keyboard than the Andriod keyboard before the update. :)

  • mike

    To fix the sd card unmounting put sd card in then turn phone off and turn on and it should be working right

  • Tom

    Someone needs to start a class action suit against Sprint and LG!!! This would sure get some action and a quick fix!!! Any attorneys out there ready to jump on this???????

  • Bill

    Whatta Nightmare, My LG' "Life (is not) Good" since before the update the charging port sucked,(even worse now) always had to find the sweet spot, sometimes the % goes down when I can even get connected! Turning it off to charge seems to help a bit! The SD card is always unmounting, or telling me it is safe to remove, losing my pics, and now its much slower texting, FB, Google, I'm ready to throw it out the window, meet my Deductible and try again, maybe upgrade in Dec!

  • Darlene

    Since the update I have had to set my phone to factory settings 3 times. If it was time for my upgrade I would get rid of tjis pi

  • Darlene

    The piece of crap phone would not let me finish my respone. Texting is crappy now. I so wish it was time for my upgrade I would so get rid of this piece of crap.

  • stephiec

    ok i had my system update couple weeks ago and the mass storage isnt popping up on the screen and isnt in the settings i tried downloading the drivers but when i connected my phone to my computer it didnt recognize my phone...so how am i suppose to fix it?? ugggh i jus want to be able to move music and pics to and from my phone to the pc again...does anyone know if lg is gonna send out another system update with the fixes....help i really dont feel like buying a new phone

  • donkeypunch6936

    Been using gingerbread on optimus for almost 8 months now. CM7. It's not hard to root and install custom recovery. Can be scary for those without the tech know how but it can easily be learned if you're willing to read a little.

  • Amanda

    Funny. it's been a month and my phone still hasn't gotten that update. But reading all these comments makes me not want the update at all..I still want it updated though. It looks more sharp with the new color scheme..

  • youface!

    my phone is being very slow (optimus v) I know my phone isn't sprint but this is the site I could publish something without being a member. I think its being slow because of pre update? my phone got a whole bunch of updates and it got like 10 new applications (all useless) HELP!

  • El Dude

    I have two LG Optimus S phones and they are both paperweights. I want out of my Sprint plan as soon as possible.

  • sopan

    Jenna, same problem here, after updating my LG Optimus P500, it is getting switch off automatically (atleast once a day) and does not switch on unless I remove battery, any solution? folks please dont go for update, I found no advantage over froyo..

  • tim

    update is freaking trash. Why would you be so stupid sprint.

  • Jasmine

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when my phone turns on it stays on the android logo and wont do anything else its driving me insane becaus i cant do anything if it just stays on the android logo it wont even go to my wallpaper or password