About a month and a half ago, Logitech drastically reduced the price of its Google TV unit, the Revue, from $299 to a much more acceptable $99 in order to boost sales. At that time, it was also promised that Android 3.1 would be hitting the set-top box sometime "this summer," which has since been pushed back to the end of September.

While we've already seen one Honeycomb leak for the Revue surface, it was quite buggy and not entirely stable. A new leaked has now been released, however, which looks to be nearly complete.

If you want to give this build a go for yourself, you can find info on how to do so at GTVHacker -- but be be aware that you must be running the previous leak or you will brick your device.

With that caveat out of the way, off you go to hack and be merry.

[via Droid Life]

Cameron Summerson
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  • coggy9

    This leak is also somewhat rooted.

  • Steven

    Hopefully this fixes all of the Flash Player issues. Can't wait!

  • comraderudy

    i'm all for rooting but this doesn't seem worth it.

  • Brandito

    Hopefully they add bitstreaming over HDMI so I can use PLX for 7.1 and they really need to work on supporting my harmony 900 a bit better.

  • lincthra

    So long as they fix the media player so it actually PLAYS videos instead of randomly picking some to play and some not to play, it'll be a step forward. Then again, considering Google gave me my Revue for free I guess I can't complain -too- much.

  • Matthew