Google's neat-o Goggles app has just been updated to 1.6, and brings intelligent photo recognition to the table. What exactly does that mean? Well, I can't put it much better than the official announcement:

Let’s say that I’m going on vacation, and I decide to use my Android-powered phone as my primary camera. Goggles would identify landmarks, paintings and other interesting objects in my photos. I can share these facts about my vacation with my friends right from my Goggles search history.

goggles16_1 goggles16_2

In other words, Goggles is running in the background. You snap a picture, and Goggles recognizes it. The app will notify you that it recognizes the content of the picture, and attach that info to the picture in the Goggles app. Based on the description, it's not clear what all you can do with this information once it's tagged, but it's still a nifty use of image recognition.

This option isn't enabled by default in the new update, though; you'll have to manually enable it. To do so, open the settings in Goggles and enable "Search from Camera."


[Source: Google Mobile Blog via Twitter]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Landrovan

    Goggles running in the background. Won't that take a big chunk of network on the 3g. For us that don't have an unlimited plan would that be a problem? Or does he only send a compressed version of the picture.

  • http://androidpaper.com Fulvio Minichini

    That's definitely a nice upgrade. What I noticed is that the full potential of a mobile handset is expressed when services are automatic.

    I would love to see my Nexus One telling me: Hey! Do you know you've just taken a picture of something you should know what it is?

  • Geez…

    Having 3G constantly running on the background to auto recognize stuff = battery killer, wouldn't last even 24 hours.