Well, what do you know? Looks like Moto hasn't forgotten about the R2-D2 variant of the Droid 2 after all. We've seen the Gingerbread update come and go for the Droid 2 and Droid 2 Global, and now it's time for our little robot themed friend to join the party.

2011-09-13 10h36_22 2011-09-13 10h35_40

The update brings all of the same features and enhancements of the original Droid 2, and should be hitting devices starting today.

  • New Download Manager
  • App and Power Management Details
  • Multi-touch key-chording
  • Improved word selection copy functionality
  • New UI and color scheme
  • New dock icons
  • App groups
  • Improved security
  • Improved battery life while using Wi-Fi
  • Fixed issue that caused frequent data connection drops
  • Mobile Hotspot status is displayed accurately
  • Improved email application
  • Correct contact name is displayed when receiving SMS messages
  • Emoticons are displayed in messages
  • Forward SMS message conversations accurately
  • Notification LED will flash when new message is received
  • Access My Verizon without any force close errors
  • Compass calibration within Google Maps syncs accurately with your location
  • Geo-tagging features available for camera applications
  • Clock widget updates time correctly
  • Callback numbers now populate in Dialer app
  • GPS apps and programs no longer cause unnecessary device resets
  • Google Books is now preloaded
  • V CAST Apps is now preloaded
  • V CAST Media Manager is now preloaded
  • Blockbuster® movie rentals license remains active after download
  • Keypad backlight turns on in darker settings
  • Improvements in screen display no longer causes display screen to turn black
  • Fixed issue that caused factory resets when the device’s mobile number is changed
  • Fixed issue that caused device reset and a black display screen after over the air upgrades.

To see if the update is available on your device, hit Settings > About Phone > System Updates. Enjoy!

[via Droid Life]

Cameron Summerson
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  • mskks64

    just curious but what's new to the UI? I don't have or want an r2-d2 but curious

  • aholl75

    Fyi Droid 2 Global gingerbread was pulled. We with D2G are stuck on 2.2 for now. :(

    • justin devost

      How long are we gonna have to wait

      • justin devost

        So if you have the r2d2 variant. You got the upgrade first

  • Geoff Wiley

    There was an issue with Exchange mail and the 2.3.3 push that went out a few weeks ago. So moto pulled the OTA update. My girlfriend got it on her phone... luckily she doesnt use Exchange mail on it.

  • James

    The start-up Motorola symbol changed from white to red.
    Taskbar white -> slate blue
    Taskbar Icons more colors
    Blur got an overhaul, now has home button (@ home) bringing up 7 page view, and gone are quick jumps to the left or right
    Icon Dock at bottom now customizeable and 4 icons rather than 3
    Added profiles (3)
    Text messaging now light blue grey and white.

    Honestly I'm disappointed in the skinning. From what I can tell it looks like the Droid 2 version, and it does not sit well with the phone's visual appearance and custom backgrounds/widgets. It would look way better on the deep slate blue Droid 2. They should have left more rich blues, grays and whites to reflect the phones skin. But since this is an old model, it makes sense why the didn't bother.

  • Erica

    Got the new update but now I can't use my mobile hotspot. :/ LAME! It will connect but give me the error message "limited or no user connectivity..."

  • Gabearwithme

    My r2d2 phone works fine everything but i have a black screen any idea on how to reset or fix