If you belong to the dying breed of people still using Facebook (at least that's what everyone on Google+ seems to think), I think you will find today's tip quite handy, to say the least.

As it turns out, you can actually delete wall posts and comments (on your own wall or ones you created) as well as archive messages all by swiping away the item in question. Both left-to-right and right-to-left gestures seem to work, though left-to-right is a bit more reliable and natural.

Note: The gesture doesn't work everywhere - for example, it didn't work when I tried to swipe away a post by page (Android Police), probably because it still uses the old layout. Your mileage may vary, but in general you'll find the gesture working in most places.

Just like pull-down-to-refresh, this feature is common in iOS apps and is easy to implement using the iOS SDK. Because the Android SDK doesn't make it easy at all, it feels quite a bit hackier and unnatural (let alone totally unobvious). Still, considering I thought there was no way to delete anything outside of logging into Facebook in the browser, most Facebook users should find this hidden capability handy.

Some examples:

wm_snap20110913_145916 wm_snap20110913_151142

Now, how about putting things like this in the changelog next time, Facebook?

Thanks, @adaamwalsh!

Artem Russakovskii
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  • http://trevorsullivan.net Trevor Sullivan

    That was stupid of them not to include that in the change log. Oh well, thanks to you guys for pointing it out.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii


  • Adrian

    not really too into the G+ myself

  • John

    Twitter for Android has the 'pull-down-to-refresh' feature.

  • [email protected]

    I like how it doesn't notify me anymore that I have notifications.... FB -1

  • vernon

    no notifications anymore..sucks

  • someone

    I don't like the pull down to refresh thing. On both platforms, it's not obvious what it does. It also can be activated if you scroll up too fast. You also have to lose your place when you refresh. ()

  • maedox

    Android uses press and hold, not swiping. This is usability sillyness at best. FriendCaster is miles ahead.

  • bigbadmonster

    dont copy apple!

    have you learnt nothing!!!

  • Martin

    You have always been able to delete a comment you have made either on your own wall or someone else's....I just long pressed on the comment either on my wall or the place where I commented and hey presto it gave you the option to comment or delete. archive isn't working for me but all the other updates are working and I think the pull down to refresh is pointless - just press menu - refresh....simples!!

  • MoorReese

    Very nice! I never knew this could be done.

  • http://giles.shaxted.co.uk Giles

    Why can't we swpie to share someone elses post or photos etc .. the share feature should be open from the wall / timeline.

  • Ronnie

    How to delete picture comments on android!!!!??????

  • Fed Up in Philly

    Unfortunately the Left Swipe that is supposed to make the Delete Box pop up... doesn't. I've tried every method (using 1 finger, 2 fingers, tap and swipe, fast, slow, multiple swipes, etc ad naseum), and nothing works. Either the page just bounces, or refreshes, or opens a photo of the Poster that I'm trying to delete. Either iPad or Facebook or both needs to get their head out of their ass and fix this problem. It should not be a major endeavor to merely use a delete function!

  • iKratos x10

    Saved my life bro! One of my chicks was about to see the comment I left on different chicks picture lmao!!!