Last Updated: September 14th, 2011

If you're one of a handful of people who have been wondering whether or not the new Droid Bionic has FM Radio capabilities, the folks at Android Central forums have confirmed that it does, and that the radio APK from the Droid 3 will let you listen whenever you want. It definitely works on our review unit:


The only thing required for the APK to work is a set of headphone plugged into the phone to act as an antenna. The app does have the option to play via the rear speaker however, so you aren't constrained to a set of ear buds (technically, you just need a wire with a 3.5mm plug).

DOWNLOAD: DROID 3 Radio APK (courtesy of Android Central Forums)

Remember, you'll need 'Unknown Sources' enabled in the Applications menu under Settings. The easiest way to install is probably just to e-mail it to yourself and install it directly from the Gmail app.

If you're interested, check out the source link below for the discussion.

Source: Android Central Forums

Thanks DendeKu for the tip!

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  • Nix

    Really not that big of a deal to me, I cant even remember the last time I listened to the radio. Their are much better apps, such as Pandora, XM radio etc

  • ocdtrekkie

    Um... my Droid 3 doesn't appear to have the FM Radio app...

  • Chris

    My Droid 3 doesnt have the FM Radio app either. WTH? Either way, it does now!

  • Don Motley

    Um, no, the easiest way is just to enable nonMarket app downloads in Settings, and then download and install directly to your Bionic with the DOWNLOAD link provided, like I just did. And the sound is not bad.

    Thank You to those who made this possible.

  • ocdtrekkie

    Given that the version number of this APK is 2.1-update1, which is the version attached to the Droid 2's original release, which came out with the FM Radio app, I'm assuming the "DROID3 FM Radio app" is actually the DROID2's, although this thankfully, serves as a public service announcement to get it on our Droid 3's, which does work!


    Sucks for the new customers with verizon I am sure that radio is going to suck the life out of that data that you could use before you have to pay for what ever you go over. Nice job Verizon!

    • Brandon

      This doesn't use data at all, it uses the Bluetooth chip, which is a dual band FM/BT chip, to receive the radio. It is 100% data free.

    • J

      This is FM, right from the air. No streaming, or use of any data (wifi or 3G). So you'll only be able to pick up local channels.... Kinda like what you have in your car or your cheap $5 walkman for the gym...

  • J

    Since the article made me think of it.... A related question....
    I have a Droid X which has a radio app.... But when I launch it, I get a lil error message that pops up for like 0 seconds.... I know I need headphones (for the antenna) but it looks like it says something like I need rounded headphones or something like that... Is there any special kind I need or would any random pair work - like maybe the my old iPhone's ear buds that I have floating around somewhere....

    Also, does anyone know how the linked apk is from the DX's? I haven't plugged any head phones in so I haven't actually gotten to use its app yet.... But I really like the look of the pic on the article.... Would D3's app work on the DX or should I just stick with DX's?

    And since I brought it up (just to steal attention away from the article a little more).... Is there anyway to make those error messages stay on the screen long enough to actually read them?

  • Dwain

    just installed the Droid 3 Radio apk onto my Droid X - seems to work and has more features than the stock FM radio

  • John

    J: The warning on this one says "Insert headphones with the round plug" which I think is to ensure that users know it's the headphone jack and not some USB cable or something (Or that stupid headphone thing Samsung makes you buy for some phones).

    I wouldn't worry about it. Just use it.

  • Rocky

    I wish my at& galaxy s2 had a radio. At&t site says it does, but it's not on the phone. Pandora plays the same crap over and over. It would be nice to hear the local news.

  • mason perryman

    Dont bitger with the download link it will just take your money and give you nothing. This whole page is bull$hit. SCAM ALERT!!!!!