Google has made good on its promise to expand carrier billing for the Android Market internationally today, introducing the feature to customers on various carriers in three countries. This is great news for consumers, and even better news for developers.

South Korean users on SK Telecom and KT Corporation, UK users on Vodafone UK, and German users on Vodafone DE will all be receiving access to direct carrier billing in the coming weeks.

Carrier billing is a major feature for users in countries outside the US, where Google Checkout support for regional banks and credit cards can often be severely wanting. There's also the fact that most people outside the US have never even heard of, or don't trust, Google Checkout.

Google has promised even more news about carrier billing in the coming weeks.

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David Ruddock
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  • sergiu

    what about making good on their 2-year old promise of allowing developers from other countries to sell apps ?

  • Tee

    Welcome to the 21st century, Google! I must say...

  • hkb

    Come to the UAE!!!! atleast the google checkout option...
    i am forced to get apks....and i dont like that...

  • John

    They still don't support and deny carrier billing in the US for international (non-US based) developers and their apps. The orders simply do not go through without further notice to the end user. So I guess the US based developers will suffer the same faith with the new carrier billing for international customers.