Facebook for Android got one step closer to being a viable replacement for its online counterpart today, after receiving an update today that brought several anticipated sharing, privacy, and interface changes.

Users now have access to the same privacy controls for posts as in Facebook's online interface and can tag friends and places as well. The update also brings improved messages and notifications, fixes for performance issues, and a couple of interface changes including redesigned profile and group walls, and a swipe interface for photo browsing. The developers have also added some other subtle enhancements such as pull-to-refresh capabilities iOS users are already so used to.

Last but not least, the updated Facebook app is back on the tablet Market from where it mysteriously disappeared a few versions ago. About time!

snap20110912_231526 snap20110912_231620


This update brings a lot to the table (and tablets!) and responds to the wishes of many users who have been waiting on more advanced controls. If you haven't already, head to the market and grab Facebook for Android 1.7.

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • http://creativezane.sg Zane

    It's still irritating to know that everything else still isn't consistent with the 'News Feed' page where we have a dedicated 'Comments' page that allows liking of comments..

  • http://www.psycho.ziggy471.com psycho_maniac_

    twitters pull to refresh is better. reading from bottom up

  • JH

    When will contact-sync be back in the facebook-app? (yup, I use a Nexus)

    • JimJam

      Get Friendcaster Pro, it's the best syncing I've found for Facebook contacts so far.

  • theineffablebob

    lol @ Facebook on tablets.

  • Shaun

    unable to open FB since the update :/ 84mb and no move to SD. pull your head in FB.

    • squiddy20

      Wow. 84 MB? You do know that's pretty much all the cached pictures and such, right? Stuff that doesn't ALL need to be there. Go to Settings->Applications->Manage Applications-> Facebook and select "clear data" or "clear cache" (whichever one has ~80 MB on it). The app itself is about 4 or 5 MB *if* I remember right.

      Also, try completely uninstalling the app and reinstalling it fresh. Not only will this preclude any chance of overwrite errors, it should also wipe that ~80 MB of unneeded crap.

  • hkb

    the question is, is it as effective as the friendcaster app?

  • sdfsdfsdf

    don't do contact sync with FB, FB is gathering your phone number and phone numbers of your contacts and storing them online! major privacy issue

  • http://www.pretentiousname.com Leo Davidson

    Still requires permission to read, send and edit SMS.

    Still doesn't say why. (Not that I care; whatever 'feature' that enables, I don't want it.)

    Still can stay the hell away from my phone.

    It's about time Android allowed us to override permissions for features we do not want/use. The all-or-nothing approach sucks in cases like this.

  • http://bradhicks.livejournal.com/ J. Brad Hicks

    And still doesn't support event walls, event check-in, or deleting events. Why is the Android version of Facebook SO far behind the iPhone version?

  • Mike

    Has anyone figured out how to tag a photo with the app yet?

  • Dan

    Better than the last update but has a long way to go.

  • golD

    Friendcaster ftw!

  • wackadroid

    FB for tablets? Thats not optimized!! Its just small icons spread out. I know about the Friend Caster, just wants too many permissions. I dont like "read data even when app is not turned on."

    • Greg

      How else do you expect to get push notifications, dude?

  • The Goat

    I tried it out on a Galaxy 10.1, and wow it's terrible. Loaded my news feed once, then stopped working entirely. And they made no attempt at tablet-friendly layout. Oh well, back to the Friendcaster Beta for now.

  • Edward

    Still no live notifications...
    My phone never notifies me when I have a comment or a like! I have to keep refreshing it to see it.. LAME!

  • mark

    Seems to be using GPS constantly...not sure I trust Facebook with that much info!

  • mark

    Seems to be using GPS constantly... Not sure I trust Facebook with that much info!