I have absolutely no problem admitting that I'm not a football fan. What I do have a problem with, however, is when an amazing app like DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket for Tablets hit the Market and I have no use for it. For the football fans among us, though, this is pure gold.

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NFL Sunday Ticket for Tablets lets you monitor every Sunday game all in one place, as well as stream whichever one you like in a smaller window, making dreams come true for the football-multitasking-maniac (like my Dad, for example). It also gives you highlight reels and instant updates on scores, stats, and schedules, so you always know what's up.

There is one downside, however (aside from the fact that it requires a subscription to Sunday Ticket): this app is only for Sunday games, so you won't find any Monday night, Thursday, or Saturday game action here. Regardless of that, though, it's still a remarkable app for any football fan.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Brad

    Too bad DirecTV has no idea how to stream video and once again has totally screwed up, yesterday was a disaster...you could not connect to streams, and when you could they were horrid.

    • lazyboy0172

      So true. I went to the library to get a little work done while trying to watch my Colts- first I was told I cannot watch them because of my location- ~2hrs away from the stadium at a library doing homework. OK I thought, somewhat understandable, so I tried to watch the Lions, or ANY other game going on, and the streams were so bad I either couldn't connect or saw half a play before the stream was lost. Not even worth the effort.

  • Xavier

    I believe sunday and thursday night games can be streamed free through the nfl mobile app.

    • Matt

      Xavi is right. The NFL Mobile app for Verizon is one of the best apps I have ever used, period.

      • SteveG

        But do you need a subscription to vcast? The Notice and Terms says may be required.

  • Martin

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