Everyone's favorite stock AOSP ROM, CyanogenMod, has officially made its way to the HTC Evo 3D and Sensation. This is the first build to show up for either device, but according to the respective XDA threads, is stable enough for everyday use.

It's also worth noting that you won't be able to flash this if you used HTC's unlock tool, as it doesn't provide S-OFF, so flashing a custom kernel (which is required with CM) is out of the question. Thus, in order to flash this, you'll need to use Revolutionary to achieve root and unlock the device.

For more information on these builds, hit the appropriate links below.

Evo 3D - XDA | RootzWiki

Sensation - XDA | RootzWiki

[via Keyan Mobli]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Kyle

    you actually can flash this with HTC's unlock tool you just have to load recovery via fastboot then flash from there

  • JOHN

    Wifi calling doesn't work cyanogenmod for the Sensation for those of you (like me) that absolutely HAVE to have it. Oh well I guess I'll wait for an update. :(

    • rollk

      WiFi calling works for me...odd.

  • penelope

    When I got cm7 on my sensation, I couldn't get the market, did I miss a step???

  • sean

    So if I get my Sensation "rooted" and install CM7, will I be able to use the ps3 sixaxis controller app? That's the main reason I want cm7. Also wat are the drawbacks of using cm7 VS. HTC Sense?

  • ken maneeley

    I have downloaded the cm7 and I dont have the Google apps either. I four the Google adobe and have tried to flash it on my phone and no go. It wont flash onto my phone. Gets stuck on the HTC logo and wont go into clockwork mod.