This is the latest in our Weekend Poll series. For last week's, see What Is Your Ideal Phone Screen Size?

A very simple question this week, and very similar to last week's. Given the trend of larger and larger phone screens (look no further than the ultra-sexy 5.3" Galaxy Note), we already know what your ideal screen size is. But sometimes other aspects of a device may push you to a higher screen size than your ideal. So what's the maximum screen size you'd accept?

Sound off in the poll below (round to the nearest option), and feel free to discuss via the comments.

What Is Your Maximum Screen Size For A Phone?

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Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • Ben

    Galaxy Note FTW!

  • Matt

    It would depend on if it were all screen and no black gap between it and bezel then 5+.

    • tehsusenoh

      Plus the ICS on-screen buttons.

  • tommy

    As long as it's super thin like the galaxy SII a larger screen doesn't really bother me.

    • SalaHyena

      Actually, I am really against the super thin phones, as I really cant feel them in my hands. I got Nokia N900 right now(still an android supporter, though Maemo is better than android :P), with an extra Battery pack from Mugen (adds 7mm to the phone)
      So my phone's thickness is 2.5 centimeters.
      I actually like the 2.5 cm more than 1.8 cm, because it is better to hold, and gives you the feeling of the phone NOT slipping through your fingers.

      The screen vote? I voted for +5", because a 5" phone with 3 cm thickness should provide enough power for gaming etc.

  • Jason Frasier

    so according to the early results the majority would not buy the Nexus Prime if the screen were 4.65"? Sorry, I don't believe you ;-)

    • Benny

      That is why i will not buy the new Nexus.
      I think its time phones become smaller again, not just thinner.

      If the screengrowth will continue at this rate, Ill soon have to buy a manpurse for my new 8inch Galaxy S6.

      • Tommy

        Except if they made the phones really small and put the same size battery in it it wouldn't be thin anymore since battery technology hasn't changed.

      • RockinEvo

        Lol manpurse classic

      • Hans-Erik Stegeby (@swehes)

        I got the phone for you. GeeksPhone Zero. Ships with GB and has a 3.2" screen. :) Pretty smooth for a entry level phone and it comes rooted!

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    Anything more than 4 inches is a pain in the ass for me to carry

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    Anything more than 4 inches is a pain in the a** for me to carry

    • Usman

      You should find a different place to carry it..

      • Philip

        Hahaha Usman, that was the best reply of the day!

  • Elias

    A huge screen with crappy resolution is a total waste. If they can fit 800x480 in a 4" screen, I wouldn't get a bigger screen with the same resolution. But I'd use a 6" screen if it was full hd.

  • Wesley

    Weird thing is, that the heft of the HD2 vs the Sensation is much different.

    • tommy

      That is because the screens are different aspect ratios.

  • Kree

    I think with the in screen buttons and small Bezel that ics will hopefully allow, a device with 5 inch screen wouldn't be too large. I could even live with the note at 5.3 as is.

  • Chris

    I normally carry my phone in a separate pocket, so I could probably go up to 5", although ideally with a soft padded case like the one my Nexus One came with. The 3.7" Nexus One screen is positively tiny nowadays, so any expansion would probably be welcome.

  • Mauro

    It's more like what size screen can they squeeze on a phone about the same size as my captivate. Seems like 4.3 or 4.5" would be max. Like mentioned earlier I don't want to carry around anything bigger.

  • John

    I have a Droid X2 (4.3" screen) and it fits very nicely in my hand. I can reach the far side of the screen with the opposite thumb that's holding it.

    I imaging 4.7" would be nice, but I'd have to test to see.

  • Rohit Kumar Singh

    A frnd has dell streak 5" phone & I feel it's too big 4 me, but when it comes to Samsung note, I can live with it..!! :-P :)
    AWESOME phone..!! I want 1..!! :)

  • edd

    The Samsung Note is my next phone, unless HTC pills their finger out with an equivalent 5+. Its all I've wanted since I got my HD2 two years ago...

    • Fabulas

      one can only wish!

  • djembeman

    When i first checked out a Droid X I thought it was way too big... I guess compared to my Droid. Now, I'm liking the 4.3 inch LG Revolution, I would love this screen size even more if they cut down on the bezel. That would be great!!!

    • djembeman

      I am 6'0", 197 pounds and struggle to reach the upper left corner of my 4.3 inch Revolution screen. It pretty much causes me to use my other hand or do a major hand position change. Why do people want basically, a tablet (as their phone) that they need two hands to operate? And looks hilarious when held at the side of the head? When i used a snap-on shell case holster, because it's slippery, I could barely keep a decent grip on the phone in general.

      How would an average sized person use a phone even as big as mine? I have bigger hands than most people I know!

      • Mesmorino

        Your hands can't be that big if you have to use two hands... Either you're using the wrong fingers or it's something else.

        I'm 5'7", 132lbs and I can reach everywhere on my phone (htc dhd), no problem. My hands are pretty big though:

        At least, I think they are lol. For this beast, people with average sized hands would have to use the stylus. The thing is more of a mini tablet than anything else, and you're right, it'd look very ridiculous with a monster like that next to your ear

        • SalaHyena

          LoL, I'm 180cm (dunno inches) and I can tell you, why would you even want to use a smart phone with one hand? It'd fall in my hands. I don' think we need thin phones, or soon everyone is carrying a smart paper in their pocket, and the wind just carries the paper away. I want something ROCKSOLID in my hands. +200g, +5", +2cm thick. These are the specs I want to have a phone with. It'd have enough space for RAM, and a decent processor. maybe even a USB-plughole.

  • Kam

    My rough hands don't work touch keyboards well. I tried pretty much them all - least worst was the iPhone until I got a Dell Streak. The increase in sheer screen size made it possible for me to have a touch only (ie. no hardware keyboard) phone. I welcome 5"+ screens!

  • Deltaechoe

    I wouldn't mind having a large screen, the biggest i would like to have is 4.7 but if the hardware is enticing enough i would go as large as a 6 inch brick in my pocket

  • Echo

    are most of u insane??? 5+ WTH... i dont wana to care a bag for the phone. if i need a big screen i`ll get a tablet or laptop.

    • djembeman

      Thank you! But, that's why we're Android fans. We have as many choices as the manufacturers want to throw at us. It does suck that the next Nexus device is reported to have a bigger screen. I hope they don't sell well, so they put more energy into 4-4.3" devices.

  • L boogie

    When it comes to phone sizes, to each his/ her own. I have played with screens from feature/ flip phones to current 4.3 inch smart phones and even though, I'm still loving my og incredible, my next phone would either htc vigor or nexus prime and beyond considering the evolution of mobile technology is getting better with each passing day. 4.5- 4.7 for me though the galaxy note is the exception to the rule

  • https://plus.google.com/117702410245683101961/posts Lucian Armasu

    It really depends. Someone has told me that his Desire HD, which is a 4.3" phone would actually have a 4.7" screen if the screen also included the buttons.

    In that case - 4.7" would be the biggest. But without the buttons included in the interface a la Honeycomb, then 4.3".

  • Jaime

    Damn HTC for releasing the EVO and probably starting off a screen size arms race. I have small hands, I can barely reach the other side of my Dinc with my thumb.

    Although I'm willing to deal with it when the Prime comes out. My Dinc is 4.6 inches I believe (Including the bezel obviously). I'm willing to deal with a 4.9-5 inch total size... anything more I may have to reconsider.

    • http://ebookcomments.blogspot.com neil

      This is why there is a distributed market. My wife wants a phone smaller than the iPhone as that is the largest that will fit in the 'cell phone pocket' of her legacy purses.

      No need for anyone to be condemn anyone for a 'screen size arms race,' there are plenty of smaller good alternatives.

      See below for my desire: One usually doesn't need to handle a phone for calls today anyway. :)

      Does anyone have a link to cell phone sales by screen size?


  • http://ebookcomments.blogspot.com neil

    My desire is a 7" or 8" tablet that doubles as my phone. The largest device that will fit with comfort in my cargo pants.

    This survey proves there is a distributed market. What I want is probably not what you want. One nice advantage of Android. :)

    Oh, I'm amused by the comments about putting this to an ear. Why? Bluetooth. We all have earpieces, my car has it built in...

    I doubt even 10% of the smartphone market would want such a device. Yet it could be 10 million extra Android tablets per quarter; perhaps even 25 million. :)


    • djembeman

      Not everyone wants to look like some kind of douche with a Bluetooth headset in their ear everywhere they go! I'm just saying, it's impractical for me to use Bluetooth most of the time. I plug my phone directly into my AUX port in my car. No need for Bluetooth.

      • http://ebookcomments.blogspot.com neil

        ROTFL. Everyone I know above a certain paygrade uses bluetooth. For some it is a sign of maturity, multi-taskign, and taking on responsibility. Just saying. Setup the bluetooth in your car. Its easy and then automatic.

  • http://www.theandroidsite.com Ben Marvin

    If the Galaxy Tab 7-inch made phone calls, that would be my primary device. I don't wear skinny jeans, so I could still fit a 7 inch device in my pockets.

    • http://ebookcomments.blogspot.com neil

      Exactly! If I'm actually pulling the phone out of a pocket, it is to do a function best done on a tablet.


    • bigbadmonster

      be thankful that it cannot, you would look ridiculous.

  • minhtyfresh

    Looking at these comments, I think the logical progression of smart phones would be model line ups of the same device only with varying screen sizes.

  • Chris

    Depends how big the overall size of the phone is. I could do 4.5 if they kept the overall size no larger than the 4.3 phones.

  • Cory Albrecht (@Bytor)

    The 4.3" of my Desire HD is about as big as I want my phone, especially after I've put on the hard case. Anything much bigger and I couldn't reach the opposite side of the screen or all of top to bottom with my thumb.

  • victor

    Well those crying about the screen size being too big your a minorty don't expect to be pleased from here on out.

  • Mitchell Feigley

    go big or go home!

  • Alsosun

    The best would be an 8inch screen on 3.5 inch device. Not possible you say? Why not? It could be a flip/slide out mechanism or, even better, a holographic screen. It would be great to have a tablet/phone without having 2 devices

    • djembeman

      What about the Asus Padphone? Or there is some Korean(?) company that has a phone that will dock into a laptop, tablet or physical video game controls. One device, 3 different docks.

  • iPhart 2

    Wel,l the question (5"+) is not fare! If you separate it on two questions will be more fare! For example (5") and (more then 5").
    Then 5" question will be with better result !

  • iPhart 2

    I have 5" all-in-one device and it fits perfectly in all my pockets! And I make telephone calls with it(no bluetooth). Galaxsy Note is not bigger then may! But if Samsung Note was 5" insted of 5.3" it could be even more pocketable !
    And do not call SG-Note "phone", please! Since long ago "phone" is only application ! Same like GPS or Calculator or MediaPlayer....

    • djembeman

      What do you propose we call our phones then?

  • Tee

    5.0 or above might well be ok to me. I'm carrying my phone in a hip holster now, and going over 5.0 (up to some point, of course) doesn't make a huge difference to what I have now with SGS Classic.

    And when in horizontal, the size change is not that dramatical. When you hold the phone on your palm, there is always the other hand free to operate it. It works with a tab too...

    • bigbadmonster

      "I'm carrying my phone in a hip holster now"

      oh dear.

      • Bob

        What's wrong with that? I carry mine in a shoulder strap (not really).

  • Taz

    Currently only 11% want a 4" phone. Only 3% want 3.7" or less. So why are half the phones so tiny?

  • bigbadmonster

    did not expect the want for such large screens.

    my 3.7" zte blade is fine for me - i forget that it's in my pocket.

    imo even the desire HD looks pretty ridiculous - too big. looks funny when someone is on a call with it.

  • Bob

    My 3.7" Desire Z is just perfectly sized for me. However, I could still go for a Desire HD or similarly sized phone.
    I wouldn't mind a screen larger than 4,3" but I voted 4.3" based on the current overall phone size.
    If my Desire Z had no bezel HTC would still be able to fit 4.5" screen in it.

  • Simon Belmont

    I would say 4.3 to 4.5 inches with buttons. Perhaps larger, like 4.7 inches, if it has onscreen buttons, like ICS may have. ;)

    A year ago, I remember thinking that 4.3 inches was too big, but I've grown very accustomed to the increased screen real estate on my Sprint HTC EVO 3D. That was coming from a 3.2 inch Sprint HTC Hero, so it was quite a large jump indeed. :)

    • Simon Belmont

      One more thing. My wife has a Sprint HTC EVO 4G and that has a 4.3 inch screen on it.

      She has no issues with it and loves the bigger screen despite her decidedly smaller hands. She came from a Sprint Palm Pre that had a 3.1 inch screen.