While there have been plenty of Netflix builds available for download to be sideloaded onto "unsupported" devices, many users have been waiting for an official update to be pushed out by Netflix.

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That day has come, as the app received an today today that brings support to all Android 2.2 and 2.3 devices. Oddly enough, though, the app also updated on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 which I had previously sideloaded it onto. There's a good chance that this build may support other devices than the ones suggested by the Market listing (read: tablets), but we'll have to wait for more evidence of that.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Rob C.

    Yea, it also updated in my Tab 10.1 as well.

  • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

    Netflix 1.40 download for anyone who can't access it from their device.


  • Michael

    I have a G2X from t-mobile and the app does not work. I have 2.3.3 on it and I think it should. Isn't only me

    • John

      Just installed it from the Android Market onto my G2x. It starts, it waits (about a microsecond), then it shuts down and goes back to the main screen. Dunno.. I tried it with a good 4G connection as well as with WiFi. Nada.

    • Jose

      I have the same issue

  • Ivan

    I tried to download it from the market but I was surprised to find the app is not compatible with my Samsung Galaxy S I9000B running 2.3.3. Does anyone else have the same problem? Thanks!

  • Simon Belmont

    Ha. I wonder if it will work on ARMv6 devices?

    I should grab this and see if it works on my venerable Sprint HTC Hero. We shall see.

  • L boogie

    It's updated on my og incredible 2.3.5 and running fine because it was giving me a black screen on previous attempts to run the app.

  • sbenson1189

    Works on vzw galaxy tab 7"

  • Tom

    G2X - no Workie

  • Carlos dudas

    Still not working on my bell branded unlocked nonrooted HTC desire z running latest stock 2.3.4 on Roger's wireless here in Canada.

    The only version which can install is 1.2 and i can see and select content but when i try playing i only get audio with a white screen.

  • Mfreywald

    G2x not working

  • Deltaechoe

    And now we just have to play the waiting game for hd content on omap 4xxx devices, such as the nexus prime

  • http://android.3xforum.ro Bogdan
  • http://na RyDOG

    No workie HTC Desire 2.2

  • chris

    Galaxy tab 7" works fine here in Chicago with Verizon. All is right in the world!

  • http://xyrer.wordpress.com Xyrer

    Nope, not working on my motorola defy running 2.3.4 cyanogenmod 7

  • Pierre

    Netflix does not show up in marketplace for my Bell Samsung Galaxy S2. If you try to go directly to market place item (use url from search on pc) and get an error/not found. The APK mentioned above does work, but I keep getting told about new version and get the same error as when I tried the direct url to marketplace app. I wouldn't be surplrised it's because Bell's version of S2 is I-9100M instead of just I-9100

    • jerry

      I have the I-9100 and it doesnt work also so i have no idea what the problem is.....

  • Sherman santos

    Is netflix free

  • Scottypma

    This does not work on my Straight Talk ZTE Merit. Black screen.

  • Mike Mayhall

    Y'all rock Runs on my ZTE merit cheapo great thanks for the bar code totally geekariffic could you do a tutorial on how I can make my own bar code and use it as my avatar?If any of you have a ZTE merit do not install while plugged into usb if you made that mistake uninstall and redo it works great on the wifi and on my local ATT connection.

  • Dess

    OMG Im getting aggy... its not letting me sign in. it keeps saying "please try again" -.-