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Early last month, a German court halted the sale and distribution of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 due to a suit filled against Samsung by Apple. Naturally, Sammy appealed the injunction, but the court has upheld the ban on Tab 10.1 sales, citing that "Apple’s minimalistic design isn’t the only technical solution to make a tablet computer, other designs are possible."

This comes as yet another blow against Samsung, as it has already had to halt sales of the Tab 10.1 in a few other countries, as well as pull its Galaxy Tab 7.7 showcase from the IFA conference last week.

Sammy said that it will once again file an appeal, as this ruling "severely limits consumer choice in Germany” and “restricts design innovation and progress in the industry."


Cameron Summerson
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  • L boogie

    This could have far reaching consequences for Samsung if this continues though this is the current wave of innovation for Apple and I'm not going into that whole protect my intellectual property song & dance. Ahhh but this is the same firm that just recently announced that Samsung & Motorola are anti-competitive, you gotta luv this BS.

    • Roland.se

      Could effect others then samsung too.
      Motorola Xoom looks quite smiliar, as does asus transformer (undocked) and almost every other tablet except maybe sonys new ones.

      This ruling actually might give Apple an monopoly on "normal-looking" tablets. Everyone else has to come up ideas how to make them look different. Triangular maybe :/? Add a handle?

      A very strange decision..

  • Mohammed Ameen

    I'm a designer myself. And as my 2 cents, I have to agree with the court ruling. All these Companies designers' have been enamoured by Apple's designs that they've chose to duplicate it. What if everybody chose to copy the iPod design deeming it "normal-looking". Design is a major part of brand-recognition.
    We know BMWs and Porsche's from their iconic designs, and if & when a Korean/Chinese/Japanese/American/Indian company chooses to be "inspired" by it, they'll drag the companies to the court until they quit the market entirely. Originality has taken a backseat, and this malignancy (blatant plagiarism) shouldn't be allowed to progress further to other fields.
    I've owned Samsung/Motorola/LG phones pre-iPhone, and none felt like how they look now (similar).

    • L boogie

      won't that put everything such as televisions, computers, cars, food etc at risk because if firms such as Ford decides to venture on this route, the competitive market that's been established could vanish leaving the consumer with little to no options and defeats the purpose of shopping and open market

  • Jim

    Apple is obviously threatened by Samsung. I wonder if the German courts got the photoshopped pictures of the Samsung Tablet making it appear identiacal to the iPad just like they did with the Samsung Galaxy S2 phones.

  • http://blog.firstdove.com Christian

    It's worthy to note that the earlier decision at the Netherlands was that Apple had no case from the hardware design front and those claims were thrown out. http://t.co/I9laaVW

    One is 4:3 and the other is 16:10. One has a camera on the short edge and the other has it on its long edge. One has a visually distinct, mechanical button at the bottom, the other has no buttons at all. One has the rear camera at the upper left corner, the other has it centered. If all these differences look "the same"; I have no idea what "different" means any more.

    I did not know that when Apple came out with their "This Changes Everything" tagline, they meant making changes to the English language as well. =P

  • Darkseider

    This is a bunch of crap. The German court is a joke and proves it after this ruling. So a TV that looks like another TV can have the same ruling applied against it? Cars? Etc... The ruling is a joke of monumental proportions. Not to mention it sets a HUGE precedent in German courts for all sorts of nonsense.

    They make it sound as if a plain stylish tablet is something noteworthy and new. It's a freaking tablet. With this news I am SO hoping that HP (now owning Compaq) files suit to block sales of the Macbook because it greatly resembles their first design the Compaq LTE.

    Hinged display, keyboard, battery, internal hard drive. Hmmm... This is just plain stupidity at it's finest.

  • ocdtrekkie

    Apple has a monopoly on simplistic style, I guess. :/

  • http://sketaful.se Sketaful

    I don't get this at all. If apple had any "styles" to copy, that would have been one thing. But just because they where the (officially) first company to skip the part with styling your products and just remove everything making it clean of buttons and all, just because of this everyone else have to keep putting buttons on everything?

    No buttons and thin is only for apple? :P

  • Darkseider

    This whole fiasco is plain ole stupid. Apple is hearing their death knell. Android phones have become the dominant species in the smartphone market supplanting the iPhone. Apple sees the same happening with Android tablets and the iPad. They are doing what they can to prevent the inevitable.