Last Updated: September 13th, 2011

A press release from Sprint late last month confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy SII (labelled as the Epic 4G Touch) would be coming to US markets by September 16th. More recently, online mobile retailer Wirefly launched their pre-orders page for the Epic 4G Touch, offering $50 off of Sprint's standard contract-subsidised price. In addition to their awesome discount, Wirefly also managed to get their hands on the Epic 4G Touch and just a few hours ago, part 1 of a video review of the device appeared on their YouTube account. Be warned, the review is 10 minutes long and mainly features a description of the device's specs followed by a number of benchmarking tests. According to the reviewer, part 2 will be uploaded soon and it will demonstrate some of the apps on the phone as well as its other features. For now sit back and enjoy the gorgeous 4.5-inch Super AMOLED+ display.

Source: Wirefly

Abhiroop Basu
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  • aram barrios

    how come we having better proccesor and less resolution ??? this sucks

  • bk w/ bloody sauce

    thanks for the review, can't wait to see part 2

  • joe.public

    You fucking moron, are you dumb, or just stupid. Instead of doing a video review of a phone you haven't played with, or tested, why not actually use the phone, figure out how it works, what features and specs are available on the device and then do a review.
    You look and sound like a real dumb-ass, in this video.