Earlier today we reported, with great skepticism, that Sony Ericsson would be bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to all of its Xperia devices. It looks like our doubts were dead on, as SE told Slashgear that "no such decision has been made."

When it comes to future platforms of the Android OS, we will make them available to consumers in a timely manner as long as they improve the user experience and are viable from a hardware point of view.

Like we pointed out earlier, some of SE's devices have been upgraded to Gingerbread in the past several months, while others were left behind long ago, suggesting that there's no clear plan of any kind where OS update are concerned.

With that said, all hope isn't totally lost where ICS upgrades are concerned since all 2011 Xperia devices are currently running Gingerbread, making the thought of an ICS OTA well within reach.


Cameron Summerson
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  • JimJam

    I had to laugh when I saw the headline. I mean come on Sony Eriksson have got to be the worst with updating their devices. You can claim Samsung as much as you want but that is down to your carriers in the states cos Sammys other devices have always been updated in timely fashion.

    It was always too good to be true when SE put out these devices on a current version of Android, they put out GB phones and that was it. They won't be updated again.

  • gooks

    All new SE smartphones phones have been released with Gingerbread.

    And why are you using a pic with the Sony logo? Sony doesn't make any phones.

    • Cameron Summerson

      Grabbed the wrong image before pushing the post.

  • http://www.joedonofry.com Joseph Donofry

    I'll be happy if my year-old device gets ICS, but I don't see that happening. That's one of the major issues with Android. OEMs and carriers are too worried about putting out a huge number of devices instead of putting out a few per year and then supporting the phones with every release of Android for a few years. There's a good chance that my phone won't get ICS, and future updates will be critical bug and security fixes. My eleven year old PC still gets updates from time to time (windows XP). It's really pathetic that OEMs and carriers think it's okay to leave customers high and dry. It should definitely be at least 2 years (the standard length of contracts), but one year seems to be much more common.

  • Bryan

    I think what sony is trying to say is... we will update our popular phones and will update the ones that users make a big fuss over.

  • Chelan Lakhani

    I have a xperia x10i & have just installed gingerbread. what it does not allow me is to restore all my contacts, messages & other info stored on my microsd card. I do not know how i can access that info, please assist.