hidden lock

Android's default lockscreen choices (PIN input and the familiar 3x3 pattern), while secure, are not the easiest or simplest to get through, even if you know the code. For those of you looking for a nice, clean alternative, Hidden Lock may suit your needs perfectly.

Upon launch, the app allows you to place your lock anywhere on the screen, and even change the size to be more secure. Once the lock is placed, you can test how it works. When your device's screen turns on, you are met with whatever screen you were on when it was locked (for example, the homescreen) but nothing can be interacted with until you double tap the spot you placed the lock. This sounds a little confusing, but the dev created a video demonstrating just how simple, yet effective, it actually is.

The Pro version, which costs $1, adds the ability to use a single click to unlock, as well as a few other useful features. Click the Market widget below to download either the Lite or Pro version.

hidden lock screen hidden lock screen2

Source: XDA

  • tarman

    would have been less confusing if they were talking in the video instead of that god awful music playing in the background

  • Hary Ayala

    I've been using this since yesterday, and i'm love with it, buy the pro version, it's totally worth the price.
    plus a little help to the devs never hurts ^_^

  • Nibras Reeza

    Innovative idea. Thumbs up.

    However, this is going to be really easy to crack. On average, a phone screen is 4.5 inches. And, one tap covers around 1 squar inch. This leaves only a dozen possibilities.

    The 3x3 pattern or the PIN is not safe either. Just wait for those dual core and quad core phones with front cams. Your phone will unlock itself when it sees your face. =)

    • Hary Ayala

      plenty of apps open recognizing your face already, no need a for a dual core for that.

      and one of the best features of hidden lock is the area you tap can be resized, so no, you can make it as small as 1x1 pixels, making extremely hard to pinpoint

      i made mine a 12x12 and a friend that saw where i clicked to unlock, could still not find it because of the size of it.

      • http://nibras.co.cc Nibras Reeza

        Ok. How exactly do you intend to tap the 1x1 pixel? Not a lot of us carry around a stylus with us.

        There are facial recognition apps already but their matching algorithms need to be fast enough to work on a regular mobile phone. For this reason, accuracy would be compromised. ie. a facial recognition system available for Android right now would not match the standards of an industry standard facial recognition system.

        With a dual core phone, the algorithms can be pretty complex and yet give a fast response.

        Of course, my argument doesn't apply if the image is processed in the cloud.

    • Jack

      I agree with you. It may be "hidden," but anybody can crack it just by tapping your screen systematically. A pin code or a pattern greatly increases the time it would take to guess the correct combination.

  • James

    This looks like a pretty good app, but the usefulness of the free version is rather limited since you can't start on boot, can't remove the notification icon, and can't remove the lock message. It's certainly cheap enough at about $1. But since I don't want to replace my current lock screen (AVG's Antivirus puts some contact info on it) or have two locks (default plus this), I don't think I'll be using this app.

  • s13sdafsdf

    would be much better if we could have hidden swipe or hidden multi-taps (in few places)

    • http://nibras.co.cc Nibras Reeza

      Hmm. Hidden gestures would be better, wouldn't it?

  • SelketXimenna

    I love it! I usually don't lock my phone because it's almost tedious to unlock it but this app makes it much easier. Thanks!

  • http://kenkinder.com/ Ken

    Doesn't strike me as terribly secure. A brute force attack could probably defeat this in 10, 15 minutes.

    For my money, the system lock is the only way to go. It's secure insofar as it's part of the operating system, and if you pick a secure enough pattern, it'll be pretty tight.

    The only real problem then is that you can still see a fingerprint pattern on a recently unlocked device.

    • http://nibras.co.cc Nibras Reeza

      I personally don't agree with the finger print cracking. Why don't you buy a matt finish screen protector?

  • Noct

    if you create a pattern with multiple passes over the same place it is a little better though if you see it then it isn't exactly hard to brute force it from there

  • Sufian

    Ive tried it out on my thunderbolt. After a while the app started to hang when i tried to hit the unlock area and the only way i could get around it was to pull my battery (i hadnt set the option to start at bootup).

  • Joshua Fan

    It would be a little more secure if it let you pick two spots to slide between and didn't give you clues.

  • http://www.davedwyervideo.com.au Dave

    So two things wrong with this. Anyone can find the lock by simply touching their way around the screen. Secondly, the music.