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Rumors surrounding the next Nexus, internally known as the "Prime," are really starting to pour out now. Firstly, we saw a document that suggested a rather disappointing screen resolution, which fortunately, was later revealed to be nothing more than a placeholder. On top of that, Eric Schmidt outed the tentative release timeframe for Ice Cream Sandwich yesterday: October or November.

With all of this in mind, GSMarea has gotten ahold of some info from a "trusted source" on the Prime, and if true, will be the biggest payload we've seen yet.

First up is the name. We've actually heard that it could be called the Droid Prime on VZW, but for the majority of its life thus far, it has been referred to as the Nexus Prime. Like with all devices, this name will most likely change upon release and it is now being suggested that it will be called the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Not a major change, and, in fact, I think this is the best rumored name thus far.

According to the tipster, it won't be sporting a 4.5-inch display like past leaks have suggested, but rather a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED HD display which will be slightly curved, much like the Samsung Nexus S. Keeping in line with Sammy's recent nature of making ultra-thin devices, the Galaxy Nexus is said to be a mere 8.8mm thick with an all-metal chassis, making it just a tiny bit thicker than the global variant of the Galaxy S II.

Finally, and possibly most importantly, is the launch date. Right now it's rumored that it will be released at the end of October, which falls right into place with the suggested arrival of ICS.

While all of this information is definitely still labeled as a 'rumor,' none of it is outside the realm of possibility. I'm sure this is far from the last leak that we'll see over the next several weeks, so it's only a matter of time before we have a solid idea of exactly what this device will be.

[GSMarena via Android and Me]

Cameron Summerson
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  • brendon

    This phone is going to have so much win

  • Lincoln

    Here's my educated guess on what the Prime specs will be... Take the spec sheet for the Samsung Note, remove the stylus and corresponding stylus apps and shrink the screen spec from 5.3" to 4.65"... Presenting the Nexus Prime (or Sammy Nexus, or whatever).


    • Gogol

      Yupe, that's more like it.

      2000 mAH battery please ... please ...

  • Jaime Lefebvre

    ...and maybe some tiger blood too.

  • Brian T

    That was what I was most worried about, now I can breathe a sigh of relief. She has a metal frame, thank God... This is sooooo my next phone. Nexus Prime here I come.

  • Jesse Clark

    The part that grabbed my interest is the all metal frame. I've avoided Samsung because I prefer HTC's build quality. This might persuade me to take another look.

  • Oliver

    IMO, 4.65" is quickly approaching the "too big" point. I'll need to go hands-on before I make that my final judgment, but 4.5" may be my limit for a phone... maybe... we'll see.

    Other than that potential personal issue, this device is shaping up to be one sechs-see beast! :)

    • eleazar

      I agree. I've never held a 4.65" phone before, but I know my 4.3" Thunderbolt gets a bit unwieldy when using one-handing (especially when walking).

      I just hope the put the power button somewhere logical, unlike the Bionic.

      • GergS

        If it's an edge-to-edge screen with no physical buttons, it might be manageable. Luckily this rumor is most likely unfounded like the 9 other rumors!

    • JimJam

      If Rumours are true that this wont actually have any physical or capacitive buttons then you might find that this phone will be the same if not smaller than some 4.3 devices out there

      • Oliver

        If that turns out to be true, then this will be my next phone. I hope you're right! :)

      • eleazar

        That's a hell of a good point. Consider me very excited :D

    • http://iandouglas.com Ian Douglas

      Yeah, 4.65" migth actually be a deal breaker for me. The upgrade from 3.7" on the Nexus One to the full 4" screen on the Nexus S felt fine, but I've held the Evo and compared to the Nexus S, even the Evo felt too big.

      Granted, maybe they just needed the bigger screen to cram all the goodness under the hood.

      I'd be curious whether it sports a dual-core processor, how much RAM it has, and whether Samsung learned anything from the Nexus S with the partitioned flash memory for "usb" storage or if they'll go to a true SD storage on this one. Personally, I hope they stay with all flash, it seems quicker, and I don't feel like hunting down a 32GB Class 10 micro-SD card.

  • Elliott

    I'm most excited to hear about the resolution

  • Craig

    All I care is that Verizon gets it, since we wont get the SGS2

  • Chris

    Here's hoping it'll have HSPA+ support for T-Mobile's latest network standards, none of this old HSPA+ 14 mbps business.

    If it has that, plus the rumored specs and the metal frame, this'll be the phone I've been waiting for to replace my Nexus One. Nexus S just wasn't enough of an upgrade for me, but I've been hitting the storage limit on my N1 for a long time now and need something with more memory and a beefier processor to decode 720p MKVs without lag.

    • JimJam

      I think all of Samsungs latest devices with HSPA+ have all been 21mbps. It's only been the HTC/Qualcomm phones that have the 14mbps HSPA+

      • Chris

        The Nexus S wasn't HSPA+ compatible at all even though T-Mobile had already rolled out a good portion of its HSPA+ network by the time it was launched. It was one of the reasons why I didn't get it.

        HSPA+ 21 mbps itself is getting old as well, since T-Mobile announced in March that it plans to roll out 42 mbps HSPA+ to 28 markets this year.

  • brett6781

    If the true specs are released before the GSII goes on sale for Sprint, then it will be my next device...

    I'm really hoping it's Kal-El equivalent...

  • Haskell

    Slap some Verizon LTE into it and this will be my next phone...

  • JimJam

    What is the resolution of this, will it be the same as the Galaxy Note? cos 1280x800 on a 4.65 inch device puts it at 324 dpi and according to our friends Apple makes that a retina display haha
    That would be the same as what the iPhone 4 is.
    Gimme gimme gimme

  • Sam B.

    I will not be jumping on GSII (sprint) till late Sept early Oct
    hopefully till than will have alot more info ;)

  • L boogie

    For me, it's this beast or HTC vigor on Verizon, nuff said.

    • J

      Same here.... Though my current contract isn't up until 2012, so... It'll probably be the Nexus/Droid/Sammy Galaxy Prime 2 or the HTC Vigor 2 that I get, but...

      Unless of course, considering this article & Eric's comments put ICS (& the Prime)'s release on/around my birthday.... So maybe Android Police/a reader here might want to help me celebrate with a nice shiny new tech gadget present ???

  • Duffin

    Damnit! Why would Google give Samsung a second opportunity to screw up their Nexus line of phones. Ugh! I've had the Nexus One and the nexus S, but I will not be giving Samsung any more money to spew out crap that doesn't work consistently.

    • tarusdg

      whatever.... you will buy it. You are a nexus lover my friend

      • Duffin

        You're right. I AM a Nexus lover, but what Samsung gave us was NOT a Nexus phone. Wi-Fi problems, capacitive buttons that go off randomly, GPS locking issues...the Nexus One had problems, but at least they didn't render the phone pretty much useless.

  • arutherspooner

    I'm glad people here haven't forget the problems with the Nexus. SERENITY NOW!

  • Ocu Jos

    If you believe HTC build quality is superior to Samsung, consider these issues I have to deal with every day on my Nexus One:

    - Random screen freezes due to a digitizer going berserk when screen warms up. Screen needs to be locked/unlocked to get it functional

    - Screen burn-in where the notification bar is displayed. This is again, is a screen issue: early AMOLED screens were prone to burn-in. I had to root my N1 and change the notification bar to black to stop further deterioration.

    - Dust under the screen. A number of screens on early N1's wasn't properly sealed. My screen looks fugly under a light: I can see lots of dust that I can't get rid of.

    - Low internal memory: it's only 512Mb meaning I had to install custom ROM to be able to install all the apps I wanted. Google A2SD helped a bit, but never resolved the issue completely.

    - Power button has started failing and now doesn't work 50% of the time. Eventually, I won't be able to turn my phone on!!!

    Samsung Nexus Prime...bring it on! Can't wait for it.

    • Duffin

      I had ALL of the problems you speak of on my Nexus One and would /still/ prefer it over the Nexus S at this point providing it had the same space the Nexus S does. That was the main reason I went with the Nexus S and it's the only thing keeping with with it.

  • Taskman

    The question is if the unit will have pentile matrix or not and if the sound chipset will be something else than Wolfson.
    If both are true I don't see a reason to change from SGSII.

    • Chris

      Pentile RGBG is basically guaranteed for Samsung's AMOLED screens. RGBW is the type that's been causing complaints, but Samsung's always used RGBG in its AMOLED panels, and so far no one's complained about the Galaxy-series or the first-run Nexus Ones, which used Samsung AMOLED panels before HTC had to switch to Super LCD.

      • Chris

        Actually, a correction:

        Since the debut of the Super AMOLED Plus panels used in the Galaxy S II line, Samsung has moved away from Pentile and has been using standard RGB pixel clusters. Therefore, it is all but certain you WON'T see Pentile anymore, as Samsung has moved beyond it.

        Although with little information about the real changes made to the HD Super AMOLED to be used in the Galaxy Note and presumably in the Nexus Prime, it cannot be said for certainty that Pentile won't be used, but it would be a technological step backwards.

  • toxikhiro

    I don't think they would dare put a pentile matrix on it. At least, I really, REALLY hope not.

    I think I'm going to hold off on the SGSII until I can confirm that this phone ISN'T ever coming to Sprint; while I do love me some SGSII, a larger display (with better resolution, hopefully) with a faster proc would be worth the wait.

  • Paul

    4.65" screen fail 4.2" max I dont care how thin it is just make the screen MAX 4.2" this is Samsung doing again not Android, Samsung are pushing bigger & digger screen sizes, fine for more phones but for a flag ship phone like a Nexus the screen should be fit for ALL & with bigger than 4.2" screen it is not a flagship phone it will only be for a selected few. Such a shame.

    I so want a LED notification light, not the ugly noled app. Come on motorola show us what you have with a ICS phone.

  • quick

    Making an assumption her but I think the reason the display is 4.65" (which for me seems crazy huge) is because this is the smallest Samsung is currently able to squeeze the 1200x800 resolution down to.

    • quick

      Forgot to add:

      Coming from someone still using a nexus one, and even though I love high pixel density screens......I really can't imagine going to a 4.65" screen, I might as well be just using a Galaxy Note which is just over a 1/4" larger.

      • Chris

        'Just over 1/4 inch larger?' The Galaxy Note is 5.3" so it's 0.65" larger, more than 1/2" and closer to 3/4".

  • Alexguerra

    I think also the screen size gets bigger due to the lack of buttons. The screen takes up the whole phone, so the screen gets bigger not the phone, is my guess.